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I'm sorry I ment English-Sindarin and Sindarin-English DICTIONARY
The elven group does have a download for Sindarin dictionary, as well as, Quenya - English dictionary. Unfortunately, I hadn't check it for awhile and I now have discovered that it is temporarily unavailable. They hope to have it available in September.
Sorry about that. It will be worth the wait, ceocan, so hang in. Very Sad Smilie
I have just created a new section under WEB LINKS titled LEARN ELVISH. Read Smilie
To save you searching through past posts I have added three sites recommended by Rednell to this section. If you wish to learn Elvish, or in the case of one of the sites, other MiddleEarth languages too, that is the place to go. Read Smilie

If any of you find other good sites, you are able to submit them for review by the Council under the same section. As there must be thousands out there, however, please don't swamp us with too many unless you feel they are really good. Read Smilie Read Smilie Read Smilie Read Smilie Read Smilie Read Smilie Read Smilie Sad Smilie Read Smilie Exploding Head Smilie
Oh, I have downloaded both Quenya and Sindarin dictionary. They are preety cool Big Smile Smilie

Ah well, what can you do except waiting for september Very Big Grin Smilie

However, this link should be helpfull:

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Thanks, Tigiel.
I believe that is one of the sites that I have placed on the list. Thumbs Up Smilie
Oh, I've just realized that I've posted the same link Rednell had posted before.
Sorry for mistake Rednell Angel Smilie
Not a problem Tigiel. I am glad to have you with us at TolkienFan. Explore everything and enjoy! Smoke Smilie
Why thank you Rednell! Tongue Smilie

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Cool. Thanks for putting up the links Valedhegwath. Smoke Smilie
No problems, Rednell. It was good practice for me, and gave me an excuse to explore some sites I hadn't looked into before. I wish I had more hours in a day... There's just so much good stuff out there to explore.
Those links are really helpful yeah! Great! Smoke Smilie

Hi there Tigiel! Welcome to Pt and meet the rest of the loonies! Tongue Smilie
how can you make new Sindarin words like 'computer' or 'keyboard'
That would be hard I guess...
how can you make new Sindarin words like 'computer' or 'keyboard'

Tough one.. It's the same problem they have on Iceland, there all things must be given an new icelandic name so their language won't be "watered out" by foreign spelling and such. They actually speak Norse. I think it's really cool! I wish I could give examples of it, I've heard some but can't remember.
I like the elvish language. Does any1 have any suggestions as to how i can learn it?
Try Ardalambion - there's a link to it from this site: check the menu on the left under General - Web links - Elvish. They've got good course on learning Quenya.
As I understand it there is an actual (0r more than one) Elvish language Society. Don't know much about it, I think it is based on the Celtic but am not really sure. If anyone does know, don't shout at me if I am wrong!. I would love to learn Elvish if anyone does know.
It should be easy if you follow the Ardalambion course and come to our lessons every week. Cool Smilie
Nerwen: Welcome to our forum. Happy Elf Smilie

Check out our Quenya Guild threads in the Guilds section of the forum for more info on the language.
On 22/5/03 Tauron posted...
If any of you wants to have information about the languages of Tolkien here is a site for you.
I found it while I was looking for a good fan-fiction story on
here's the site:
On 22/5/03 Peredhil replied...
Ardalambion n’ vanya nom’. Istanen to, ar n’n valin hirnelyes.

It is indeed a good site.

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Note: In my post, replace hirinyes with hirnelyes.
Note: In my post, replace hirinyes with hirnelyes.
DONE Wiggle Smilie
Thank you Grondy.
Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Super Wow Smilie Super Wow Smilie Super Wow Smilie Super Wow Smilie Super Wow Smilie

This site is fabulous! I am a 'newbie' - almost 24 hours old! Angel Smilie I have been going round this site like a lunatic - there's so much! Read Smilie

I've been reading through this... 'thread' - is it? I've been copying & pasting, like a mad woman, all those links for 'language lessons' ! I live in Ireland & only speak English... Unless you can count GCSE French!?! I did, in the past, take note of the elvish alphabet, when translating the map from The hobbit -the map with the entrance to the mountain .... But can anyone tell me what Elvish that was? (As there is more than one!) Also - How many are there ? So much to take in - My mind is going to burst.. Exploding Head Smilie But I love it!

More questions... Can anyone suggest to me a good place to start or which of them is the best to start with! I am so intrigued by the languages... The genius of Tolkien is just amazing!

These thread things are supposed to be short, aren't they!?! Apologies for the essay! Ignore Smilie Just wanted to say 'hello' & praise this part of the site - which I have found to be minuscule, in comparison with the entire site - Fantastic!

Hope you all have a good day, cheerio. Waving Hello Smilie
Woops... I made a mistake in my last post... Was meant to say Runes - not Elvish!! (From The Hobbit)

Silly me! Dunce Smilie

Cheerio again! Waving Hello Smilie
Legolaslass (hi btw), There are several forms of Elvish, the main two being Quenya and Sindarin. Others, being incomplete, include Telerin, Avarin, Noldorin, Doriathrin, Nandorin and Ilkorin. Most of the names of places and such that you encounter in Tolkien's books are Sindarin. The best place to start learning any of Tolkien's languages (not just the Elven tongues, also Khudz’l, Ad’naic and so on) is There is a Quenya lesson every Monday at 8.30pm in our #bilbos-study chatroom, but at the moment we are dealing with some quite advanced stuff. If you want to learn Quenya, send me a private message and we'll see what we can do. Smile Smilie
Hi Legolaslass. Happy Elf Smilie

The individual posts make up a thread (or topic) optimally all on the same subject.

The length of a post is at the determination of the poster; however, I often request that for the long ones, their paragraphs be broken into sections of approximatly five lines so I can find my way back, if I'm distracted in the middle of reading them. I easily get lost in a solid screen of text and breaking a paragraph in half shouldn't be that hard to do. Besides, the writer ought to come up for air every so often. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

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Hi Grondmaster! Waving Hello Smilie

I've just spotted what you pointed out - 'Edit' button - Fantastic. I'll remember that for the future as I'm sure to make more mistakes! I'll leave that one there though, as proof of the fact that I am only human - What's one mistake between Planet-Pals!

Thanks for the 'heads up'.

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