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Finally finished #’s 4 and 5 of the 5 part Daredevil Marvel Knights series called ’Low Life’ that I had started a while back. Good stuff, I really enjoyed the story! Now I’m getting ready to begin with another 5 part series that continues (I think) where ’Low Life’ leaves off called ’Hardcore’. I’m looking forward to see what happens next!
Cyclops Smilie
Hello there laddie....I take it yer a bloke at the moment so if ya aint sorry then its Hello lass and if yer a bloke well forget about that last part there.
Welcome to the wee corner of PT we call Marvelites. Just finished Low lifes and going onto too Hardcore that is a wee bit back so i wont mention what his happening in the latest issue of DD.
Well finished the rest of em...The Punisher adaption wasn't that bad but it wasnt that good either. sPectacular Spidey was good as well. I wondered if the Kiwi Kid will get his own run now. Thor is looking up to be agreat read now. Wonder if they will change history or will Loki mess it up somehow.
The Avengers was a great old read a very humain story but who was the figure cast in shadow at the end of the tale. Well saying that were in England at the moment with the Avengers and That Avalon is ready for the ma yet. My bet is Captain Britain. maybe making an experience before a new upcoming title we just dont know.
Jason Henderson keeps telling me I should be reading Sword of Dracula, and yet I still don't. Ah well....
Are you reading Return to Barrow? Fantastic stuff, looks to be as good as the original 30 days series. Definitely keeping my eyes on this one. As to Low Life and Hardcore, Bendis is turning out to be the definitive DD writer, many say better than Frank miller was, high praise indeed.
Other good things that I can tell you of in my brief time here... erm....
Wolverine/ Punisher looks to be shaping up pretty well, Jim Lee on Superman can't be bad, and.... damn, forgot everything again, se you around guys...
Plastic check out SOD its fantastic man ye cant beat it with the big stick ye know. The latest spectacular Spidey I liked it.....every so often they throw a wee human story and this one hits it on the head. After readin' it yer just like yeah right there.
MK FF last issue was good with Reed talkin the guy down from killin' himself...damn good read. Did ye get Punisher The End, good read artwork soo but a nice way ta end the big guy. Also Wolverine The End #3 wow is all I can say not sayin nought dont want ta reveal anything. Plus X-Men Reloaded which I cant wait for and Bendis is quality.
Punisher : The End was a great way to send Frank off, loved it, and Wolvy the End #3 was also one heck of a surprise, yeah. Only problem with Spectacular I have is the artwork looks terrible, really terrible. But that might just be my manga hating coming out again.
What say you about the new Marvel Age spidey and FF series, they're a bit of a shocker, really very good, and I only picked them up to give to the kid. A real nice new perspective on classic stories, and beautiful artwork.
Oh, and did you pick up the incredibly pricey but worth twice as much Superman : Secret Identity? Best read I've had all year, really get it.
I got the Meltdown series for my birthday. Wolvie and Havok tearing it up, pretty cool. The artwork is ace, it's John Muth and Kent Williams. It's a nice sort of film noir effect, I like that sort of vivid imagry. (Christ stop now you sound like some pillock from the NME- arghh) Deffinatly worth a read, nice sick references to chernobyl blowing up.

So make mine Goscinny and Uderzo!
If you like nice film noir effect artwork, check out Niles and Templesmith's 30 Days of Night series, it's out in TPB and it's flocking fantastic mate. Then get the sequel dark days, and then get collecting return to barrow quick before it's over.
Got Meltdown bloody great I luved it. Right then havent got nought last week or so but Excalibur cant wait Xavier and Chris Claremont gonna be good. Secret Wars ohhhhhhhhhhhh fantastic with bendis at the helm yer gettin good sneck. What else oh aye wanna get the Xforce stories which hav em becomin X-Static would like ta see it.... oh yeah Plastic ya know what man Im on the inside of the new Supes movie....guy I know on Planetside (fantastic mmorpg) company he works for has got the casting job for the new Superman film so to all PT folks out there check out Marvelites if ye want first hand info on the new Superman film from da man with the hair darous wooohoohh right till Frank wears a tutu and kills with song make mine marvel.
ah tell ye Plastic Secret War is superb its only on the second issue but check it out. Brian Michael Bendis his showin; once again why he is that good and the art by newbie Gabriele Dell'Otto is fantastic...I love this style. Plus seein Wolvie completey drunk is very funny as well....leaves me to wonder what Nick put in em drinks,cause from what I remember Wolvie doesnt get drunk like....ah well another mystery. Punisher wow Im not givin npought away but Frank gets back to what he does and he don't like betrayers. oh yeah got the new Conan comic lovely Kurt Busiek new tale is quality and Cary Nord artwork is great check it out mate.
Yeah Secret War is expensive, hard to remember what happened in the last issue, but an utterly brilliant read. I also thought Wolvie couldn't get drunk, but there you go. Truly great work with beautiful covers.
Punisher rocking like a truly great thing as well, classic line from last ish "I am so ****ing wet right now" if you read it you'll know what I mean.
Wonder WOman is also surprisingly good at the moment, with two kids getting told off by their Dad for poking Batman in the last ish, very funny.
And if you like funny, for gods sake read Plastic Man, the Monks in the last ish were the funniest thing I've read this year.
Keep me posted on the new Supes Movie Dar, I need to know.
Oh, and if you've been reading Wolverine/Punisher (which knowing your tastes I'm guessing you are) then back me up on this, Frank would never ever say "Hells Bells" when a building is crashing on him would he? Ah well, the plot makes up for it.
So, til Matt Murdock starts acting like a sane man, make mine Marvel.
SW is expansive but ya do get them few extras with it which is pretty cool. The sh*t thing is now I may not have a comic hit fer several weeks....cause money is flyin' outta me left, right and all the damn show. But hopefully I'll be able ta sort sommat out.
Oh yeah I checked out the trailer for Constantine movie and looks good. And it is going off subject a tad but I have ta say the final series of X-Men Evolution is rockin like....the writin; is superb and the direction they have went with Apocalypse is pretty cool.
The throw in his orgin the proper one from rise Of Apocalypse but this the horsemen are Xavier, Magneto, Storm and Mystique and what there doin' with it is very much like Ultimate X-Men which did take me a while ta get into. Well until we find out what was in Wolvies drink make mine Marvel
Did you both watch the origonal punisher movie on channel 5 the other day. I love that movie, it's so cheesy. I only found out it was even on because my mate asked me to tape it while he was on holiday. Any how, i'm off to read some Asterix, I don't even care if you think they suck because i know they're funny.
Ross my man I read asterix fer a long time and they be great and yes I did see the punisher hahahaha and it be chessy like but it was the 80's
Dolph as the Punisher very nearly put me off Frank for life. Luckily it didn't work. Haven't seen it for years though, didn't he use the sewer system to get to his victims? Awful man, really.
Looking forward to getting my Identity Crisis next week, who dies? What will happen to the JLA? Willit be a crappy copout like I'm expecting? Will i drop all JLA titles as a result?
Plastic it is crappy we have a supportin character dyin' off won't say who but buy it if ye want Im gonna go 'morrow and get me some comics Im goin' into withdrawl syptoms here.
Was very tempted by a Thor collection in the comic shop on friday. It was there saying buy me, buy me. But then I came to my sense and spent ’280 on a mp5. I think this month my lodger's rent will go up, muahahahahaha.
Another one for the cut list then, must cut down, must cut down....
And if it was the Thor Vikings Max TPB you were looking at Ross, apparently it was really very good.
Thor Vikings rocked fantastic artwork glenn fabry what can ye say and the writin' well I dont have ta say nought bout that.
Right report times as such....Firstly got the Spidey & Doc Ock year one and yes I know it is spidey 2 month but it is a great read givin' us a nother look at the history of these two 'pals' and there first meetin check it out.
Punisher is lookin interestin' now with a certain terrorist group gettin involved in Franks business. Well Garth knows his stuff .
One ye have ta check out Plastic Seadog sawa preview on the web a wee while back and liked it and saw it taday got the first 2 issues and I tell ye it be slighty crazy but with Grant Morrison at the helm ye know whats goona happen.
Have ta say Fantastic Four made me laugh part 2 of Spidey Sense is hilarious always good when Johnny and Parker get tagether plus the appereance of a certain villain can only spell trouble fer the four and in the next issue it does.
Oh yes Wolverine The End gets stranger and stranger when a certain telepath makes an apperance from the most pecuilar of places but the extra origin of Logan and his brother John is quality. Then we have Wolverine and The Native and Sabretooth and throw in Weapon X into the mix its gonna be a whole lot of fun. And Robertson artwork is great brings back fond memories of Transmetropolitian....Spider Jerusalem ye cant beat him.
Spectaculer Spidey a prologue to Avengers dissemble interestin' read and hopefully this could a possible crossover....remembers Onslaught with happy memories now that was a crossover.
I missed out on SW issue 3 which pis*ed me off and some Conan as well not happy.
What else oh aye Daredevil have just read #60 and it was great and I have ta get a look as well Winking Smilie Winking Smilie Winking Smilie and the gritty darker DD is great but with Brian writin' yer always gonna get the good stuff.
Avengers was good now gonna see bout gettin The Invaders fer a wee gander.
A title which has grown on me is X-Statix, a few folks complain about the artwork but i like it it has a pulp look to it and its not yer conventional X comic.
Right then the merry mutant Brigade...Josh doesn' disappoint with number 2 fantastic story lots of tension within the 'superhero' team last time it was Wolvie and Cyke now Kitty and Emma plus ol' McCoy wantin ta know if the cure works could our favourite furball be lookin ta quit the mutant race.
Excalibur boom whack pow...yes thats what its like the return of Magneto who didn' die and who also didn' wipe out 5000 new yorkers it was someone else and then over in X-Men we have a return of another Xorn its gettin confusin fer me now but I am so glad.
Right well back to it have a few more ta read and ye know what comics r great ye can' beat em with a big stick....So until all the lads go and shut up shop make mine Marvel.
Do you mean Seaguy Dar? Cos I already have a sub on that one, read #1 loved it, and can't wait for #2.
Got Spidey/Doc Ock year one on my pull list as well and hoping it doesn't suck as bad as the other Doc Ock minis we've had this year.
SW is also on sub, and I don't think #3 is out for a while anyway, as it is quarterly rather than monthly. Pretty sure the next one is due in August Dar.
Remember kids, subscribe to your favourite titles and never miss an issue.
Can't wait for the new Invaders series, huge fan of the original '70s series, and hoping it doesn't suck. Though I don't remember the Flaming Skull from back then, looks like another Ghosty ripoff.
So til the Flaming Skull reveals himself to be Johnny Blaze, make mine Marvel.
Aye I did mean Seaguy got inta a fluster after readin all me comics ye know how it gets ye have Spidey in one ear Logan in the other Xavier and Seadog Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie barkin at ye. Aye I already subscibe ta fer too many but I know I should do the rest but then I'd have no money. Oh aye did ye get the Spidey 2004 handbook Plastic? I did and great wee read found out 'bout the whole Aunt May actress death and then her return. Missed out on when she came back that was my twilight time when i had no comics.
Plastic take it easy Im outta here I'll pm ye me email dont be a stranger.
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