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Welcome to PT Pip. I'm sure you'll enjoy it here and I look forward to seeing you in Chat. Wink Smilie
As for your question, well, my Quenya's not bad and I've never come across either of those words. Also, they don't follow the same sort of word construction as is used in Quenya, so off the top of my head, I'd say it's Sindarin.
You're my hero Peredhil! See, I had this bet going with one of my Ringer-nerdie friends (not saying nerdie in a bad way, mind you): I thought it was Sindarin, she thought Quenya... *sigh* the convoluted bets one can think up late at night...
im decent at sindarin but what words? im so lost...
I'm learning Quenya from
How is the learning going, Loni? Practice is zuper important while learning a languge, that is what we are lacking, I guess. Well, I can only speak for myself, for no one that I know here speaks it. No One! Disturbed Smilie
awww...well thats not very not THAT bad! ill admit i need some more work on vocab and first letter mutations, but im decent!
Do you practice at home? Or at school? Or with friends? How about with family? You lucky Rohirim, you. I learn it and the knowledge is locked up in a vast vault inside my brain, waiting for someone, anyone, to release it. I’m talki... writing about having a conversation, one on one, with a live person over here that has the faintest idea of what Quenya means.
Paranoid Smilie
I guess I like having exclusive knowledge for the time being.
Ha Ha Ha Smilie
Haha, I'm learning Quenya. Anyone who wants to, click here learn quenya and click on 'course' or go to the other cool languages that Tolkien made up instead.
These were posted in a new Elvish language thread created today. There are several threads on this topic under various headings. It is a bit redundant, especially when the same links are posted in all of them.
Elfmaniac55 Posted Sunday 21st March 2004 (04:27am)

hey guys i know where you can learn how to speak elvish just go to and type in any sentence you want to learn in elvish and click human to dark elf. its so cool and its a fun way to learn elvish!
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Loni Posted Sunday 21st March 2004 (06:03am)

Even better. Download lessons from If you're interested, click here: Quenya

Well, all I'm saying is go to and you're all sorted. I can say weird things like: mine lier nu mine aran. But that probably means something really weird, because you can't put accents over words on English keyboards, at least not that i know of.
You can put accents I have to do them for spanish work.
alt 161=í
and others
go to and go to help and look for acent stuff
alt + 160 = ’
alt + 130 = ’
alt + 161 = ’ (but you already know that)
alt + 162 = ’
alt + 163 = ’

alt + 0228 = ’
alt + 0235 = ’
alt + 0239 = ’
alt + 0246 = ’
alt + 0252 = ’
Oh, dear God! Thank you forever! I have desperately been trying to figure out how all of you clever folks do these things for a long time. Very Mad Smilie
And yes, that was my first post, so please don't laugh too hard-I know I will be somewhat invisible until I reach 100 posts or so-take it easy on a new kid! Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
Thank Azadhel, I have always run Charmap.exe where I can see a whole hoaf of the funny characters, but it might be nice to memorize the shortcuts to the ones we often need for Tolkien's words.
So who's taking Quenya lessons from Ardalambion?
I am. It's cool, but complicated. Man, did I impress my English teacher about attributive and predicative adjectives, and dual, and adjectives that agree in number, and bla, bla, bla......
I like Quenya, and am taking the lessons at Ardalambion! Thats a really good website!