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Lotr vs Hard-boiled egg, both take too long and are a bit of a let-down when they're finally done! And in JK Rowling's defence, she did not nick Harry Potter's name froom the other book, it was the name of a kid she knew when she was growing up, and she always liked the name. True story!
it's pretty possible to compare any two things you want...probably if you thought about it long enough, you could compare LotR to a hardboiled egg...two things that are very unique often make the best measure for each other.
If you didn't like Harry Potter, you didn't watch the background... that was enough to entertain me, though the story was slow, the visual effects and cinematography were fantastic
And I think the story was talking about Movie ratings etc. In which they are both competing this year. Plus both (in the movies anyway) borrow from each other heavily. lucas having used similar ideas to Tolkien in his tale of good vs Evil, and Jackson using techniques and shooting angles that would never have ben possible without Lucas and ILM.

You do have a point but you couldnt say one is better than the other as i have already explained....
I must admit the visuals were great, but after a while I got bored. The exact moment - after the frog jumped out the window. I only woke up during the Quidditch game, cos it reminded me of school. But hopefully the next one will be better.
I liked it cos it didn't remind me of school at all. But of the sort of thing school would have been had I enjoyed it Big Smile Smilie (Though Hogwarts did look just like my old school)
If the Star Wars trilogy is better than FotR, I guess I'll have to go and see it, cos FotR is the best film I've ever seen so far. (no, I'm exaggerating here, but the trilogy will definetely end up high in my top 5).
HP sucks bigtime, not only the film, but the books too. I started reading The Filosophers Stone, but I didn't even get to the fifth chapter. B-o-r-i-n-g! Smile Smilie
No, I think he liked it Tommy.
So thats why I like Potter so much tommy? Big Smile Smilie
Guess so Boring. Big Smile Smilie
No, really, golly? Big Smile Smilie
I like Tolkien cos he makes me free from school. Not HP, he reminds me of school. *shudder*
Swampfaye: Sadly no they mean 'Kull the Conqueror' staring (Hercules) Kevin Sorbo. I just perused my copy this evening and they put Kull in tenth place; hopefully, it will drop back to 93rd or beyond soon. I didn't have too many qualms about the other nine. Cool Smilie
Well Tommi, yet again I am agreeing with you. I saw SW at the Chinese Mann Theater (you know... with the handprints and autorgaphs in the cement??) on opening day! That was a great memory. But as great as that memory was, the cinemetography of Fellowship was head and shoulders above SW. I can't speak for the entire LOTR trillogy, but SW was never my #1 favorite movie (Empire is actually better IMO) and Fellowship has taken #1 spot in my all time movie list...

OMG... that reminds me that Realms of Fantasy posted KULL the Conquerer as one of the last centuries top ten best fantasy movies!!! Kull??? Kull??? maybe they are confusing it with KRULL...
Empire is the best SW movie, you're right, but that therefore makes it the best movie ever as well!!! Woo Hoo!! And of course Fotr looked better, it's got 24 years of technological and cinematic advances behind it. Plus it didn't have to invent all of it's technology as it went along (though the CGI programme they invented for the battle scenes is pretty f***ing nifty!)
Swampfaye: Sadly no they mean 'Kull the Conqueror' staring (Hercules) Kevin Sorbo. I just perused my copy this evening and they put Kull in tenth place; hopefully, it will drop back to 93rd or beyond soon. I didn't have too many qualms about the other nine. Cool Smilie

Not even "Warlock?"

Do you think Kevin sorbo's brother is on the editorial staff or what?
I really liked Warlock, though it was one of the rare cases where the sequel is better than the original. Not really fantasy is it? I'd call it Horror, of the tackiest type Big Smile Smilie That's why I liked it.
That's what I mean... it's horror (like Hell Raiser). You'd think the people working for a magazine named "Realms of Fantasy" would know the boundaries of their genre... but after naming Kull the conquerer, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised for anything they list...
What are you guys talking about??? FotR is in my top 5 list of best movies all time, but not on spot one, I'm afraid. It's one hell of a movie, and a really good one, but there are betters. Smile Smilie
There are many better, even by the same director!! Smile Smilie
To my shame I must admit that I have never seen any other movie by Peter Jackson. I had never even heard of him before FotR... Smile Smilie But I did notice sth a few days ago. I was watching an Inspector Frost TV-film (on TV, duh) and it was produced by New Line cinema, directed by... Peter Jackson. Are we talking about the same guy here? Guess so... Smile Smilie
Didn't know that, might not be, but if it is, I'm disgusted with the bloke.
What do you mean, Frost films are great! But I'm guessing it's not the same guy... Never mind... Smile Smilie
While we are discussing these fantasy films and the amazing special effects which make them seem so real, don't forget "Willow". A great deal of the computer special effects and animation started there. I really like "Willow". I love Star Wars and I love LOTR. To me, however, Science Fiction and Fantasy are two different gendres, although is is difficult to get libraries and bookstores to come to grips with that, and no doubt, the movie industry, too.
The article referred to, however, was discussing box office success. Remeber, Star Wars has all the little kid following. There are Star Wars books written for kids as young as toddlers. Didn't you notice the number of kids at the Star Wars films compared to the number at LOTR? Star Wars can't help but do better at the box office.
Kull, really??? Must be another one of the Conan fans who made up the list with Kevin's brother. Wary Smilie
However, Star Wars also has the unique ability to cross the sf/fantasy barrier and really bring the two genres together as Lucas doesn't care about the science one jot, and only uses it as a means to an end so he can develop his Universe and mythology more fully.
I'm seriously thinking about going to see that film. Tongue Smilie
LOst in SPace
"danger wil robinson"
has literary roots with a scifi update

yeah red...
willow was great
fell for val k. there
Val Kilmer in Willow In Love Smilie YUM!

I have to agree with Rednell. Libraries should separate Fantasy from SciFi. I know there are some blurred boundaries, but that occurs in other genres as well, and publishers, libraries, bookshops seem to be able to get around it.

Look at Dicken's "Great Expectations". There is an element of a love story, but you dont find it in the Romance section do you?
Problem is usually what book belongs to which genre. It's not always as easy as that. Big Smile Smilie