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I did my Thesis on Tolkien’s Elves. Once, looking for information I ran into a site with Family emblems of the major Elvish races. Sadly, I only saved F’anor’s Crest, for I thought that would be the only one Iwould need for my work. Well, it turned out that I didn’t even use that one, but now I am trying to find that site for the rest of the Crests, with no luck. If you have information on where I could find them, I will repay it with a surplus of gratitude and I promise I’ll be your friend... forever!
Elven cr4ests? Make that me be your best friend tooooooooo!!!!!1 Oh, elven crests, elven crests, elven crests!!!! Why don't we both go to and search for it. Just search for elves and elvish and elvish+crests and stuff like that, or have you already tried it?
I think l found it.... is it this site: ??? Please tell me if l'm your best friend now.

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Naaah, thanks anyway. The one I mean had a more darker look. Don’t get me wrong, the site was interesting. Still, I am looking for the Tolkien’s Elven crests. Go gooogle sounds like a good idea. An even better one was that I’ve tried it already. We can check if you want. At least now I feel "not alone" in my search.
Oh, looking for Elven crests? That sounds interesting!
Azadhel, u say u have Feanor's? As I'm sure u can see from my name, that makes me rather curious... so, what is it like? I'd love to see it, somehow! Elf Winking Smilie Smile Smilie

Have you tried going into your HistoryRead Smilie
Please tell me if you're my best friend now.

Of course you're my best friend. My bestestestestest friend. Is that a word? I thought not. bUt you're still my best friend for giving me that site.
I believe that this site will be of assistance:

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Sure, Feanor, I have right here. As a matter of fact, looking for them I found a sketch of Feanor turned arround and the crests of his house and some others are drawn there too. I have the images here but have no idea how to send them to you. Perhaps sending private messages, as Tarrant does, but you’ll have to show me how. I was trying to send them to Loni before but not even on the profile menu there is a way. The Feanorian crest is a square, but rotated 45 degrees so it rests on one of the corners. It has couple of thick circles, one biger than the other inside. Between circles there are shapes drawn as to represent rays, like sun beams, from the smaller circle to the largest. In the center of the small circle there appears to be a sun kinda. And swirled tounges, as of fire, on the corners between the square and the biggest circle. I hope this makes sense. Anywho, my address is if it helps. Also, Arcormacolind’va is right. You can see them on that site. That helps a lot. Thank you. Nonetheless, the site I remember had them all lined up and ready to be enlarged. Don’t get me wrong, this helps a lot.
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l really can't find more Sad Smilie l searched google, altavista and some other Dutch searchmachines, but l really can't find it Sad Smilie
Try Ask Jeeves and click here: Elven crests

Or here: More Elven Crests
I am posting because I have been looking for these as well. Here is what I have found so far. It does no one any good if no resolution or summary comes to this post.

Here we go.
Summary and small gif's
Limited Selection but nice graphics
Apparent Scans of Tolkeins Sketches
Another post of a review of a Collectors edition of the Silmarilian
A general gallary of Tolkein related imagry

Hope you enjoy this and it becomes usefull