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First of all, if I remember rightly, nobody actualy see's Sirius die. He falls through a door. Thats it. Boom. End of story. No blood. No corpce. No screams of agony. Nada!
So how do we know he's really dead?
We have no proof that he's actualy died, infact theres a huge chance that he could have survived.
I know rumors are just rumors, but there are rumors floating around that Sirius will return in the final book, just in time for the show down between Harry and Voldie.
Insidently, I'm on Voldie's side. Not only do you get a spiffy tattoo when you join up, but the deatheaters have an excelent dentle plan and work hours are flexible. Big Smile Smilie
Insidently, I'm on Voldie's side. Not only do you get a spiffy tattoo when you join up, but the deatheaters have an excelent dentle plan and work hours are flexible. Big Smile Smilie

Hehe Halo! Tongue Smilie
Yea, I guess your right Amarie, it took you to make me realize what I thought was wrong about her Big Smile Smilie
I agree with all of what Amari’ said with the possible exception of:
Tolkien used several years on the trilogy, don't you think his fans where eager to find out what happens next? Do you think HIS publishers wasn't breathing down HIS neck to get him to finish?!
His fans had wanted a sequel to The Hobbit since before the war. He completed LotR in 1948 ten years after The Hobbit, but FotR and TTT then weren't published until 1954, so the hard breathing by fans and publisher mainly occurred during that year and the next when RotK was finally published.

Still, we fans had to clamor for years until Christopher was finally able to get someone to publish in 1983 The Silmarillion, which had been written prior to LotR.

Tolkien loved the money as it helped him through some hard times, but he loved neither the publicity nor the fan adoration, especially the reading into the story of a planned agenda. He was happy though, that people liked his grand tale.

That was a very fine post Amari’. Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
Oh yes, I knew I had forgotten something important. Of course the war gave people other things to think about than elves and short people with hairy feet.. Sad Smilie

That was a very fine post Amari’. Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
Yea, I guess your right Amarie, it took you to make me realize what I thought was wrong about her Big Smile Smilie
Thank you! That was the effect I was hoping for! Wink Smilie
Rowling loves her caracters, she's been carrying then around for years. She even cried when she worte the chapter where umm.. the-person-who-dies-in-book-5 dies, 'cause she felt like she had killed a friend.

Well, Amarie! If one writes a book he/she will obviously fall in love with the characters. It happened with me too. I was in total love with Galen Kincaid in my book(which u have, Ama) and I even changhed the ending to it just because.....hmmm..maybe I shldn't spoil it for u. Read the book and then I'll talk!
Crystle caves posted Saturday 3rd April 2004
I love the Potters, but I can't believe Sirus died! I think that in the sixth, Nearly Headless Nick'll get accepted to the headless hunt, and they'll need a new Hogwarts ghost. They can't get rid of Sirus! It's just not fair!

Loni posted Saturday 3rd April 2004
You are the first person I have met who agreed. Stupid Joanne Rowling. I am really annoyed at her now. And you know how Nearly Headless Nick said Sirius wouldn't come back as a ghost? Well, if that happens, I shall never buy another of her books again! I shall buy the next one, but any others...... One day I shall write to her and give her a piece of my mind!

Have you noticed she's sort of lost it now? She's killing more people per book. In the first book, no one died. In the second book, there was talk of it, but it was sort of a terror that never happened, because that stuff doesn't happen in children's books, and then in the third one, there was talk of souls getting sucked out, and then in the fourth one, two people actually died. But they weren't even that important. Then she killed my favourite character. I reckon all that money's getting to her head. She's certainly not in my favourites anymore.

But I am giving her one last chance. If Sirius comes back as a ghost, or it was just a misunderstanding that he died, or something like that, I shall forget everything, and no hard feelings. But I'm not thinking it's going to happen.

Crystle caves
Yay for Loni! Joe Rolling has gone crazy with the rest of us. Maybe it was that fan letter I sent her....
Wow! People actually listen!
I'm still pretty annoyed with J.K. Rowling. She's getting a bit over the top, don't you think?

Philosopher's Stone: No death. No disgustingly awful things happening to people.
Chamber of Secrets: Talk of death that happened long ago. Person close todeath.
Prisoner of Azkaban: No death. Person gets his soul sucked out.
Goblet of Fire: Two deaths. Terrorist activities.
Order of the Phoenix: Death of important character, which was completely unnecessary. Harry in destructive mood. Cho Chang turns into real cow. Romantic smooch.

I'm not thinking it's so children-book now, do you?
Nothing wrong with Cho Chang. Just proves that teenage boys shouldn't date girls who are older than them; Harry wasn't mature enough. He needed to date someone two years younger than himself, even Hermoine is too old for Ron. The boys haven't fathomed girls yet, but she'll probably keep clueing them in.

She will probably end up as the spinster Head Mistress of Hogsworth and the retired Harry as the Professor of the Dark Arts and still Snapes' adversary. While Ron will become Minister of Magic and Neville will be in charge of Great Britain's Magical Botanical Gardens. Percy will loose confidence and crawl home to his parents and end up in the Bureau of Magical Statistics as Principal Magic Bean Counter). Look Around Smilie

Of course we have a couple more books to get through before any of that can come true. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
If Rowling didn't naturally progress the interests and instincts of her characters,such as Harry and Ron becoming increasingly interested in girls,than they would be far less easy to identify with on the human level-it is a totally believable progression.These books,much like Tolkien's,were never meant to be limited only to the tastes of children or young adults,but are created for the enjoyment of all those with a healthy imagination and the belief that there really could be more to this whole life-thing than what meets the eye.If J.K. did not love her characters,as well as her readers,there would be no natural growth of the people,and that would show she was just"writing for the money".Besides,I think sometimes we all(myself included)try too hard to disect the purposes of the author and their work in attempt to feel closer to it.Maybe we should try to pick it apart less and enjoy it(or not)more.But all of you have excellent points!Good show.

i personally think J.K has borrowed stuff from LOTR but i also feel that both the writers have taken some common elements from Eurpoean mythology such as trolls, elves etc. Though there is a lot of difference between Legolas and Dobby. i like HP coz its a magical world created in our own real world. i especially like the sort of coexistence of both worlds. it is a magical analogy of our day to day lives.
LOTR is not a writer. I think you mean. JK Rowling is a stinky little hog and she used to be my favourite author, until the 5th book came out. (Well, second when I read TLOTR a few years ago) She sux now. It's all stink, her books now. I have a book called "Hogwarts or Hogwash?" and after erading it I am decided. It's not a biased book, it gives both sides of the argument, and I now know that J.K.Rowling is stinky!
Personally, I liked the fifth book and thought it was more interesting than the others, though Harry was getting a bit annoying. I'm curious - what didn't you like about it?
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