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ok, here is the first question, and a note to every1 is that u can add ur own.
How many yards equal one ent stride?
good luck
From: Elana
The distance between where Treebeard picked up Merry and Pip to Treebeard's home divided by 70 thousand? Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
10 yards to a stride, as if it were an inch. I've been talking to Sam lately.

Was there really a Sam Gamgee in real life that tolkien knew, or was it just made up?
I have no clue about sam but its actually 3 yards to one ent stride!
Sam's cousin Hal, who works for Mr. Boffin at Overhill, saw a walking Tree-man while on a hunting trip up in the Northfarthing.
'But this one was as big as an elm tree, and walking’walking seven yards to a stride, if it was an inch.'
However, three yards to a stride is more like it, as a 21 foot stride would require them to be over forty feet tall, and they were closer to fifteen feet tall as I remember. And after all, Hal was want to embroider, especially the more the story was told and as the ale flowed freer. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
You're forgetting my question!!!! (And by the way, I DO know the answer)

Was there really a Sam Gamgee that Tolkien knew, or did he make the name up?

(Samuel Gamgee or Samson Gamgee counts)
Yes, he was his gardner.
Ha Ha Ha Smilie
Tolkien did not know that there really was a Sam Gamgee until he received a letter from the gentleman on March 13, 1956 and he was very surprised indeed. Gamgee was a word used for cotton-wool, after it's inventor Sampson Gamgee.
Coool! I say Rednell knows a lot. How did you know that? Look Around Smilie
So then it is my turn to ask the question.
What colour is an elf-stone?

Hint: Fellowship of the Ring/Flight to the Ford
green - aragorn got it from Arwen (who got it from mother, celebrian, who got it from her mother, galadriel, pardon the lack of accents) when he passed through lothlorien with the fellowship.
if i pass, who were goldilocks took's parents, and who did she marry?
I believe that beryl(s) are green, or at least the one that Glorfindel left upon the Last Bridge was.
Goldilocks had no parents. She had a grandmother that lived in the forrest. Once in a while she would visit her while wearing a hood. Red, I reckon. But one time, she fell astray and got to Beorn’s territory. Famished and exhaust, she broke into one of the houses and ate three bowls of soup, laid down on a table, just the right temperature, oddly enough. Asking for the owner of that marvelous living facility, and receiving no apparent response, she dragged herself to a bed. Too hard and rough it seemed. So she lagged to yet another bed. Too dense, puffy and soft. Making it impossible to rest. Emerging from that one, she postrated in a small bed, it seemed compared to the others, but just the right size for her.
I know not if she is recalled in a tale or a chant ever after. That’s all it is told in the chronicles of the Took on that side of the family. guys need a hint?
k fine, 50% cotton and 50% other
Samwise Gamgee and Rosie Cotton-Gamgee had a lovely baby girl, Goldilocks, who grew up and fell in love with Pippin's son, Faramir. Smile Smilie
You can find this in the appendices of LOTR where family trees are nicely illustrated for all your favorite families.
see it wasnt THAT hard!
so whats the new question?

I think that an ent strive is 10 yards but I'm not postive Shaking Head Smilie
Who found Merry lying by the roadside in Bree?
Was it Bob, or that other guy with the sound-alike name who didn't work in the stables? I get them confused.
You are so wrong, Grondy! I'm clever than Grondy! It was Nob.

My question!

Guys, name the seven thingies on which the beacons of Gondor are.
(Gandalf said this to Pippin on Shadowfax)
gah! beacons not palantiri Dead Smilie so stupid is me...
Amon Din, Eilenach, Nardol, Erelas, Min-Rimmon, Calenhad, and Halifirien
What/Who is Durin's Bane?
So so so so obvious. The Balrog. I know that's right, so next question.

Were the two coneys fat or not or not specified? (Book, not film, very important)
It depends on what coneys you are talking about. I suppose, the ones found by gollum on their way to Minas Morgul...
Skinny, not fat, according to the remark made by Sam on how to stew them.
And I grant "Question Asking" privileges to Loni.
Excuse me, the answer is not specified. In the film Sam said they were skinny.

Thank you for ghranting me question asking privileges. you are my best friend, even better than snowgum!

Question, question, racking my brain for a question....(Please don't take this as a hint to not give me question asking rights)

Fatty Bolger was born and brought up where? (Both places please)
Born on the floor of a cotage and brought up to a cradle in their house on the hill.
I toss Asking priviledges to Elfwine.
whoops, hope that hasnt been up there long...
Rhosgobel was the home of whom?
Aiwendil, who was better known as ... Question Smilie
Radagast! So can I ask a question now? I suppose so... Ermm...

What is the literal meaning of "Iarwain Ben-adar", and who are we talking about here Question Smilie
It has been 24 hours so I'll continue.
Iarwain Ben-adar we called him, oldest and fatherless. But many another name he has since been given by other folk: Forn by the Dwarves, Orald by Northern Men, and other names beside. - from The Council of Elrond, LotR: FotR.
So "oldest and fatherless" and "Tom Bombadil" are the answers.

From whence came the following lines and of whom is it about?
A ship then new they built for him
of mithril and of elven-glass
with shining prow; no shaven-oar
nor sail she bore on silver mast: ...
Born on the floor of a cotage and brought up to a cradle in their house on the hill.

Sorry. Budgeford, then Bridgefields. It's in TLOTR, you know. When they're at Crickhollow, and Fatty Bolger has to say goodbye to the others, there is a narrative about fatty Bolger.
It's the Lay of Earendil that Bilbo made up, and it's about... guess who?.... Earendil. It's in TLOTR, when they're at Rivendell in the Hall of Fire, and Bilbo recites it.

Question, question................................. What are the names of the two wizards not in TLOTR and what are their colours?
They are the Blue Wizards, Pallando and Alatar. Cool Smilie

Who was Maedhros's father Question Smilie
Feanor or Curufinwe I believe.

hmmm i hope so or else i feel stoopid *touches self all over* no i feel just lovely!

Rolling Eyes Smilie
Which one of the two will it be? Juggling Smilie
Well, it was Feanor.

I'll just start a new question to avoid this thread going too far down the list.


Where is Hadhodrond Question Smilie
Sorry Tommie, Curufinwe is Feanor, there one and the same - i should've made it more clear... Oops!

Moria... err, Khazad-Dum!

During whose reign did the sundering of the peoples of Westernesse occur (factioning into the King's Men and the Elendili/Faithful)?
I thought of my self as a fan, but you are extreme.
I believe the first great rift between the two groups occurred during the rule of Tar-Ancalimon.
Sorry Tommie, Curufinwe is Feanor, there one and the same - i should've made it more clear... Oops!

lol! I feel really really really stupid now. I should read some more Tolkien. Exploding Head Smilie
REad The SIlmarillion again, and you'll be just fine. It's okay, we all still love you!!!!!!
I'd better give you a question, seeing as ARco doesn't look like he's going to give us one.

Who was the last King of ARnor? (This is an easy one to start with)

a.k.a. Aragorn
a.k.a. Strider
a.k.a. ok I see you get the point
Wasn't it Arvedui? After him Isudur's heirs became Chieftains as the kingdom was over-run by the forces of the Which-king.

Elessar was King of the combined Kingdoms of Gondor and Arnor.
Arvedui was the last king of Arthedain.

After the death of the Earendur (The last king of Arnor) his three sons each made claims of succession. This led to the break-up of Arnor into three separate but related kingdoms; Arthedain, Cardolan and Rhudaur.

I hope that clears things up Smile Smilie
the colour of an elf stone is greeny see throughy colour