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I have just recently become a Tolkien fan. my family is heavily irish, and my grandmother speaks Gaelic. i would just like to comment that tolkien's elf language is very similar to gaelic. i was wondering if anyone knew if that is what he used to insoire the elf language?
If you meant inspire, Sindarin is mainly derived from Welsh (so it will be very similar to Gaelic) and the main inspiration for Quenya is Finnish. Welcome to PT btw. Smile Smilie
my family is heavily irish, and my grandmother speaks Gaelic

Gaelic is an english word to describe 3 different languages.

If you meant inspire, Sindarin is mainly derived from Welsh (so it will be very similar to Gaelic)

An bhf’il t’ ar buile ? N’l gaeilge ar dh’igh ar bith cos’il le Breatnach!

Welsh = Very different from Gaelige (Irish Gaelic) and Scottish Gaelic.
And here was I thinking it was ALL the same. I've got this programme on my computer that teaches Scottish Gaelic. Fun. But I'm learning Latin at the moment, so it's on hold. So is Quenya.
Hello people i am new here and i was searching on the internet for learning the elfish language and Google was showing this site.

can some one please tell me were i can learn that language please?

GreetZ RiverGone
Welcome to PT Rivergone!

Try this site for learning Quenya: Ardalambion

I've found it to be quite helpful.

Grondy merely turned the above into a link. Happy Elf Smilie
Thank You verry much
i have posted this somewhere, but i cant remember where, but there are these 2 amazing sites that i refer to all the time, if im stumped with something;

Interactive Elvish


Learn to Write in Elvish in 10 Minutes

Does anyone like it???
Sure do Loss..I added it to my favourites Happy Elf Smilie Thanks
Thank You !
ty Loss!
In my country pupils start to learn English from the beginning of our ground-school, they start the in 1.grade the year they are 6.

Later in primary school being in 4.grade, being 10, some pupils are offered a third language, depending on the teachers competence. Most pupils start their third language in secondary school, being 14. They usually then learn German, Spanish or in some cases french.

A grandson of mine has a special mind. Part of it is dedicated to J.R.R.T. I bet he has read 90% of what is published of Tolkien. To the point; he's been told that somewhere in our country it should be possible to learn Elvish. Although both his mother and grandfather sympathize with his thinking, he'll have to stay home for some years still.

Been told of some interesting links Loss have pointed out, there might now be a chance he can learn on the net, maybe we don't have to sit on him after all. Snowman Smilie
Hello PT Members i asked for some site's for learning the elfish and you helped me verry much i want to thank you all for that

here are the site i am using now
i am glad that i could help so many people, i have learning to write elvish for a while now, although i write English words with the elvish letters, but i no longer need the translator to help me to remember the letters. I'm glad that i could help Big Smile Smilie
were are you learning to write elvish?
and what are good site's to learn that
and what are good site's to learn the language in english words just for speek elfish?

please tell me

Thank You

I finaly Found my elvish name : Reanion Elen
You have all the links you need to get you started on all those things.
Elendae posted a link to Ardalambion. There you learn to write and speak Quenya (elvish) with English letters. (Download the Quenya course you find on the site.)

Elessar Loss’helin posted a link to
Learn to Write in Elvish in 10 Minutes Title
, where you learn to write with elven letters.

Have fun! Happy Elf Smilie

I started the quenya course and have learned a little bit of tengwar, but I haven't had much time for it and have forgotten most of the Quenya I had learned. Orc Sad Smilie
Hello Pll

does anyone know that song from enya : adiemus?

That song is so amazingly cool
here you can download it
Very cool song, but I think it's illegal to download it. Good and Evil Smilie
they make the price's of cd's only higher..
that's not fair

so i start to download ^^

its even illigal to walk with a sword on your side
or with your own made bow
its even illigal to walk with a sword on your side
or with your own made bow

That is dependent on where you live, the time of day, and whether or not you look angry.

Back in the early sixties, I walked from one Uni dorm three blocks to another at about 10 PM with a six-shooter strapped in plain sight outside my coat. The campus police looked me over as they drove by and knew I was okay and was just obeying the law about not carrying a concealed weapon without a permit. Then it was still legal to carry, if in plain sight. Of course that could never happen in this day and age. I would have been spread eagled, read my rights, searched, and probably spent at least the next week in jail. Back then our nut cases used to be institutionalized, so most places anyone seen carrying a bow, sword or firearm was given the benefit of doubt as long as they showed no signs of aggression.

Sad times we live in now. Orc Sad Smilie (To get us back on the topic, and were I able to speak or even write in Elvish, I'd have put that last bit in Elvish.)
If im Ready to go im gonna live in new zealand with alot of people who want to go to freedome
live in the forest far away from the living world Creating The city : RiverGone Were we elvish people can live in pease and can be blessed by god's power

but now im only 13 years old Rolling Eyes Smilie

(Legend RiverGone)
Another site I'd recommend besides Ardalambion is Parma Tyelpelassiva, the website of Thorsten Renk, an individual with a serious interest in Tolkien's languages. On his website, among other things like a plethora of informative articles on Elvish languages, he offers courses in Quenya (available in German, English, Italian, Russian, Spanish, and French), Sindarin (available in English, German, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and French), and Ad’naic (available in English and Polish). I would certainly recommend his website.
Anyone knows any sites that are translated to finnish.
Studying a language is hard enough whitout having to translate english text. Smile Smilie
Hello everyone! I am new here, I am a Tolkien fan and I am trying to study the symbols and the archetypes in his stories. I've succeded to find and elven dictionary, so if anyone is interested just tell me your email address.
Aredhel are you talking about the dragon flame dictionary?
That is a good one too if not see the section about writing in elvish and get the link Smile Smilie
Thx Arath! I will check the site...I am still a beginner Wink Smilie
And about the dictionary I was talking is an elven phrase dictionary...if anyone interested...just tell me and I can send it to you...
Merry Christmas to everyone....c ya!
Im interested ill send you a private
i'll recommend the ardalambion. i think there are some errors in the dictionary. for example in Sil it says the elvish translation of man is adan but there it says eden. just check it out and if i'm wrong signal me.
On the first page of my Silmarillion's Appendix it says adan (plural Edain). And in the index under Edain it says See Atani. In Valinor the word Edain applied to all Men; however, in Middle-earth it was only applied to the three houses of Elf-friends.
Happy New Year to everyone!!! Quel marth!
I am a beginner in Quenya. Where is everyone in their studies? How about a class? That's assuming we can find a teacher! Winking Smilie
Anyone know a site where i can get materials on Khuzdul?
For Khuzd’l you'd probably want to check out Ardalambion.
I checked ardalambion and downloaded the quenya courses. I did not find Khuzdul.
Hi everyone

I've used some of the sites you have linked on this post but I can't find one that write in elvish. You see I'm writing a book and I would be most grateful if someone could post me a link of a site that does it, and by saying does it I mean writes it for you as I want to use the elvish writing on the cover of my book.

Thanks....XxX Kiss Smilie
Hi Everyone!!
I'm new and a Tolkien fan. Can anyone help me?? I wanna learn how to write elfish and Irish! You see, i wanna learn cos all i know really is the tin whistle!!!!!

PLEASE! PLEASE help me! If so then: Thanks! Question Smilie Elf Winking Smilie
I assume you two mean how to write with elven letters (Tengwar)? Like the ones I used on the picture at the top of this page? It can be quite confusing and there are many ways or "modes". But also a lot of fun. The best advise I can give is to go to google and type in "how to write elvish", and you will find many sites about the subject.

There are also many Tengwar fonts out there, so that you can write it on the computer. I used one of them on the picture. But learn to use them first. You can't simply type "Peter" and change the font to Tengwar and get a correct result.

Wikipedia seems to have a lot of good info. So that might be a good place to start. Click here for link

Good luck! Happy Elf Smilie

I know nothing at all about the Irish language, so I can't help you there. Sorry. Orc Sad Smilie
i like the writing better than the speaking... xp it takes me a while t read it when it's not written in elvish Paranoid Smilie
Back to the opening post, Tolkien noted in his letters: '... and find both Gaelic and the air of Ireland wholly alien -- though the latter (not the language) is attractive.'

And: 'I have no liking at all for Gaelic from Old Irish downwards, as a language, but it is of course of great historical and philological interest, and I have at various times studied it.'

I have created my own Elven language and writing like tolkien. I consider it Sylvan or wood-elf variety of the dialect.

John Greystoke