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I'm doing a schoolprojekt about tolkiens elves! and I could need some help!
My one interest is very big, and the elves is what interest me most.
What effect has the elves on our world today ?
what makes the story about elves so old, what is it that gives the feeling that they are so old?
What did Tolkien think about when he wrote this book?, did he compare his elves to other elves that were created by other authors?
Thank you for your help!
Wow! That's a lot of information you are asking for. The Letters of JRR Tolkien will give you a lot of insight into what Tolkien was thinking and what he intended.
I guess 'this book' means the Lord of the Rings trillogy? You should read the Silmarillion to learn more about Tolkiens elves (if you haven't already). The Letters are a gold mine.
thank you!
were do I find the letters?
Try Amazon

Letters of JRR Tolkien

They also have some used copies for sale.
Maggan: you also might read Tolkien's essay 'On Fairy-stories' which I think can only be found now in The Tolkien Reader. The link leads to Amazon but you might try your local library first.
They've covered all the bases, Maggan. Also, as a quick-reference, you can use the Encyclopedia of Arda. Just scroll down on the list to your left on their homepage, and click on where it says "Elves" under "Races". Good luck, my friend!

(Grondy merely fixed the link)
Encyclopedia of Arda

There you go, Laurelindhepindhepooh - linked as requested.
Oh, and try your library if you haven't. Some people forget that.
Hi Maggan and welcome to PT. Everyone has pretty much covered the best reference books(Tolkien's, of course), which can also be found at your public library. Another good book is Hobbits, Elves and Wizards by Michael Stanton. Smile Smilie
We did have an online discussion about the elves last year. Here it the link as we copied the text from the discussions into the forum. Tolkien Online Courses
Good luck with your project.