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I live in Colorado and I went to the screening of ROTK last nite and let me tell you it was awsome. I saw TTT there last year and it was good too so that is why I had to go for this one. If there is anyone else that is near this area let us all know what you thought. I loved it. The weather was great and all the sound was even better than seeing it at the theater.

I saw ROTK last week on my birthday weekend! But this weekend is the next installment. I have two friends and I could only have one over. So I'm having TWO birthday weekends! But I doubt Nicole will want to watch any LOTR stuff. But Ellen did! And we were going wabwabwab allt he way through. And we knew it all off by heart so we were saying all the lines. I had Merry, and she had Pippin. She got the short end of the deal. She had to do the yelling for the palnatir bit, and I got to do the crocodile tears for the bit when Pippin goes off with Gandalf. That was so sad! And she had Legolas. Hahahaha! "A diversion." Stating the obvious! But it was MY birthday, so I got to choose. It was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO cool.
I live a couple hours from Red Rocks but I couldn't go. Found out about it too late and then had something on my calendar. Glad you enjoyed it, though, Ashley. Red Rocks is the perfect place to see ROTK!!!
You are right Red Rocks is the perfect place to see ROTK or any of the Three movies it is a great place to see a movie. I have seen the two Harry Potter movies there and they were good too.
If anyone else on the board lives in Colorado I highly reccomend trying to see as many movies at Red Rocks during the summer becuase that is the most awsome venue for movies.

Wow! I live in CO to, and I have ben to RR manny times to see oncerts and stuf, but I never knew that they did movies!! My B-Day is in Jan. and I'm having an all nighter, with all three ex. editions back to back! It's even going to be a costume party!!!!