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Hey, I'm doing a research paper on Tolkien for school. I've already started it but I need to find out what his veiws on America were (if possible) and what he thought about politics/law. Can anyone help me or give me the name of a site that might have that information? Any suggestions would be helpful,
The Dragon-maid

Hi The Dragon-maid, welcome to PT. Waving Hello Smilie
I highly recommend that you get a copy of "The Letters of J R R Tolkien" from your school or public library. In the index you will find several references to letters containing Tolkien's perception of the United States and Americans. He also discusses his political views in some of the letters to his sons.
I don't know of any reliable information on the web as it is difficult to source the information for accuracy.
Just finished 'Letters of j.R.R.Tolkien.' Must-read. How long do you to finish your research thingy? could you read it in time? I got my copy from the lbirary, and it isn't in print nowadays, so I can't tell you good bits, but perhaps Rednell, or Grondy, or Val, or Taz, could YOU tell our friend here the good letters to look at in LOJRRT?
Actually, it is still in print. in Harper Collins paperback. Since there are several references that would be appropriate for your project you really need to get the book. I am sure you will find it in a library so that you do not have to purchase it. Read Smilie
Thanks for your help so far. My paper's due on Monday so I'm going to try to get to the library tomorrow. Wow I'm cutting it close but it's not because I haven't been trying, I just haven't been able to find what I need. Anyway, thank you so much.
The Dragon-maid
Actually, it is still in print. in Harper Collins paperback.

Not in my bookshop it ain't. I tried Whitcoulls, and they say they ahve none. And it isn't even in the fifty thousand secondhand bookshops in town!