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I have a really bad memory So ican't remember my best day until now Smile Smilie
but hey I'm only 20 so I hope there will be a best day of days sometime Smile Smilie
I have but one thing to say, I like this thread, and I always have, and we have so many new members here now, it might be nice to hear what they have to say about this, so I'm posting to shove it back up near the top, okay? Oh, if youhave no idea what it's all about, then read the first page...
I really like this thread too! I've been reading through all the posts and... woaw... You people really had some beautiful days! And what more is: You can describe it really good! Big Smile Smilie

Would you want to go over and over your favorite day? I would rather have that day as a once off to remember and not spoil that by repeating it. Maybe pick a day I stuffed up in a big way to repeat and improve on and save my favorite day to think about.

very good answer, 42. you'd get terribly bored going over and over the same day.

May I just say that it didn't have to be your favourite day? I agree with you, 42 and Grondy, I don't think I'd pick my favourite day, because it would most definitely spoil it. No, I'd rather pick a day I'd like to live over and over again, that wouldn't be spoiled by doing that. I think it has to be something rather simple. Something you'll always remember, but it is the little things that do it.

That's why I picked this day: I was about 10 years old and me and my father went long-distance iceskating. It was a beautiful day, very clear and the birds sang and we drove for a long while. We were all alone on almost the entire lake. We skated the entire day and then we went home again. It was just me and my father and we had so much fun together! We go along splendidly and I love him so much, he's my role-model in most situations. But sadly he's working really much, especially when I was younger. So getting an entire day with my father was just wonderful! Yes. It was happiness. Big Smile Smilie
Yeah, I'd relive that day over and over, just for the chance of spending qualitytime with my father.

Sorry, I think I became sentimental there for a while.....
Isn't that the point? We surely wouldn't want to relive a day of fear or pain. Syrupy sentamental days are at least non-threatening, I think.
I would never pick a good day to repeat, I would pick one of my worst or scariest or saddest, so that I could make it better and perhaps even change a few things about it so it would no longer haunt my nightmares. I have several of those, which would be to painful to share here at the moment. I also think my husband would appreciate it if I could stope acting out my nightmares in my sleep and stop the screaming and crying and hitting. (He has ended up with so many bruises from me fighting in my sleep) But I would not want to relive those days forever, either Ringfacwen but perhaps a week or so.
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