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Dissagree about Uruks of any kind or description having feelings.

Didn't Tolkien say just the opposite? Or at least that they only feel negative emotions like hate, fear and the need to inflict cruelty on others?

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True, Tolkien did say that. But they must of had feelings, otherwise where did all the baby Uruks come from? Just cause they didn't have feelings for other beings (except maybe their lunch) doesn't mean they didn't have feelings for eachother.
Good point. I'd love to read an Uruk love story, that'd be fantastic!
LOL *Plastic

as for a computer game of lotr a RTS would be nice... maybe you could play one of the wizards or sauron or the stuart of gondor or the hobbits...

or something like diablo... not a great thinking game just go and slay loads and loads and even more enemies

You are probably right about Orc feelings, but do you need to experience positive feelings to procreate?

I am a writer and the idea of an orc love story intrigues me. If I decide to do something, I'll post it.

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Yes please Alyssa!!!!!!
Plus, you definitely don't need positive feelings to procreate, a couple of gallons of Tequila usually suffices!
Plastic Squirel

You're online NOW aren't you? Why didn't you say so?

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No idea, but yeah I am! Got a window over on the Chatroom as well. Nobody else there though. Despite both you and Golly being here in spirit at least! (And if you're reading this Golly, Arsenal are gonna get trashed in an hour and a half!!!)

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Grrr. 1-1 halftime. Trust Chelsea to ruin my Christmas.

bttt, didn't Melkor create Orcs by corrupting them in the darkness? So like Elves, they would have feelings, unless they had evolved too far from their source ancestors. And I read somewhere that Uruk-Hai were bred by Saruman by the mixing of Orc and human (Dunleadings) stock, so that they could resist sunlight. So they could derive their ability to feel from that side of the gene pool, I guess. Unless I'm wrong again, and you guys are talking about the trolls. Sad Smilie *ungoliant
No, I think you're right, *ungoliant. At least, that's what they said in the film too. Smile Smilie
But why shouldn't Uruk-Hai have feelings? They were elves once, right? There must be something of an Elf left in them, hidden deep down somewhere...
As for the computer game, I agree with Halo. They will have to make it damn good to be half as good as the book or the film.
Btw, did we meet before, Alyssa? I don't think so, so hi! Big Smile Smilie
Hrrumph! Twas 1-0 at halftime actually Golly, then we forgot how to play the game, damn Arsenal, ruining MY christmas!
Oops sorry, must be a Freudian slip at halftime. Still it turned out ok for me - and at least you had your first back to back wins after trashing someone 5-1 last week, Plastic.

bttt, it wouldn't be too bad as an RPG, I love 'em. I once took 3 days leave off work when MM6 came 'em. love 'em.

And yeah, since I'm on the right track here, I agree with Tommy. The Orcs were once Elves and especially the Uruk-Hai, who were also part humans somewhere along the line. So they would have feelings. *ungoliant

There have been quite a few games based on LOTR. I have two on my 1985 vintage Commodore 64/128.

The first is called The "Fellowship of the Ring" by Addison Wesley. It is a text editor type game (ie Zork-like) augmented by pictures of the environ where the action take place. The object is to safely get Frodo and the ring to Rivendale. Quite boring/frustrating as you have to use just the right words to make the editor know what you want it to do.
>Open door
?Which door
>Open green door
?Door is locked
>Open green door with key
?Which key
>Sam, open green door with brass key, get sword
Sword Taken

(They also make "The Hobbit" which is a similar game.)

The second is "War in Middle Earth" by Melbourne House and is a strategy war game with the animated battles fought in real time. It is played on a map of Middle Earth and the object is to manouver Frodo and the Ring to Mt. Doom while trying to outsmart the Saruman, Sauron, and their minions using the regular characters from the book as well as the armies and strongholds of the free peoples, ie Rohirim, Gondor, Dale, etc. I never could get the hang of stategy war games. It had great promise though.

With the modern game engines for the PC and game consoles, they could make a good game out of LOTR, if they make it non-linear such that you can visit point C, D, or E before going to point B if you don't choose the follow the story verbatim. *teacher
In the movie the Uruk-hai are a mixture of orcs and goblins Smile Smilie
Uruk-Hai being half human.

Actually I believe Tolkien said in one of his letters that they weren't.

Half-orcs were a different breed from the Uruk-hai.

Half-orcs interest me though. If Trolls were created in mockery of Ents and Orcs were created in mockery of Elves, who were half-orcs meant to mock I wonder?

Should Elrond take this personally? or Aragorn?

(I mean the REAL Elrond and Aragorn of course, not the film distortions. Please see my comments in Who's seen it?...)

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Just one more comment, in case anyone got me wrong earlier. I agree that Orcs etc. would experience emotions - of course! But how many POSITIVE emotions would they have?

I think an orc's strongest feeling would be terrible, constant fear. Fear of his master, of Elves, of Humans, of Freedom, of Death and most of all, of the truth.

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Ooh! Good point! You win your first Cuddly Badger!
Hmmm. I think you have a point there, indeed, Alyssa.
About these comp games, they're always a bit too difficult for me. Plus there's the fact that my computer is a real slow one, and that these games are not designed to play on a real slow computer like mine... Sad Smilie
I think they do have lot of the feeling like when you went to the bathroom and donate some stuff to the sewers and then you just notice you're out off toiletpaper.. cause I never see them wearing any or read about them having any with them...
rofl *Plastic
Tommy, the computer games I mentioned were designed to play on really slow machines back in the days when the IBM PC wasn't yet a glimmer in its creaters eye. Like they ran at, count them, 1 Mhz; not 286 or 386 or 486 or 700 Mhz like this one I'm using now.

Allyssa: Half-orcs weren't created in mockery of any species. They were just the cross-product orc and human and this I assume was not accomplished willingly. The Uruk-Hai created by Saruman were a blend of Dunlander and orc adapted to relish direct sunlight. I don't think those of Mordor had this special ability and thus were more comfortable in the dark.

Surely all sentient creatures have feelings, else they are merely zombies or golems.
I've already explained my thoughts on Orc emotions

The other stuff was just wild speculation

Loosen up!!
What do you mean? He's just answering your questions... Smile Smilie
He means well... Wink Smilie
About these computer games, *grondy, you mean they were meant to play on slow computers??? Golly! Must run to my comp shop then! Big Smile Smilie
Hop over to an emulator site instead. If you go to, there's a SNES emulator and the SNES lotr game (which I can't make head or tail of admittedly) and there's loads of c64 emulators about that you can play the text adventure on. Can't remember the URL at the moment will post it later.
Have I told you yet that I don't know a thing about computers? So I don't know what you're talking about (again!) sorry!
Cool Smilie
You called, Tommy? Smile Smilie

Allyssa, Grondie wasn't trying to step on anyone's toes. You made a fair comment, and since this is an open forum, he gave his response. I think *you* need to loosen up. Wink Smilie The fact that you had explained all your thoughts on a previous post does not automatically close the topic to other posters.
SNES? Isn't that like Nintendo? Or am I thinking of something else?
I know Nintendo, but I've never heard of SNES before... I really wouldn't know...
Hey, people come when I call them! Wink Smilie

Yeah, Super Nintendo! Was a great little machine!
Oh right! I've heard from that one. But now you have like Nintendo 64 and stuff. SNES is old nowadays, I guess. Sad Smilie
Apparently so, but I only have a Sega Master System now, so I really can't comment!
I had a Super Nintendo once. But my mum decided to give it to my nephew for his birthday. I wish she would have told me first... Mad Smilie
Bad luck, Tommy. That's why I enjoyed having little brothers...they got wondeful presents, and I spent a lot of time playing with their toys! Smile Smilie
no brothers here, but a bunch of cousins...we always just took each others stuff all the time...

Know what I still have? The original nintendo's older than me! The only games that have lasted are Mario Bros and Duck Hunt...
I know Nintendo, but I've never heard of SNES before... I really wouldn't know...
Hey, people come when I call them! Wink Smilie

snes is in fact a super nintendo entertainment system just thought you might like to know that
Now even I get to find out what they were talking about. Thanks Fireteam.

I had a Pong box hooked up to my black and white TV once-upon-a-time back in the bad old days. Smile Smilie
*Now* I'm really lost. Pong box?

Welcome fireteam, nice to have you on board. Smile Smilie
Pong box, is that a sort of game where you get to play tennis or ping-pong in a really old and silly version (just two sticks and a ball) on your TV? In that case, I think we've had that too here. Smile Smilie
I've got two of them! One has a gun so you can shoot a square on the screen! I recall being really impressed with them back in 1983 when I got the first one.
Hmm, something like the old Atari sets then? I remember stuff like River Raid & Asteroids back in 1980. And the Frog thingy.
Pong was the very first one; it statrted out in the arcades.
Do you mean Frogger Ungoliant? Now there was a great game! They made a board game of it in the end as well, though it wasn't as much fun.
they made a newer Frogger pretty recently...for the computer, actually, I think...
Where can i get it? pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease?
um...I don't know...try the Wiz or RadioShack or somewhere like that. I've got to go shopping sometime soon...I'll keep my eyes open and let you know if I see it anywhere.
WOOHOO! *goes off in search of an emulator to play the original frogger on until he finds the new one*
yeah wasn't it a 3d frogger (the new one that is)

the oldest we had was a 8088 computer with dos 3.?? and windows 1.2 :P or something like that.. (I now have... like a Duron 800++ Big Smile Smilie with far more workingmemory then harddsik space on the old PC's Smile Smilie )

we also had a C64 with a tapeunit Smile Smilie that was fun!!

and pong?? thats very very very old... never had that...

ooooo .... oooo... we had the original NES too still... have come to think of it... And i have still a SNES too sold mario kart to a friend of mine 4 years ago though Sad Smilie thats was one of the stupiest things i have ever done... Smile Smilie
we now have a GameBoy Advance,, with a harry Potter game and it's fun! but Quidditch is very hard to play Sad Smilie and i don't know how to kill Quirrel yet... jumping at him didn't help Sad Smilie
You never had a Spectrum 68k then? A true classic for crashing every two seconds that was.
you sold MarioKart? How could you? That's like my favorite ever game...

i've got a dinosaur of a computer sitting next to me, actually...we've been using it as a desk for as long as I can's a prehistoric IBM with a thing that looks like an 8-track player and a big red 'emergency' switch on it...
I love MarioKart, especially the arenas of death!!! And I remember when them things were cutting edge Chika! (mind you I remember when I was impressed by BBC micros Big Smile Smilie )
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