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What's with the name? Its a bit late... I have read "this" now ;D Good to see another Douglas Adams fan out there! I liked the first 3 books best, So long and thanks for all the fish lost me a bit the first time... one of my friends has Life, the universe and everything on tape, and wants to get the rest on tape, and has practically memorised the books (therefore, I practically have too Wink Smilie ) and, understandably, driven her mum mad Big Smile Smilie

I think that I'll read some Steinbeck first before posting any opinions...

and the worst book I have ever read.... hmmm.... probably has to be something out of the Goosebumps series - they're NOT THAT SCARY.... and the writing isn't that good either...

I had to read To kill a mockingbird in English... I think it would have been a better read if I hadn't been "forced" to read it - I didn't like it that much because we had to actually look at it in detail (I think studying books in English does that to you - I guess its the "have to study this book" bit...)

by the way - MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!! Smiling Santa Smilie
hehe...I remember in 4th grade, all the cool kids read the Goosebumps books. It was such a big deal to have the new ones as soon as they came out... Tongue Smilie

Also, Gil, I'd definitely recommend giving 'To Kill A Mockingbird' another read...I had to read it for school and hated it, but afterwards I realized it's a really great book.
I think everyone is eventually forced into reading "To Kill a Mockingbird" and I must says I was none too pleased when I was forced into reading it. I wrost books I've ever read was most definetely "Moby Dick." I understand that the language is poetic and beautiful and that the deeper meaning is just to die for (to some loonies) but I just was ready to kill myself when I read it.

Have any of you ever read "A separate peace" by john knowles. I know tons of people that absolutly hated it, and I wonder if I'm the only person that enjoyed reading it.... Sad Smilie
I agree with Chika, I love To Kill A Mockingbird, I am reading it now in school. I have never read Moby Dick.
Also, does anyone else get a kick out of the fact that the filter asterisks out 'Moby Dick'?

QueenPippin, I vaguely remember "A Seperate Peace" from sophomore english...I don't think I loved it, but it wasn't terrible. What I didn't like might have had more to do with the class than the book itself...I'll have to give it another shot.
I quite like to kill a mockhingbird but any thing by Shakespear is just trash, utter utter ****!

forgot to set the recieve email button DOH

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I made a comment about Dick Van Dyke and it filtered out his first name! Don't hate Shakespeare just because you are intimidated by him, surely his Henry V - Oh we happy men, or his oh so funny Midsummer Nights dream ah ha ha ha, or his Romeo and Juliet, oh god where's me hankie deserve a read. For his time he was a bleep bleep good writer, historian and a bleep bleep fine Englishman.
Don't hate Shakespeare just because you are intimidated by him


I'm not intimidated by anyone, I detest him because hes a terrible writer, poet, actor and Englishman.
Let's not let this get into a war of words people.


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Oh dear, oh dear, apprarently William Shakespeare is not up the the level of Terry Pratchett apparently? William Shakespeare was recently voted the No,1 English person of all time above such historical figures such as Winston Churchill, Wellington, Brummel, or Queen Elizabeth I or perhaps you think you know better uhhhm? Come on give it back to me man!
I reckon my worst book has to be Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. I was "forced to read it in English and hated the teacher ever since cos she gave my worst enemy The Hobbit. I may actually like (or at least tolerate) the book now. Something tells me though that it will be my "livre horriblis". Thanks for listening....... Very Sad Smilie
I loved Brave New World (probably because I was 21 by the time I read it, and did so out of choice) and if you want a classic Author to rat on, I'd go with Dickens. But maybe not... give examples of why you hate controversial things, and people may be more inclined to see your point of view. Quotes please!
Sorry Eolynn it was brunnel who was voted the best britain of all time.
Heh, and now I have to talk about Charles Richardens then i suppose. Honestly this filter is the best fun ever!
Eh you're a twerp!
Tis not me who says I can't say Charles Dickens, it is the filter that makes me say Charles Richardens instead. Oh well...
No, I think you'll find you're wrong Ross, it was Shakespeare not Brunnel. After all who would vote for a bridge builder above a great writer like Shakespeare. Get over it mate

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I'm sorry Eolynn, i think you will find you are wrong. Go on to the BBC websitte and check for yourself, you will see quite clearly it is Brunnel that won the position of greatest britain of all time.
I think Ross is correct on this one. Because Brunnel had a charismatic presenter arguing his case, much to many people's surprise, he became the greatest Britain of all time.
Okay, who the heck is/was Brunnel and what was his/her claim to their 15 minutes of fame?
He was one of the greatest engineers of the Industrial reveolution mainly for the fact if he wasn't happy with the smallest thing he would have his workers take it apart and start all over again. He is the father of modern civil engineering especially in bridge work.
I can't belive you haven't heard of him Grondy I thought you were an engineer?
Fair point, though it may have helped if his name (Isembard Kingdom Brunel) had been spelt correctly Wink Smilie
Ah, he built some of those iron railway bridges that look monstrous, but have withstood the passage of time (and keep the local populous employed keeping them covered with paint so they don't rust away.) Yes he was a great civil engineer and was the leading designer of ironworks.
That's him, dont worry Grondy I didn't vote for him, mind you probably wouldn't like the one I did vote for Charles Darwin, still he beat Shakespear and that's the main thing.
The book I personally hated was, The Tale of Two Cities. I almost fell asleep reading it Sleeping Smilie There was not one bit of common sense in it!
The book I personally hated was, The Tale of Two Cities. I almost fell asleep reading it Sleeping Smilie There was not one bit of common sense in it!

That's Dickens isn't it? Can't stand him, well said LadyofL.
Ok, I have noticed that I have not commented on this thread at all. So, now I have to put my 2 cents worth in here.

I have never read Douglas Adams or Terry Pratchett, so no comment there.

As for the Goosebumb series. Well, they are a pretty easy read even for kids. My 3rd grader can read them in about 3 hours. He really likes them and says they are spooky to him. Of course, everything he reads, I have to just so I know what he is talking about, and also to make sure it is appropiate. So, far I have not sensored anything he has read. The only suggestions, that i have made are wait a couple of years and you will understand better. Goosebumps are great, for him though, because he can pick up before bedtime, and finish it that night.

As for shakespear, I love shakespear.!!!!!! and Dickens, well, I like A Christmas Caroll.

Moby Dick, well I have only read a bit of it, I could not really get into much.

The only books that I can say I hate are Romance Novels!!
They are horrible. They are just tooooo sappy and yuck!!!

Moby Dick was not very good, I tryed to read it but lost total intrest in it after a while.
Hardy Boys books where boring,too. And so where Nancy Drew. I know some people think there classics but not me.
Hardy Boys books where boring,too. And so where Nancy Drew. I know some people think there classics but not me.
The original books were okay, but they ruined them when they tried to modernize them. In the fifties, I liked reading about their happenings back in the twenties and thirties. However, motorcycles and speedboats no longer retained their mysterious rarity in the last quarter of the twentieth century like they did in those earlier times.
I didn't like Nancy Drew, but I didn't find the Hardy Boys too bad.
I agree with you Mellie, I HATE romance novels, I do NOT see the point in them!
Have any of you ever read "A separate peace" by john knowles. I know tons of people that absolutly hated it, and I wonder if I'm the only person that enjoyed reading it.... Sad Smilie

I can't believe I didn't see this post earlier! I LOVE A Seperate Peace.
I can see how some people would find it boring though. It does not have a lot of action and the conflict is rather internal and the book is subtly (but wonderfully) written.
Reading through this thread made me realise just how much of a lazeabout I was in school..If I can't think of a single book I would rate 'worst'...because I never read anything that I didn't feel like reading...:P

Byron perhaps.
And Hemigway's kilometres of relating a fishing trip...well no bloody wonder it's boring!

I used to think Dickens was horrid because we read David Copperfield out loud in class when I was eleven, and there was no getting out of it. But I recently gave old Charlie another chance...and rediscovered him as one of the most hilarious writers I've ever read.Big Smile Smilie

Shakespeare, however, is still beyond me. In my desperation to feel that love so many people have for him,I've even tried reading the bloody plays out loud. To no avail.I see the genius and the wit, and still I am extremely bored and indifferent.

What can you do.*shrug*

*makes plans to read that terrible terrible Moby everyone keeps talking about*
Ugh, I think the worst book I ever read was To Kill a Mocking Bird by Nelle Harper Lee.
Ack! It was so boring, and I love to read, but I can honestly say I would read it to help me fall asleep faster!
I find Diana Wynne Jone's books much like you are describing Mckiernan. I think her ideas are very good, but her writing style just does not keep me interested.
Finally got Science of Discworld 2 the other day, will let you know when I'm done (also got Wee Free Men so double the Pratchetty fun) however, I spent a fortune on comics as well, so it might take a while to get to the books....
The Lizzie McGuire Movie book!!! I HATE lizzie Mcguire. i just hate Hillary duff. Shes fake, she has no talent, and she ugly. I havent read the book but it looked stupider than the movie
So why did you buy the book then?
any one read "Cathryn called Birdy"? of the worst books, thank goodness its oly 250 pages....i had to read it for 7 grade.....ick
Don't read the book by Nichelle Nichols (Uhura in Star Trek). It's the only book I've never finished. All she goes on about is how wonderful, beautiful she is and that any man that sees her falls madly in love with her (maybe they do....), she's the best singer in the world, the best actor in the world. I'm all for giving yourself some praise but.....!! I got a signed copy - I thought it would be interesting. It was excellent that she was the first afro caribbean who had a main part and she was a role model - but to be so full of herself....yuck. Maybe the rest of the book would have got better but I couldn't face any more - just in case.
That's funny, Maydmarion, because Mrs. Gandalf read that book and recommended it to me long ago. She and I were not under the impression Nichelle was full of herself. But we did enjoy how she pointed out what was really happening behind the scenes in the original Star Trek series and the movies. I liked what she revealed about Shatner! Very interesting.

As to classic works in the rest of this thread, and who's best or least popular now, I don't pay much heed--in case you haven't noticed before. Where would great literature or even education be if we shifted gears each time the wind changed direction? Shakespeare has remained perennially popular for over 400 years which shows that his work is well worth studying or catching a performance of. Dickens wrote entirely differently, obviously, and not all of his works are the same. A Tale of Two Cities certainly has a point, and it's worth finding at the end. I didn't like the opening of the book either, but that's the way authors wrote during that period. It is worth it to get to the end and see who triumphs and who fails and why. But my favorite of Dickens is Hard Times and A Christmas Carol (of course).

What books would I say to avoid? Hahaha! I will not even go there!
Any book by the B-version of Stephen King : Dean Koontz.
Actually...I don't like ANY of Charles Dickens works...dull..dull and DULL!
And I would like to mention that back in the time of Charles Dickens and Jane Austen-they WERE paid by the word-hence the wordiness...thank goodness it's not like that now!

And there was another book I read when I was like, 14 that for the life on me I cannot remember what it was called...all I know is that is was like, REALLY OLD and 500 pages long. And it took me over week to read....(I could read 500 pages book in one day when I was...12!!!) Most horrible experience of my reading life!!!

Is there a thread around for horrible movies?
Well you must remember that in the time of these authors you talked about, people had much more time to read and lived at a much slower pace than we do. Hence the length. (I'm an english lit student by the way.) Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
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