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posted on 20/2/2002 at 10:33
Imagine you are in the same position as Bill Murray in Groundhog Day, you have to live one day of your life over and over and over again. Only in this case, you get to pick which one, which one would you pick, and why?

P.S. anyone caught saying their wedding day, or the day their kids were born WILL be accused of smugness!

Thank you Plastic!!!! rFirst of all for your question... it's so nice, to "see" once more our most beautiful days..rand to see that there were so many of them!rThen I'm MIGHTY glad you were not simply ROFL after having read my lenghty text writtenrin funny English - and you being a writer! - I feel all the more happy & flattered.r(deep blushes of the most pleasant sort).rI hope that you will come back to the south of France one day and see that marvellous rlandscape once more and enjoy it!
*round of applause* Fantastic, I've been to Carcassonne before, and I wish I'd been able to see it like you did!
I for one was certainly NOT going to say my wedding day! Nor, for that matter, would I say the day my kids were born. Birth was not a particularly comfortable experience.

As a youngster, I once spent an entire day reading TLOtRs, without moving except to eat and attend to personal matters. It would have to be the closest one could get to actually living in ME, so I guess I would like to experience that over and over again.
Any day sailing is great Smile Smilie could do that forever.
I'm reminded of one Fourth-of-July in the late fifties I met this friend of a family friend and we got along famously (only a platonic relation ship). I went home with enough happiness that I was able to stretch it out for the rest of the summer with only a few letters to keep it going. We lost track of each other after I went off to university, and when I saw this older woman (about two years older than myself) again at the family friend's wedding, I didn't recognize her. But on that one day in July 1958, I really was filled with warm fuzzy feelings. Smile Smilie

Kinda lame, huh?
Not at all, Grondy... VERY moving!
For myself, I cannot decide. I have had so many wonderful days!!!
Aw, that's really sweet, Grondy!

As for me... the college I went to had a "holiday" called Mountain Day. This was a beautiful autumn day when the President of the college would decide the weather was nice enough and the students were stressed enough, and she would have the chapel bells rung at seven in the morning to tell us there were no classes, and we were all to go off hiking and picking apples and other healthy New England things.

Well, my first year I had a paper to write, my sophomore year my roommate was sick so we stayed home and watched movies, junior year... um... don't remember but nothing exciting, so by senior year we were ready for the full Mountain Day experience. My two best friends (one of them was the sick roommate, so she had earned a fun day too) and I piled into the car, headed off to a local mountain, and thoroughly exhausted ourselves hiking and deer-spotting and looking out over the entire Pioneer Valley (this was the Berkshires, so we're talking stunningly beautiful rolling hills and mountains). We could see all the way to Hartford (we were in Massachusetts, that's in Connecticut, for those less familiar with New England geography). And the roommate-friend is a geologist, so she told us funny geology stories (yes, really) about the Valley.

Then we bought some local apples, cider, cheese and maple fudge at a farm stand, got some fresh bread at the French bakery, picked up some cold chicken at the deli, and had a picnic by the Connecticut River. We threw leaves at each other and took naps on the grass, and when it finally got dark we caught fireflies.

And eventually we went home and did our homework, but it was still one of the best days of my life. Good food, good weather, beautiful countryside and the very best of friends.
You see, I knew I could learn more about you people with just the one little question. Great answers, and not at all lame Grondy, sounds wonderful Smile Smilie
Plastic that is a really terrible and nasty question! What about your best day?!

Want me to be smug - I'll tell you I haven't had my best day yet I wanna have loads more of them. Too easy.... (PS wedding day was a pain in the ass and birtth of my daughter was not cool at all.. thats another story..)

OK - strangely enough great youth memory like Alyssa's - stealing off and reading the Hobbit and FoTR underneath a grove of trees during a hot summer in Ireland; didn't realize books could make you trip...spent the rest of the summer trying to speak Elfish to tree trunks....!

Several years later crossing lots of Egyptian desert on foot and swimming naked in the Red Sea - on my own no one around for miles....(lets forget the hunger, heat and the runs!..)

I think (and no being conceited) being a good - what am I saying - a great goal keeper - as an adolescent - and being recognized as a great player by others - thats cool. Even now 20 years later, people talk to me about that. I'm not nostalgic at all, but it makes you feel good.

Like that day, when your scraed stiff, your on stage to deliver a few lines (brechth in my case) and you get over the fear etc and you are good!

The day I stood up to the school bully and told him to f**k himself - that was cool. (got the crap kicked out of me ...)

Recently the day I got my black belt not from winning but by realizing I didn't need to win. that...well thats another story and its an ongoing thing.

Any day when you stand up and realize that courage is what makes the difference; Everyday courage - not heroics - about getting up in the morning anf givinh life the finger and laughing out loud and not taking any sh..t .

Geez sounds so serious.

The day I played 5 a side soccer in a summer tournament by the sea, won and got really badly drunk on plastic bottles of cider - and loved every minute - that was great.
Sorry Plastic I just re-read your question. A day I want to relive over and over again.. like Groundhog day (love that movie)

Well would love to relive a really hot, passionate and simply beautiful day when I had a "coup de foudre" between me and a woman I only knew for a week... in a hot summer afternoon. Now I would like to relive that day over again.

Don't go PC on me - its not just the hot pants. Its the feeling of blood and chemistry boiling oer so that bodies meet for a while and then .. well whatever. Separate, get lost, forget. Wow she had such beautiful eyes....Sometimes the world just clicks into place for a while...[Edited on 21/2/2002 by Huan]
Tough one Plastic, there's either too many or none at all. Anyway, what about yours?

I think I'd probably say about 3 years ago. Another bloke that I had been going out with (with whom I was madly in love with) took me out for drinks, looked miserable and told me that he loved me. It was, at that instance, a terribly happy, bittersweet, and beautiful moment - I had been waiting to hear that for about 5 years. It was, of course, too late - I married someone else a few weeks later.

Men...they sure do strange things to your mind. Smile Smilie
Erm, I can't pick mine out really, I've just about narrowed it down to 3. (One for each of my personalities Big Smile Smilie )

One is probably not for family sites like this, but is my 17th Birthday, when I was going out with this girl who looked like a supermodel, and we didn't leave the bedroom all day, that was pretty fantastic, and I wouldn't mind doing that all the time again! (The whole two years of our relationship was a bit like that, then we tried to see if we could get on by talking, and it all went pear-shaped)

Another is a sunny day in August '96 when the dawn came up on me unawares in this girl I'd just met's flat. We'd been up all night talking (and almost nothing else, she had a surprising amount of moral fibre, though not too much Wink Smilie ) We spent the rest of the day crawling the pubs of Barnstaple and yapping away and playing pool, really a great day! (Btw Golly, that's the same one I was on about over on Squirrelworld)

Also is the day I spent out of my head on about 5 different brands of narcotic in the middle of the nearest city, which I don't know my way around too well, so it was both incredibly scary and frightening, but gave one a profound sense of being alive (or in Easy Rider). NOTE: Do not ever ever do this, ever unless you have been proven to be indestructable, like this Squirrel has proved to be on numerous occassions

And there's a million other afternoons spent in various pubs arguing about Superheros, and Hobbits and stuff, and meeting amazing women and stuff, but I'm going to have to go with the day in the pubs with the amazing girl.
Sorry - just reacting to Golly post.

Thatd the eternal tough break. But Golly from what we/I know of youfrom other posts I'm REALLY surprised you would even consider waitng for some guy to "pop the question / say I luv u". What happended to the 1000 years of amazon culture and matriarchal history.

Don't worry -( women do strange things to guys minds too!
OK- if I can have a day for each of my personalities let's have a try! For the moment, I'll limit myself to 3 personalities only... Smile Smilie
Day 1. When I was 7 years old and my father took me for a long walk in high mountains, far away from usual paths. It was a breathtakingly beatiful summer day, and my father was so gentle, encouraging me and helping me all the time. We ate our meal on a top of a very steep hill crowned with dwarf pine... but on its top there was long green grass and plenty of wild white carnations! And all around us there were giant rocky mountains glistening in the sun, streaked with with patches of white snow. We were back in the late evening, so tired and so happy!
Day 2. When I was madly in love (platonic love, Grondy... but I was mad as a hatter!) with someone who could only be my friend (and still is!). We were taking a week of holidays in the south of France in a group of five, but on the morning of our depart only the two of us were alone in one of the two cars, and our three remaining colleagues were in the second car. I was so keenly aware that I have just a week - and then I'll have to come back to my own country... and my happinness was really poignant and bitter-sweet but perhaps even more powerful and heart-stirring. We started our journey in the middle of the night when all was so still... I remember well the dark sky with white blazing stars, and that wonderful calm and silence. We were alone in the car, just two of us, and there were very few cars on the highway. It was such a cosy, safe little world, a drop of warmth and happinness in that chilly night. We were silent and then we talked and then we were silent again...
And then the sky started slowly to grow pink, and then blue, and then the Sun rose, so brilliant, and we were still alone on a chilly morning full of white dazzling mist. And then when we reached Carcassonne, the landscape started to change. I have seen with delight plenty of cyprus trees, dark and slender, large and small, and even such fantastic tiny baby cyprus trees... And then far away in the Blue I saw a distant range of high mountains, the Pyrennees, like a distant cloud, blue and white, shining in the sun like tiny magical crystals... And then the feeling of delight and of magic grew to be so strong that I started to laugh like a small child and we laughed together and were happy. And then the landscape became even more and more beautiful, with rocks overgrown by small bushes all covered by pink and yellow blossom. And then far away we saw the Sea, deep blue, glowing like a breast of a peacock, and plenty of small bays and lakes, blue-green, ranging from turquoise to emerald, shining in the sun with millions of white sparks... Then we went to our temporary home, and then we spent a wonderful afternoon doing field work near one of these beautiful small lakes close to the Sea. The Sun was white and mighty even in the late afternoon, and the water was dark blue and shining with white sparks, and the wind was cool and fresh, and we all felt we are in another, brighter world. Some white herons were flying over our heads, crying with sharp, eerie voices... and then the Sun was down. And we dined in a small restaurant in a tiny port (still empty - it was the beginning of May). And then we had a long walk on an empty beach, with full moon shining softly on us and sea waves murmuring so gently.
Day 3. On weekends I often use to take my video camera and I'm walking in a large parc recording the behaviour of squirrels and birds (I have already filmed the behaviour of more than 40 bird species in that single parc!). I'd like to be able to live again and again just any of these days. Live again this thrill of a hunter which succeeded to catch a particularly fascinating and unusual behaviour, or to catch a particularly beautiful light. And the green smell of leaves!!! It's minute by minute and hour by hour of pure delight.
I think I will finish although there are many other days I could live again and again and again...
Heh. You'd never guess from reading the rest of the board that we were all such a lot of sappy romantics. It's kind of sweet. Good question, Plastic.
Why thank you Smile Smilie I've got a million of them (from a psychology course I took a few years ago in fact) will put up a few more sometime. Wish I could afford to go to the south of France again, marvellous wine country Smile Smilie
my day is really recent...about a month ago, actually...I played in this amazing concert...I don't know if you've ever had this experience, but do you know the feeling when you're in a group of people, and you've all worked your hardest and made something really amazing happen? And that for this one stretch of time, everything is exactly perfectly the way it should be? I was sitting on stage feeling all of this, and it was so incredible...we played this one song, and it was so beautiful, and I looked out into the audience, and people were crying, they were so into it...every year, they specially recognize students who have auditioned into the group for the past 4 years, and this year it was my turn...I was the only one who had made it since I was a freshman...standing there, with the whole band, my family and my best friends, and the whole audience clapping for me was made all the hard work I've put in completely worth the end of the concert we got a standing ovation...I found my family afterwards and my teacher was there...I had thought she wasn't able to come see me, and having her there meant the world to me...

I guess my day is not quite so interesting as all of your days...but it meant a lot to me...
Chikakat: I hope it the first of many such days. Smile Smilie
I know just what you mean Chika, reminds me of the first proper gig I played back when I was 14. We had to do a 3 hour set, and we didn't bother with a break, but everyone there was really into it, and we got to do three encores (WooHoo!) by the end of it, my left hand had seized up with cramp, but it was just such a great feeling!
(Have to warn you though, the more you do it, the less great it feels)
Chika, Plastic
I also know that feeling, it;'s great. I was once invited to participate in a talk show in TV and be "questioned" by two blokes known to be really malicious and mocking. Everybody told me that I am an idiot to dare to face them and that they will tear me to pieces. And they did not! I was probably one of the very few persons which did not let them have their way. It was great! But I would not like to live that day over and over, it was too stressful!
do you know Hungarian wines from Tokay? They are made of wine growing on the slopes of Tokay Mountain... and Tokay Mountain is a real Lonely Mountain from "The Hobbit", a huge ex-volcano towering high above Hungarian plains. The region of Zempleny Hills to the north of that mountain is another magic place. Plenty of small conical hills with ruined old castles on their tops, and beautiful beech forests with plenty of red deer... It was there that I heard for the first time in my life a red deer male bellowing, and it was at dusk, and I was alone in the forest, and at first I thought that must be a panther! Smile Smilie
I would have to say my grandfathers funeral. Even though we were all sad to loose our grandfather, it was the first time in years we were all together and we enjoyed the company of family. The cousins sat around the table telling jokes and quoting Star Wars lines. It was a great time on a rather sad occassion
My husband and I were seeing eachother for 6 months when we made our first hollyday together. One week in February in Tenerife. One day we got up very early to go for a walk. We started somewhere at a village in the mountains where the landscape was rather dry and empty. Lots of big beautiful cactuses and other succulents. After a while our route went down and we descended into a valley with a small river. It’s amazing to see the landscape and the plants change. Everything was very green and fresh. We followed the river for a while upstream and we came to a beautiful waterfall. In the afternoon at the end of our walk we came in a small calm village. Very peaceful, very quiet, no tourists. It was a very warm afternoon. There was a little white church. In front of the church was a small square with two big dragonbloodtrees. Opposite the church was a local pub with a pavement in the shadow of the trees. Spanish music was coming from the radio. We sat down there, just the two of us and we had some tapas and a cool fresh fruitjuice (grapefruit with banana and kiwi) and enjoyed the peace for a few hours. Sometimes when I look out the window at work and see the rain coming down (like now) I think about that day wishing I could sit in that pavement again.

At days like that I also think about a fieldtrip I once made with a friend in a tropic country. We traveled arout a bit, so we met a lot of people. Very friendly people! One village seemed almost like paradise. It was very small, five huts made of palm trees with one for guests and one toilet. The village was near the sea, at the beach actually, where a river flowed into the sea. From our room, we could see the river which was only a few meters away. At 6PM the sun went down and half an hour later it was really dark. One evening my friend and I were lying in the sand by the river. There was less than a meter between us, but we couldn’t see eachother. We were looking at the sky and I never saw anything like that. Stars, stars everywhere! Millions, millions of stars one right next to another! Amazing! I felt so happy and so lucky looking at all those stars, listening to the sea and the river, smelling the scent of hebs and flowers and being there with a friend to share it with.
Hmm, can't seem to log on for the past few days.

Huan - I asked the same thing myself. Didn't have a problem with other blokes, just him...I suppose I felt I would have 'lost' had I decided to give in & admit that I loved the guy. Some macho thing...too much pride is not good.

Plastic - I can relate to your 2nd example. Great one - I've had many wonderful days of pub crawling with good friends/lovers. Sometimes it's great being drunk in the middle of a lazy summer afternoon, knowing that you have a whole evening left to get absolutely plastered. Big Smile Smilie
I really liked your days, Gnampie! Thank you for letting us share your joy!
Yet more great days Smile Smilie And now I know why I like Hungarian wine, I always wondered why it was my favourite "affordable" wine, and now I know.

I used to spend most afternoons happily drunk with people, but that was one of the rare occassions when I was happy to be with just one person, and didn't care if I got drunk or not.
Hey Eryan, you've been studying the behaviour of squirrels and birds. I like that! Some years ago I have been studying the behaviour of ants for a while in a research project. They are really magnificent animals! I will not talk any more about them here, because when I get started about them I don't know how to stop. But next time you walk in a park or somewhere else and you see some ants, take some time to observe them. It is fascinating!
Would you want to go over and over your favorite day? I would rather have that day as a once off to remember and not spoil that by repeating it. Maybe pick a day I stuffed up in a big way to repeat and improve on and save my favorite day to think about.
I think I would like to relive my day over and over, but without the memory of it...part of what makes an amazing day is not knowing that it will be amazing...if you anticipate it, it probably won't live up to your, if I had to be conscious of reliving the day, I would definitely go with the one I screwed up so I could fix it.
Well, I wouldn't want to relive my favourite day. I just don't think it's necessary, that's all.

Why look to the past when the present is delightful, and the future is so bright? There's tons of things that I haven't done yet, like going to Egypt to see the pyramids, or drive along the old Silk Road, walk along the Great Wall of China, etc. Can't wait!
F**king cheerful, optimistic weirdos, really don't need to hear how great your life is... :P
Well I'm not saying that my life is great...I'm old, getting older, I've decided to abandon my career for god knows what, there's poverty, war & discrimination all around, the world will probably blow up's just that I can't do anything about it so I might as well enjoy it. And not read the newspapers anymore. Smile Smilie
I agree, Plastic. But I think that there are two ways of being cheerful. One is by being a cheap shallow optimist and that's silly.
But there is still "gallows humour", and (at least for me) it's a powerful weapon to preserve courage in this world in which I am a mortal condamned to die - and can do nothing about it - and only a very little about all other things I do not like...
But I need not tell you all this - you must be exactly alike I think...
And, Gnampie, I forgot about the ants - do not start this topic here because I also won't be able to stop (or let's open an ant thread in some other place)... More in the "private postBody" thingy... have a look!
Hey! Call me a cheap shallow optimist, do you! *bites Eryan* Wink Smilie

I think that there needs to be a balance. Gallows humour is fine, but then one tends to go overboard and become too cynical, and drag yourself around moaning about & running down everything because it's perceived to be 'cool'. I think it's kinda juvenile to be too blas’ about a teenager acting so tired o' life and being ultra-cynical because he's trying to appear as an adult. That's lame.

On the other hand, the bouncy, eternally cheerful optimist makes me want to take out a fly-swatter and smack 'em one in the face. Especially the ones that say "Good Morning!" ever so brightly in the morning, even though it's colder than Siberia, and you look like a train-wreck because you've been out drinking all night because you've just screwed up a project. Grrr.
HOHOHOHOHOHO!!! I've been the most irritatingly cheerful git you could ever hope to meet for 4 days running now, and I can't for the life of me work out why? My life is no better, I've just started to appreciate everything i have, as I do have it pretty damn cushy really, and I've been very drunk Big Smile Smilie
*swats the irritatingly cheerful Squirrel* :P
there was really no need to bite me! Anyway, I'm evidently NOT allergic against Ungoliant bites because it did not hurt too much! Smile Smilie
I understand "gallows humour" differently than you. It does not involve being "blase" about life, nor cynical.. For me, it means simply an ability to laugh and not being totally crushed even when facing a real disaster. For instance, if you must face a serious health problem.
I did not tell that you were a shallow silly optimist! But there are so many of them around us - at least around me... these irritating persons which believe in "positive thinking" and refuse to accept sad and tragic sides of life...
*Refuses to accept sad tragedy of his life* Big Smile SmilieBig Smile SmilieBig Smile SmilieBig Smile SmilieBig Smile SmilieBig Smile SmilieBig Smile SmilieDBig Smile SmilieBig Smile Smilie Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy
Oh you really made me ROFL and I'm still rolling and can't stop!!!! Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie
But... that's exactly what I mean by "gallows humour"!!!! So now I dunno how to define these optimists which are so irritating???
For me, it means simply an ability to laugh and not being totally crushed even when facing a real disaster. For instance, if you must face a serious health problem.

Well we have the same interpretation then. I said that it leads to cynicism, especially if employed at too young an age by those not suffering from terminal illnesses, death row sentences and the like. But to laugh in the face of disaster, heck, why not?

Of course, why not? It's what I just tried to tell...
I think that we agree after all...
I've recently realised how darn good my life actually is, that's why I'm so stupidly happy at the mo. Suddenly occurred to me that I have very nearly everything I used to dream of having when i was 13, so why was I so depressed before? Who knows, and frankly, who cares? WOOHOO!
I know that feeling!
I realised the same thing in the autumn and now I have only one problem - I'd like to live at least 300 years still to do all these things I still want to do before I die.
And your post of yesterday Plastic is simply GREAT - I kept laughing and laughing and laughing...
I think I will print it and put it on my computer, just in case I'll ever happen to be sad again!
Why thank you, glad to be of help Smile Smilie
Since I'm only 18 I hope the best days of my life are yet to come, but heck!
The best day in my life so far took place somewhere last year, in Holland. There was a meeting of tug boats there (we have one, btw), and the whole day was one of fun, drink, laughter and more drink. It was a very sunny day, and we all enjoyed the little trips on the water, while chatting about almost everything. Then in the evening, we were to gather in the lock, all of us, and then we would go on a trip on the river at night. All the boats were dressed up with flags and little lights, so it was a very cheerful sight. We all sailed into the lock and then we sailed up the river in a line. Meanwhile it was getting darker, and when we came to the turning point, all the boats lit their lights one by one. It was an amazing sight, and I remember thinking that it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Then we sailed back to the lock and after a while, when everyone was in, the doors were closed, and we all put our lights off, so it became really dark. And then we all started singing "You'll never walk alone". It was so beautiful it made me shiver. I suddenly felt a feeling of belonging, you know, I really felt at home. I didn't know half of the people there, but I felt I fitted in. It was the best feeling I ever felt, and so far the best day of my life.
Another good post Tommy, thanks. Cool Smilie
Got The Blues Smilie
Gosh! You're welcome. Got The Blues Smilie
I must be really sad because one day that really sticks in my mind as being great was actually a workday. It was about two years ago during my first summer as a fishery officer. We were just on a routine patrol along the east coast of Norfolk when the weather just turned really warm. My mates on land afterwards said it was too hot, but at sea, cruising along it was beautiful. The sea turned from its normal grey to blue, the beaches ashore were shining golden, and I just sat on the foredeck with a warm breeze in my face.
At about 7pm we launched the RIB and shot up into Wells harbour in search of fishing boats coming home. The ride there, at 35 knots in less than 5 feet of water was quite exhilerating, and once we got up the beach we were rewarded with the site of two very scantily-clad young ladies sunning themselves and waving at us (I know, chauvenistic, but it felt good anyway). To top off the day, when we boarded the fishing boats, they had all had a good days fishing, and laden down with crabs and lobsters the fishermen were all in good cheer which made a pleasant change.
My other favorite day was also at work but I cannot mention that one because we were not meant to be bass fishing at the time Smile Smilie
Can I have your job?????
Ditto, Gimli!!! Smoke Smilie
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