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Greetings... I am smeagolisfree99. I have just signed up. I come from The Last Alliance which is a big LOTR faction but definetly not as big as this place! I also come from Mordor the Land of Shadow at ezboards. Perhaps you know of these clubs. I am from 2 factions that are really into RPing. I've known about your site for awhile, but i just decided to join today I guess. So can anyone tell me more about this place since I'm kinda new?
Hi there. Smile Smilie Welcome to PT.

Well to start you up, here are a few links.


Website rules (important)

Help <--- Very useful. Talks about every part of the site.

E-mail to the Council (the moderators) if you need help with anything:
Welcome Smeagolisfree99! Enjoy the site and please feel free to join in discussions or ask any questions you may have.
Welcome Smeagolisfree99 to PT! If you're in to RPs then this is probably a good site for you. Personally I never quite got into those things, but there are lots of members who keep quite a few stories rolling right along. Visit some of the Taverns and you will find the active RPs. Glad to hear you love the professor's work enough to participate in a variety of sites. Its that kind of enthusiasm that keeps Middle Earth alive for the next generation. Looking forward to seeing your posts! Waving Hello Smilie
welcome Smeagolisfree99!!! enjoy the site!! Dunce Smilie
Welcome aboard Smeagolisfree99, hope you enjoy your time spent here! Happy Elf Smilie
Howdy Smeagolisfree99, welcome to our happy family. Happy Elf Smilie
Welcome Smeagolisfree99!!!! Nice to see another Smeagol fan! WOO-HOO SMEAGOL ROCKS!!!!! Hope you enjoy it at this website, which I'm sure you will! Pary Smilie
Thanks so much guys! *Bows* It is an honor to be with the Tolkienares! I love all of Tolkien's work! And Grondmaster, love your name! Wink Smilie
Welcome Smeagolisfree99. I look forward to reading your posts. Enjoy!
Hi there, Smeagolisfree99!

You found the best Tolkien site in the world, so congratulations!

Have fun browsing, contributing and mingling with the great members. See you around!
Thanks so much! You guys I must say are by far the friendliest guys in the 3 clubs that I'm in! I look forward to seeing you guys around! *bows low*
A big welcome, Anardil! Waving Hello Smilie
We have met in the chatroom and I am excited to see you in the forum too.
I am very touched that you can still share the Professor's gift with your father as he did with you in years gone by. I have no doubt that Tolkien's words bring him much comfort.

(Grondy merely fixed the icon.)
Like RPGs, eh? Just try our roleplaying guild, if you like really fantasytype threads. I've gone off them. BUT THE BEST RPG HERE IS.... KHazad-dumish Inn. I LOVE IT!!!
Thank you for the warm welcome Rednell.

I seem to have posted in the wrong thread *makes a n00b face* So I have moved my post to the Introduce yourselves thread Paranoid Smilie

Greetings Smeagol! I am new too Wink Smilie
Welcome to PT Anardil! Happy Elf Smilie
Hi Anardil! Glad you made it here from the chatroom. Enjoy!
A big WELCOME & HELLO to ya ...

Smeagolisfree99 & Anardil !

Take care & seeya both around,

Anyone here RP?
Loads of people here RP. I only RP at the Khazad-dumish Inn which isn't like 'quest' roleplays. But there are loads of roleplaying people her.e Just visit the roleplaying threads. Oh, and can I call you SMeagol? The whole smeagolisfree99 thing is a mouthful.
Oh of course dude! Everyone calls me Smeagol, or Smeag, or somethimes Smeags... Wink Smilie

Just check out my topic in the Ad board, to see where I came from originally! And feel free to join the place I showed! You'll know more whn ya check.
Methinks Smeagol wants us ALL to go NOW and join the last alliance. Are you a TLA-employed person to come and plug it in disguise, Smeagol? Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Very Big Grin Smilie Very Big Grin Smilie Very Big Grin Smilie Jumping Flame Smilie
Wait what? Shocked Smilie
Wait what what - what?

I MEAN... (it's a joke) are you some crafty person TLA employed jsut to come and get us all to join?
And now it's not funny. BOOHOOHOOHOO!!!!! WAAAA!!!! I"m not funny anymore!!! (Was I funny in the FIRST place?)