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I'm a newbie at it and downloaded the lessons at, so I hope that helps because a lot of people I ask say its the best place to learn. Does anyone know if there is a book on how to speak Quenya?
I have a book its for all the languages Tolkien wrote but mostly Sindarin and Quenya. The book is called: The Language of Tokien's Middle-earth by Ruth S. Noel. I really like it , it has and English to Elvish dictionary and how to write Elvish.

Hope that helps! Tigger Smilie
Where did you get it and yes it does help thanx very much!
You might be able to get it at your local bookstore or online.
I would definitely not recommend Ruth S. Noel's book; it's very outdated and contains many errors and incorrect theories.
Ardalambion is definitely the best reference you will find.
Aiya elfish:

it used to be a quenya course in here, but I do not know if it still goes on or not, for more information there are some miscelaneous guilts in here, so you can check. if anybody gives the course again, I would love to follow it
Wow, Arcormacolindova I didn't know that. Shocked Smilie Well does anybody have a recommendation for a book that doesn't have mistakes. I like to read about all the languages. So can someone help me out? Happy Elf Smilie
it used to be a quenya course in here, but I do not know if it still goes on or not, for more information there are some miscelaneous guilts in here, so you can check. if anybody gives the course again, I would love to follow it

There was one problem with the Quenya course. At the start, there were lots of people attending the lessons. However, as time went by, interest dwindled, until it had to be suspended. Then the course was restarted from the beginning, kindled by the enthusiasm of several new members of PT. Exactly the same thing happened again. And again, and again. In the end the course had to be terminated indefinitely. If anyone really feels that we should give it one more go, it may well be starting again in a couple of weeks' time. We'll see.
I have been learning Quenya for the past two weeks, and I have to say - it's easier than I thought it would be. The sentence structure is very simple, the only real problem is all the vocab, but i guess that just takes time.
Well, I just find all the remembering how endings are formed and all that is hard. As it probably is with any language. I'm used to just adding -s for plurals and -ing for simple present tense, and that's it. But it's not that simple. But I'm enjoying it!!! Just finished Lesson Eight, I have. But now it's school term, so it's suspended for a little. I reckon we should give Quenya Courses one more go. If it fails yet again, then I suppose we can just all go to Ardalambion.
I would definitely be interested in this. I have wanted to learn the structure of Quenya for several years now. Anyone interested once again?...
One of my dreams, actually: to be able to speak Feanor's language!! I'd sure like that... so count me in!
Yup, I think this'll be cool. So long as we have the lessons so NZers can get to them. So no Chatty thingies on Sunday when it's MOnday and I'm at school, or I'm not in. EXCEPT IN THE HOLIDAYS WHICH ARE COMING UP!!!!! Well, sort of coming up. Like....four weeks away. CLOSE ENOUGH!!!!! It just feels like they're coming up. But I'm curious - Eruwen and Bugy, have either of you been to ardalambion? Cause I have, and I've finished Lesson Eight last holidays. I can't study Quenya in school time, cause there's too much homework.

Try this site, its not bad, especially the Quenya dictionaary.
I shall try that site.

I'm up to lesson 11 now, but it's on hold. I'm doing LAtin Evening Classes.
Glad you're hooked. We need some more people speaking Elvish so it'll be less dead. And we can actually practise with each other.
I think I shall get back in Quenya again, not that I've finished my Latin Evening Classes. It was only an 8-lesson course. But guess what!!! The teacher said that we got through a normal year's schoolwork on it. I'll just brush up on my Latin, translate the last passages he gave us (from REAL Latin sources, though they ARE simplified) and then get back to it.
What lesson are You up to?
Aiya everyone,
what a fine day it is today, hehe, im new to this board, and am currently learning Quendian, so would be interested in meeting others of simmaler interest, im quite a way through though, just the vocab to get down, and go over everything realy,

~Tauro Melindon’ri~
I unfortunately don't speak a word elvish... Very Sad Smilie but if anyone would like to teach me some phrases, contact me, I'd love to learn it!

aiya mellon! (is that correct?)
I want to learn Sindarin after finishing this stressful schoolyear in general. I found a good introduction in the internet. There can't be so much difference between Sindarin and Quenya, can be?
EDIT: The author of the introduction said, it would be hard to translate modern sentences, because verbs and verbs are missing, but there is a way to "invent" new vocabulary and form new phrases.