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I liked the Mario games too. I had loads of them, and I could never stop playing them until I had won... Smile Smilie
What's all that stuff about frogger? Whatisit anyway? :P

Go and shame on you young lady!
You don't know what frogger is??? ohhhwww.. no... how can you be saved of this ....

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She needs Time Travel. Twas a great game with a frog and some logs (or cars depending on the level) and I for one loved it.
Yeah I loved it. Although I preferred River Raid - just liked shooting at things.

Darth Ungoliant (temporary apprentice)
Where can I find them then? (Since you're all so desperate in trying to educate me) Wink Smilie
If I knew that I'd be a happy man!
prolly on some sort of warez site
Use a search engine on the game's name and you can also search for software emulators that can run on the PC or Mac. I know emulators exist for the Atari, Intellivision, and Commodore 64; they are usuall free to download. The games often are free to download, with a disclaimer that you should own the original game on one of the original platforms in order to legally run it via an emulation. *teacher
As I said somewhere aerlier, has pretty much anything you could ever want in that respect.
Must try it then. (some time somewhere in the far future...) Big Smile Smilie
Where can I find them then? (Since you're all so desperate in trying to educate me)
When I moved town two years ago, I emptied out my loft and finished up dumping a Binatone Tennis (Pong) game, an Atari Games System, a Sinclair ZX81, and a Sinclair 48k Spectrum plus a box full of games. I suddenly realised their nostalgic value when I saw some geezer fish them all out of the bin before I even drove off.
Must admit "War in Middle Earth" and "The Hobbit" were among the games I ditched with them.

As for the new Lord of the Rings game, due out supposedly Christmas 2002, I saw some screen shots today and it looks pretty good. You get to play as either Frodo, Gandalf or Aragorn and there are a lot of cut scenes to keep the story together. Certain parts will happen whatever you do (Frodo getting stabbed by the witchking on Weathertop being one of them). At this point, you then jump to playing as Aragorn so that you get to fight the Nazgul off.
Although you are limited to playing as one of the above three characters, the others are all there to help you out (including... wait for it... Tom Bombadil). Eowyn looks particularly good, but then I always did have the hots for her. The armour she's wearing looks incredible. I think it'd turn a battering ram let alone a sword.
Where can we find these screen shots?????
I saw it in the special features of the FOTR DVD. Is it only available for PS2 and Nintendo?
Where can we find these screen shots??
I found them in September's PC Gamer (Don't ask me why they always bring them out a month early). They ran a three page preview. Graphically, it looks pretty good, but not the best I've seen (Screenshots for Doom III for instance look awesome)
. Is it only available for PS2 and Nintendo?

Acccording to PC Gamer, PC's too.
According to the preview, this game is based on the literary licence and is due out Christmas 2002. It also mentions that a rival company is currently working on a game based on the Film licence, but doesn't go into many details about that one.
Don't ask me why they always bring them out a month early.
The reason magazines come out with stuff early is because they have to finalize their content three months ahead of the issue date and then if their subject later gets delayed it looks even worse. Or, if the not to be asked question was, why do the magazines all come out a month ahead of time, it may be so they can be on the rack an extra month; more probably, so they can be in the consumers' hands by the first of their cover month rather than on the fifteenth. However, all this is mere conjecture; it is probably just some of the above. Animated Wink Smilie
I did read something along those lines once, when someone asked the same question on the letters page of one of them. To me it just seems as though the modern world is just desparately scrambling to get ahead of itself, particularly in the world of computers.
(Screenshots for Doom III for instance look awesome)

Isn't it amazing?!! Super Wow Smilie When I first saw the screenshots I thought they were prerendered cut scenes, but nope, that's the actual game engine at work. The LotR games would have been incredible using the Doom III engine but you take what you can get, right? What would be truly incredible would be an MMORPG (that's Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, for those who aren't game fans) based in ME at the time of the war of the ring!

Anyway, I'm not getting my hopes up about these LotR games. It's incredibly rare for games based on films to live up to their names (just like it's incredibly rare for movies based on books to live up to their names.) Take both The Mummy and The Mummy Returns for example. Wonderful visuals, horrible gameplay. Spiderman and many Star Wars games, along with a few others I'm sure, are good exceptions to this rule. Hopefully LotR games will follow in their footsteps, but I'm taking a wait and see attitude.
In case anyone still gives a flying %@$* I decided to post a link to the official site of the LotR games based on the books:

And here's one I got from Gamespy which leads to an interview with one of the producers of the games:

It actually looks quite promising! Cool Smilie
That looks good, I must say. Cool Smilie
I noticed that there were 2 games listed. The Hobbit (Nintendo only? Not pc?) & FotR-LotR.

Grondy also said, a long time ago:
The first is called The "Fellowship of the Ring" by Addison Wesley. It is a text editor type game (ie Zork-like) augmented by pictures of the environ where the action take place. The object is to safely get Frodo and the ring to Rivendale. Quite boring/frustrating as you have to use just the right words to make the editor know what you want it to do.
>Open door
?Which door
>Open green door
?Door is locked
>Open green door with key
?Which key
>Sam, open green door with brass key, get sword
Sword Taken

(They also make "The Hobbit" which is a similar game.)

The second is "War in Middle Earth" by Melbourne House and is a strategy war game with the animated battles fought in real time. It is played on a map of Middle Earth and the object is to manouver Frodo and the Ring to Mt. Doom while trying to outsmart the Saruman, Sauron, and their minions using the regular characters from the book as well as the armies and strongholds of the free peoples, ie Rohirim, Gondor, Dale, etc. I never could get the hang of stategy war games. It had great promise though.

With the modern game engines for the PC and game consoles, they could make a good game out of LOTR, if they make it non-linear such that you can visit point C, D, or E before going to point B if you don't choose the follow the story verbatim. *teacher

Are there any old LotR-related pc games out besides these two? Official or unofficial? War in ME sounds nice - when was it released? The old Hobbit that you mentioned was an RPG?
Are there any old LotR-related pc games out besides these two? Official or unofficial? War in ME sounds nice - when was it released? The old Hobbit that you mentioned was an RPG?
I don't know of any, but that doesn't mean there weren't. As I only had a Commodore 128/64, I ignored the new games issued only for the IBM-PCs.

The two above two Addison Wesley game titles, LOTR and The Hobbit, were made for the Apple, the Commodore 64, and the IBM-PC they were issued in the mid 1980's. Neither were considered RPGs, but text driven with the occasional slow loading picture to provide ambiance.

The war strategy game The War in Middle Earth was made for the IBM-PC, and PS/2, Apple IIGS, Amiga, Atari ST, and the Commodore 64 in about 1989.

As of yet, I don't think there have been any true RPG issued, we will just have to wait until these new games come out.
Text driven? What's that? Question Smilie

I guess I won't look for The War in ME then, although it sounds pretty cool. My new pc runs on XP and most games released before 1999/2000 don't seem to run properly on this baby. I tried running my old Gabriel Knight 1 on it the other day, and couldn't even install the da*mn thing. Very Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie
I hate it when things like that happen! My bros went and upgraded my Dell, and now I can't even play my old majesty game! Very Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie
ah the ol' commodore 64, happy days. remember one tolkien game it was based around the Hobbit which was good. It was a mixture or text and role playin'. Gracphics were good for the time but it was a tad on the difficult side.
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