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can anybody name the sword and who used/carried it besides the folowing characters: Eomer : ) , Aragorn, Elendil, Gandalf, frodo, bilbo, Theoden, Beren, Eol, Thingol, Thorin, Beleg, Turin, and Fingolfin? anything would probably help, thanks
Uh.....whatchamacallit by thingummy? Look in 'Unfinished Tales.' I read it but I don't remember another one, but there might be some there.
I know they're not a swords, but Gil-galad had the spear Aeglos and Tuor had the battleaxe Dramborleg.

Also, as he's not on your list... Turgon, the original owner of Gandalf's sword Glamdring.
ive checked HoME (unfinished tales, lost road, shaping of ME) but havent found any additional
Other than Beleg also carrying the bow, Belthronding and that Grond was Morgoth's Mace, I think you have them all covered. However, I once thought I saw the weapon of Huor or Hurin mentioned in one of The Silmarillion's battles. But of course I may be wrong as I could never find it again.
I know it ain't a sword, yet Dramborleg, the Axe of Tuor, seems a nice weapon nonetheless...
thanks for all the other weapons, but im on a mission to find specifically swords (its a complicated bet going on between friends)
I was probablly thinking of Tuor's axe in my last post.

The weapon list found in the Encyclopedia of Arda is quite definitive. Look under 'Items' and then under 'Weapons and Arms'. Cool Elf Smilie
Are your friends book-fans or movie-fans?
In the movies, Arwen bore a sword named Hadhafang, Throng-cleaver. According to the Lost Road, there was such a name for a sword, but I was unable to find if Tolkien ever wrote of it being wielded.
How the heck did you know that?
definitely has to be books, i did not put arwen up as people i know because it is impossible to find evidence in the books about her having it. in the new tolkien companion, hadhafang is not listed as owned or as a random name
Obviously; I would be surprised if it was listed; she did not have it (Hadhafang) in the books. Hadhafang was just a random, hypothetical name for a sword that Tolkien came up with when he was working on the etymologies; he made the sword name but never actually 'created' the sword, or attributed it to anyone. In essence, there was no sword called Hadhafang; that was just a possible sword-name he came up with. Actually, the name Hadhafang was later translated into Quenya (Sangahyando) and given as a name to a corsair of Umbar.

The reason I brought it up is because I didn't know whether your friends followed the books or the movies; and if they had canon sources or not. In the MOVIES, they chose to give Arwen a sword, which they called Hadhafang. According to them, it once belonged to Idril Celebrindal. However, that's just movie fabrication invented for a sense of depth; neither Arwen nor Idril are listed as owning a sword.

So, I was unable to find a book-mentioned sword / wielder....
Wow! Very instructive, this thread. Personally, I am a Book fan. The book got me hooked up a long time ago. Haven’t you notice (well, I have) how suddenly after the movies everyone is a Tolkien Conoseur? I hate that becouse I knew about all of its universe first and now one accidentally listens to comentaries such as, "... and did you know that Orcs were Elves once?" Or even they criticize Tolkiens world according to the short portrayed vision made for the screen. That simply razzles me! But yep, long time Book fan.
it *makes me very angry* me off too. i first read fellowship when i was nine and kept reading them again and again. Then come the movies. "Aragorn's horse is named brego" "yeah, ok" hissss... i mean it *makes me very angry* me off enough when eomer's great great great great great great great great great great great great great grandfather becomes a horse. but now everyone thinks hes a horse. they dont know who the actual character is. they know the horse. at least they got the "your name is kingly" thing. Stupid eowyn/aragorn romance. they *fudging* met like two times people! and now back from jill's ranting to swords.

Moderator Smilie Please mind your language, Elfwine. This is a family friendly site. Next time I will just delete the post rather than edit it - Valedhelgwath Moderator Smilie

tehehe Orc Going Huh Smilie
I love to see how strongly some of us feels about this issue. I hate to see that you had to be cut off, Elfwine. I was very absorbed by your thought, that I hope that you could share it in its integrity in the near future. Any time soon. Also, Valedhelgwadth was "nice" enough to let us recreate our minds with the inicial thoughts... or was he? For having read a bit and not being able to continue implies to me a more drastic form of punishment and a cruel and unusual method of torturing our minds. Deep inside I feel an urge, hardly containable, to insult and correct each Entmoot without Bregalad, every "Legolas is the greatest!", no matter who says it. Specially in that I-know-all-there-is-to-know-about-LotR kinda tone. So, let our speech be silenced, let our thoughts be sliced, there is no denying Book Readers kick ass!
for future reference to all writers! do not use a word that rhymes with trig and starts with f. apparently it has become a swear.
obviously unlike @$$. (not trying to insult, just making a point)
for future reference to all writers! do not use a word that rhymes with trig and starts with f. apparently it has become a swear.

If you have an Oxford dictionary, you will see why I removed it, Elfwine. Besides, it was the ones rhyming with "kissing" that I had more of an issue with. If you are worried you missed out on something Azadhel, I don't think the omission of three words has really altered the context of the post.
well i suppose i should enunciate my "freaking" more often then shouldnt i?
tisk tisk tisk no more slang words created during colds for jill...because they just might exist and some genious out there might take it the completely illogical and grammatically incorrect way and think it to be the meaning of which about 9 people on this earth know - to do...da da DUM!!!
wow thats a freaky coincidence...
Has anyone ever told you that you look beatiful when you are mad? And sarcastic? And ironic? Still, backtracking I must say that the point is clear here: Vadelhelgwath likes you. That is why he is picking on you. Then again, we could just leave everything behind and post about the freaking issue at hand (that one was for ya). I still would like to hea... read what impression the movie lovers have about the book lovers. Taking in account that I haven’t met a Tolkien fan that was disapointed with the movies. Flawless or no.
Taking in account that I haven’t met a Tolkien fan that was disapointed with the movies.
You haven't?? Well you have met one now! And belive me, you'll meet plenty, including some die-hard movie haters. Have fun! Cool Smilie
yeah there are kinda of few scenes that really *make me very angry*
yeah there are kinda of few scenes that really *make me very angry*
So, unless these scenes have to do with the swords that were designed for the movies, go the movie threads and tell us about them there. Elf Winking Smilie
but i want getting into them i wasnt i swear!
so going back to hadhafang....just kidding people dont even think about it
so going back to hadhafang....just kidding people dont even think about it
Though my copy of Hadhafang is beautiful, it is ungainly to wield.
Grondie, I am so so feeling up myself. I have a Spanish sword at home, and because it's so blunt if you stabbed someone with it, they would laugh, and it's a collector's item, it's not illegal. Lol! Lol! I have a sword! It's metal! It's not a prissy little fencer's sword! It's big! It's got drawing on it! I feel so proud.
I have a couple of homemade ones which I occasionally have a play with. I've also got a homemade mace which is a bit of a beast. It's so heavy it would take someone's head off. I think its only use would be for battering down doors.
My daughter wants to buy me a sword for Mother's Day but she can't afford it... yet. Maybe next year....

I want a sword.

Cat Smilie
I asked my "daddykins" if I could "P-leaassee" get a sword...But he said no Sad Smilie I sort of expected that,though. Big Smile Smilie
I want a sword.

LOL! Laughing at you! Here am I with my Spanish sword waving it about! It's over a hundred years old, so it's not illegal, and it's blunt anyway, but it'd give you a nasty bruise! I got it from an antique's show that goes on every month here in Hamilton. THey gave it to me half price. Only 18 bucks. (That's 6 pounds, I think)
No one wanted it, and though it is a little rickety, I still don't see why!
In Barcelona, there are a lot of weapons and curiosities stores. Like every block there is a shop with the whole front window with swords of many kinds and styles. Some were pretty neat, others too agresive for my style. With the hilts with skulls and the blades with saw. An Australian friend told me, when I told him I would like one of those, that he had bought a couple and sent them home by mail. Which is a racional choice for us backpackers, instead of carrying it all through the trip. So, if you want one, and you are planning a trip soon, go to Barcelona. You’ll find one for sure.
Heehee, I've already got one.
i might build my own forge!
i downloaded plans fer one!
i have a rapier and a battle-ax myself im savin up for a claymore
Maybe not. I somehow can't see you forging your own sword.
how come?
i know how iv read all about it and iv talked to people about it
i even know how to add carbon to iron

i can tell you how to make scale mail that dont leave u open to an upward thrust
and how to ventilate scale mail so you dont feel like ur bein roasted alive on a spit in the summer
and of course u cant see ME forging a sword u have know idea what i look like
Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie
Knowing how and doing it are two quite different things, a man your complexion should already know that. Besides, being able to forge your own sword would be good, no denial. But getting one made by people who have devoted themselves to the art for centuries just gives it a kinda cool quality to it. I built my own lightsaber. I’ve completed my training.
whatever complexion means, sure why not
glad to meet a fellow starwars fan
however"ur lack of fate disturbs me" thanks to the 2 of u however the only way i wont be able to forge my own sword is if i catch on fire in the process!
Hey, I didn’t mean to discourage you! By all means, go ahead. As a matter of fact, while you are at it, you could flick one for me as well. I would like a type of longsword, very thin, elegant. Can you put some kind of stone on hilts? If so, do that to mine. I’ll send you de Diamond. Go for it! Don’t get us wrong.
Jumping Flame Smilie
Hey Ar-edain37, sounds like a cool idea! Go for it, just be careful Smile Smilie Cow Sleeping Smilie (and no, the cow smilie is not a weird way of me taunting or offending you Wink Smilie)
it *makes me very angry* me off too. i first read fellowship when i was nine and kept reading them again and again.

I read TLOR when I was 9 or 10 too and now everybody is so kind of braggy and think that there the "TOlkien fans that started it all" and try to be all "tolkienish"

everybody in my school love the movies and keep being knowitall's and keep showing off that they read the hobbit or FOR. Only me and two other people have read it before the movie.

I am mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Randalllin: This threads is supposed to be about swords; however, I'll give you my take on your having a problem with late comers to Tolkien.

When we first read Tolkien has no bearing on their ownership. I was 27 when I first read them and that was 37 years ago. Rather than claiming that they were mine, I wanted to share them. Back then other than three teenagers who frequented our county library, I could not find any people who had any interest in them. Now that the movies are out every Tom, Richard, and Mary have or are reading them, which is fine by me.

We should care less when people came to the books, but rather that they have. Teacher Smilie
Thanks for telling me to forge swords, and u misunderstood me , i was going to forge a sword just to prove i could , now i will because i want to(and there is a way to put rocks on sword hilts and ill be sure to try that sometime)
Skills, skills! And here am I with my rickety sword that looks hideous. *loni feels very humbled
If u want a skill no1 else u no has find something ur interested in, become obssessed with it, and then let the thought grow in ur head until not accomplishing it will drive u insane (or in myne and possibly ur case more insane)
I cheated with mine. I just welded some cross pieces to a length of hardened steel and then spent an hour with an angle grinder sharpening it. I know that a properly forged sword would cleave mine in half, but for knocking about with a few mates, mine is perfectly adequate (if poorly balanced).
yeah, just dont try to make a serrated axe it sounds effective but it wouldnt work out very well at all
At least you have the guts to weld without telling the woodwork teacher to do it because you're afraid there might sparks like last time which burnt a hole in Jason's shoe.