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Welcome Morelen!
Big Smile Smilie
Yes, welcome to the forum Morelen. Let us know if there is anything you don't understand, add comments when you do. Smile Smilie
Hello there, we all need time to... I find I never get to ... any more Wink Smilie
Seriously, welcome, have fun. Smile Smilie
Welcome Moralean.
Hiya Morelen... Big Smile Smilie
Hi there! Have we met before? Perhaps in another world! Another loony greets you!
Paranoid Smilie
Animated Wink Smilie
i'm a little late and you've probably settled in by now, right now I'm the newbie, but... WELCOME!!!
Big Smile Smilie
I kinda like the nick Stranger. Nice to have you here. I have no idea how to tell you to re-register since you have already used 2 different emails.

Oh wait! I do have an idea. Have you signed up for There is a link on the left. Try that.

I am late too but nevertheless WELCOME!!!Be sure to visit the chat you will love it...everyone here is grate!!!
Have Fun!!!
Wow! Another random thread... Cool Smilie
Where did this one resurface from? April last year.

Welcome to Planet Tolkien alakdhol, Elda and Tyrion. Hope you enjoy yourselves here. Looking at the dates though, I think you are welcoming Morelen a little late. A case of been and gone, I think (apologies to Morelen if you are still around).

Moderator Smilie Still, I think this one is better off in one of the taverns...... Moderator Smilie
Well, I have not been around much the last couple of months, I want to welcome everyone here. I don't think I have weclomed very many newbies since November/December. So every one I really am glad that you found PT. It is a great site to learn more about Tolkien, and meet some great people.
Welcome to PT Morelen! I hope you are enjoying it here. Big Smile Smilie
Hullo all new ones!!! PT is great- and as mentionned before the people here are magnificant!!!

I'm accualy (was) -am- kinda new ,too. And i've learned an extreeeeem lot from PT members, and the council Big Smile Smilie and i love this site- i met great people, so all newbies outhere, have lodes of fun Big Smile Smilie

Wiggle Smilie

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Possibly the fact that you are "stranger" than the rest of us Wink Smilie :laugh:
Stranger: Welcome to our forum. Happy Elf Smilie

I think it would be better if you choose a slightly different nick because "stranger" is often used as anonamous in some places on the Website. How about "Weird" or "Me" or "The_Other_Luthien" or maybe even "Sheees_baaaack!" Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

However, changing your nick isn't mandatory, just a suggestion, especially if you don't want to be tagged as being the postAuthorID of the comments we receive about some of the News Articles on our Home Page. Cool Elf Smilie
Or send a Private Message to Taz and ask hip to switch you over to your new chosen name; he won't do this for just anyone, but for you he might under the circumstance.
ElberethGilthoniel: May I suggest you watch the dates of the posts of people to whom you say Hi!. Morelen made her post last April and with only seven posts since then appears to be long gone. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

Still, you do get good marks for being nice. Thank you. Happy Elf Smilie
hello *waves*

Hey Ho, delihiho, to heal my heart and dry my woe better than rain from hill to plain under a tall tree i will ly and watch teh clouds go sailing by. hey ho delihiho, to heal my heart and dry my woe. better than rain from hill to plain adn a humgorn beer to save this Took! its what the Merry and Pippin sing at the Green Dragon