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So what's your interpretation of the twins going to be, Val?
I've been researching them in RotK to get ideas on how Tolkien perceived them. The only impression I got form there was, Very Quite.

They obviously possess the wisdom of having lived in Rivendell for so long, and from their actions, they are fearless. Their hatred of Orcs is bordering on the obsessive. I've introduced them for now, ready for their main role.

Hopefully I'm not building this story up too much by giving hints here. I normally get on and write whatever I'm doing and then let people see it. It's going to be slightly longer than my other stories but the plot is a bit more convoluted. Now I've got all the elements sorted out, it's just a case of getting it all down on paper.

Please don't expect some sort of Twins Hero Worship story, though. They are only co-stars in this one.
I'd like to know what they talk to each other when they are traveling... like what do they really think of Aragorn? "Oh I know he will be the king someday and he is so noble and brave and kind but does he has to look so scruffy? What does our sister see in him anyway? (Other than the future king, noble, brave and kind bit)"
And what do they think about Legolas? "No,no,no, my hair is shinier than yours!" Tongue Smilie

Okay, kidding. Anyways, I think they're not getting screen time in TTT because Arwen has stolen all of it! Just like she did to Glorfindel! I hope Eowyn won't do the same to Eomer, or else I'd be really mad! Mad Smilie
I always thought the twins must have been fairly reserved. Self-consious even, if an Elven loremaster and warrior could be self-consious.

My theory on this is that it is a half-elf thing. Notice they both have elf+man father-names? Did the poor things look half-elven even from birth? Could be enough to give even an elf-child a complex...

Also, they may be shy around humans. Humans would probably find them quite fascinating and being surrounded by curious humans must get tiresome, so they dont encourage chit-chat with mortals.

Or maybe shyness is just part of their nature?

Oh well, could make for some interesting Fan fic some day...Wink Smilie
Cool! Looking forward to a new story. Like Grondy said, you haven't let me down yet Val! Read Smilie
MelliotSandybanks Posted:

I second Allyssa as president.
Mellie (nominates herself as secretary, again any seconds on that?)

Rednell Posted:
Well, since, I am an Gemini, then I should also consider running for office. I choose Treasurer which should be easy since we have no source of income.

MelliotSandybanks Posted:
So, lets see, as my first function as secretary, I guess I suppose to record the minutes, but since we are not really having any meetings, the next thing would be at least do the member list:

Member List:

President: Allyssa
Secretary: Mellie
Treasurer: Rednell

Anyone else wanna join?
hehehee this is kinda fun.

Well Ladies, it looks like we are the only 3 members. bummmer.
What shall we do now?
I'll join! I can be the official hanger-arounder who appears and disappears whenever she wants to.... Tongue Smilie And maybe the comments person. Or maybe the "I love Elladan and Elrohir" person Wink Smilie Big Laugh Smilie
How delighted I am to see you Gilvala. Just when I was going to delete this we can get on with some serious drooling Wink Smilie

Who thinks we will see Elladan and Elrohir in TTT?
Phew, I almost joined for the heck of it but now that I know this is a drool thread, I'll stay away.

Hopefully, we shall see the twins in TTT ... but I'm not holding my breath.
Prog we will let you be an Honorary Member. Every drool thread needs its groupy. lol
Welcome to the club Gilvala. I would love to see them in the movie, but I am not holding my breath.
Was thinking about joining, but considering I'm not that drooly over the twins, I think I might stay away too yeah. Enjoy the fun however, ladies. Cool Smilie
Ooh! A Groupy? Do I get those typical groupy benefits? Moderator Smilie
I am glad I am in Texas. lol We will miss you Tommi
What groupy benefits? Look Around Smilie *is considering to join too now* Winking Smilie
Oh, please join us Tommi! Big Smile Smilie

Found an interesting pic - an elf of Rivendel who I do not believe was seen in FOTR...could it be???? Pixie Smilie
Mysterious elf, that's for sure. I didn't seem him anywhere. Nice pic though. *drool* Winking Smilie
DROOL!!!!!!!!!! I love that pic. Mellie wants to meet him. OMG!!!!!!
Ok, not *that* drooly. Animated Wink Smilie
I'd love to see them in the movie, but I haven't read anything about actors who will star as them, so maybe they won't be in. Sad Smilie

On the other hand, if there are club benefits, maybe I'll join, too! Big Smile Smilie
Let us all hope not for the sake of sanity and all the dignified elfs out there.
Very Big Grin Smilie

Now don't spoil this, Tazzy. Big Smile Smilie
Must admit, I wouldn't mind drooling and slobbering all over Eowyn... (How do you girls do that without sounding quite so disgusting??)

If I was Aragorn, I'm afraid I'd have just had to say, "Sorry Arwen about taking your immortality and all that, but you know how it goes with us humans after all... and it is because I'm thinking of what's best for you and all that, but I think it'd be for the best if we cooled things for a while, cus you know I am a Ranger, like, and how I need my space.... And I've got to go riding with your brothers (just to keep this on topic)"
And then I'd be round Eowyn's like a shot.
Val that was cute. And it is just a gift.
Wink Smilie ... but we still have every respect and deep admiration for the above-mentioned drool candidates' intellect and acting talents... Wink Smilie Wink Smilie Big Laugh Smilie
Of course we do. There has to be more to a guy than just his looks. If you can't carry on a conversation with him, then we would get bored entirely too quickly. Those relationships just don't last.
OOOh, I`d love to bee an groupie to the twins Big Smile Smilie Really hope to see them in TTT, but I `m not keepin my hopes up..*yum, yum, gimme some!* Tongue Smilie
Welcome Celebrain.
Ill Join! I'll Be The Official Bartender!!! Cool Smilie
ok, bartender. You have to pass a test first. Do you know what a China White is?
as a matter of fact yes...

1/2 oz Vodka
1/2 oz Bailey's irish cream
1/2 oz white Creme de cacao

Mixing instructions:
Pour ingredients into shaker filled with ice, shake, strain into shot glass.

THERE! HA! I'm Gonna Go Smoke My Pipe Now... Smoke Smilie
hhhhm, I have never had it with Vodka. but you left out the cinnamon on top.

lol. ok, I guess you got the job bartender. lol

I have only seen it with white Creme de Cacao poured in a shot glass, with the Bailey's floating on top and then the cinnamom sprikled over that. May have to talk to the bartender here in Dallas and ask him.

So we now have new memebers in our fan club. What do we do now Allyssa?
yay i got the job! Cool Smilie
Do now? Dedicate ourselves to some serious drooling:

If you haven't seen it yet.

Any constuctive coments about the twins could be put in the Character thread, so I suggest we keep this one for drooling, wild speculation and chat about any good fan-fic we have read and so on...
woah woah woah... is this like a chik club? Paranoid Smilie
Well, duh! But is ok, you are just the bartender remember?


OMG !!! That link is wonderful. It is in my favorites now.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Well Here I Am, In A Club Of All Girls, The Only Guy, And The Bartender Who Everyone Talks With... Hell Yeah I Consider Myself Lucky! Wink Smilie

And As For The Link... What The Story I Wrote Link?

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And As For The Link... What The Story I Wrote Link?
The link that Allyssa put a day or two ago that has a couple pictures of the effeminate twins. Big Smile Smilie (Just kidding ladies.)
effeminate twins. Big Smile Smilie (Just kidding ladies.)

*frowns at Grondy. (j.k.)
Jealous, eh?

Orimono: Prog is a guy.

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Hes Not...Gay Is He?!?!?!?!?!?! Paranoid Smilie

(HA! Just Kidding Prog!)
Hmmm. Those pictures are supposed to be drooly? Sorry, but they look a bit girlish to me. A bit babyface. Tongue Smilie
Okay, so this particular rendition of the Sons of Elrond is not perfect, but so far it is the only one I have ever found. If anyone finds any better ones (or if by some miracle, they make an appearance in TTT) please post a link!
They may get a small role in the short story I am currently working on. It's based around the Rangers guarding the Shire around the time of Bilbo's leaving party. I've had a bit of a writer's block of late, but a storyline including the twins was swirling around my thoughts the other night, along with a few other possibilities. Afraid you'll just have to wait until it's finished to find out though.
It is the hair that does it for me. Nothing makes me drool more than a man with hair flowing down his back and the eyes are important too. And those pointed ears sure are an added attraction. Drool, drool... In Love Smilie

Oh yes, Val's story, I can't wait. This promises to be a great read, I can tell!
But someone keeps telling us that, "Elves don't have pointy ears." Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie Elf Winking Smilie Angry Elf Smilie Elf Smilie Ha Ha Ha Smilie

And Val's stories haven't disappointed us yet. Oops, will saying that just reinforce his writers block? Well then, break a leg Val--but like a thespian, not physically. Smile Smilie
Val, I can't wait to read your story. I am sure it will be great.

As for the drawings of the twins, I sorta agree with the comments about the top pic. It is a bit babyfaced and effeminate but the bottom one is just perfect. I would fall for that angular face and those eyes, and that hair. OMG!!! In high school I had a crush on a guy that looked like that, but he did not know I even existed. Later after college, I got luck and I dated a guy similar to that. He was a great kisser and almost did not marry my husband because of him. Fortunately, Matthew and I were meant to be. So yes, I like the drawing, brings back great memories, and bad ones too. LOL I guy has to have more than just looks, but we can still drool over them from afar and not ruin the fantasy!!!!!!!!!!!
*hops up and down with excitement

Val, a story with Elladan and Elrohir? cant wait! It will be good to see them in some quality fiction, and not in all that drooly fiction I see around (the type that has the twins running around Rivendel, pursued by a character representing the postAuthorID - fun for the postAuthorID, but dry for the reader). Please send it to me when it is finished. You have my email don't you?

*goes off to drool over Elrohir picture all the same Tongue Smilie
Don't get too excited, folks. They're only likely to get a small piece of the action in this one.... On the other hand I could cancel this one all together and start a project where I persue them all over Rivendell (dry for both the postAuthorID and the reader) Smile Smilie

Actually, the writer's block thing is really more of a case of me putting in a lot of hours at work recently. By the time I get home, I feel too tired to try being creative. What I need is a couple of clear days when I can get everything else out of the way, so that I can then sit down and get on with it.

I picked it up again tonight and was a little frustrated that I couldn't type fast enough to cover all the ideas I mulled over while in the bath. I now know pretty much where it's going (well I did before, but now I've managed to fill in the gaps.) I just hope I can write it as well as it feels inside me. Sometimes I have problems finding the right words for what I want to describe.
The twins will be there, but only in a minor role.

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try writing in the bath Val, a little dangerous if you use a PC but well worth it... Wink Smilie
I have never tried to write in the tub, but I love to read in the tub. It is not quite so dangerous. It might be a good place to re-read what you have written, and make corrections.
I've ruined many a good book by reading in the tub, I'm incapable of staying awake in the d@mn thing, so I keep dropping them in. That is, until I took the shoe rack off of a clothes rail, and started leaning the books on that, very good idea, highly reccommended.
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