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how to properly write down Hurin's words: "aure antuluva" using tengwar fonts?
Sorry, I don't.
It's aure Entuluva, isn't it? what do you mean, properly?
I think she means using actual Tengwar fonts, Loni.

If you have a copy of Return of the King which contains the Appendices, Marian, you will find a Tengwar alphabet in Appendix E. I'm afraid writing in Tengwar, however, is a little more complicated than using an English alphabet, but reading through that section may give you some idea on how to proceed.
1. yes I made a typing mistake, it is "aure entuluva" sorry
2. & it's HE not she, my nick: Marian, is polish male name ;-)))
Well met Marian. Happy Elf Smilie I have known two or three male Marians.

This next bit isn't meant specifically for Marian, but for all newbies: When new members with generic confusable names introduce themselves, they can reduce embarassment all around if they state their gender right off: That might keep the rest us from guessing wrong, or having to write "he/she/it" all the time. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
Or you could just learn Latin and put the he/she/it ending on the noun. Very Big Grin Smilie

think she means using actual Tengwar fonts, Loni.

Ah, yeah. I just noticed that. And I was like "You're SOO stupid, Loni. THICK THICK THICK!!!"
With the help of the alphabeth in the RotK book I could easily teach myself writing Tengwar, it's really not that difficult. Now I want to learn reading it fluently, I think I'll soon manage to. Try it, I don't think you'll have difficulties.
Tengwars are fun, but it isn't something you learn over night. But I don't have as much time to practice as I'd like. I would like to see how a professional would write "aure". I wonder if there is a better/other way of writing two vowels following each other (like au in aure and ie in Amarie).
Does anyone know...

I thought bilbo had a pocket watch...and if so did they have time zones.
They wouldn't really be necessary except for the palantir.

I don't remember if they had watches or any concept of time for that matter.
Does anyone know...
They probably had pocket sundials, there was no need for timezones as the Numenorian sailors would have navigated by the stars and communications were so slow ashore that time differences didn't matter, except as you say in the case of the Palantiri, even then those were so few that the two conversants could work around it by saying so many hours from now, rather than getting confused about whose eight o'clock we are talking about.

Besides all that, it looks like from eastern edge of Mordor to the western most tip of Forlindon would probably lie within two or three of our time zoneseach of which I think are roughly 1000 miles wide at the equator, and I'm not going to bother recalculating that for the latitudes between Fornost/Erebor and Southern Gondor.
I would like to see how a professional would write "aure". I wonder if there is a better/other way of writing two vowels following each other (like au in aure and ie in Amarie).

The first example being a diphthong (-au-) is a bit different from vowels in hiatus (-ie). So aure could be written (in Elvish characters):

a-tehta above ’re (36), e-tehta above r’men (25).

The professional would be JRRT of course, and his Tengwar example of the Quenya word laurie contains both -au- and -ie, and is written: lambe: a-tehta above ’re: i-tehta above r’men: e-tehta above a short carrier.
You're completely right Galin, maybe one day the old member who wanted that would come back and read it, only to realize that the tattoo they had done was wrong Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

It can get very frustrating when it comes to vowels and diphtongs, I can read and write the tengwar modes quite well, it's just when you come to a word that is more complicated, it stops you dead and can drive you up the wall... I prefer the Quenya mode personally, probably because I'm left-handed, the tehta goes above the other carrier or tengwar Happy Elf Smilie Plus, there are less words in Quenya to write, more easy to recognise it completely. The English mode I think is the most tough, the complexity, more words, more of a mixture of vowels... Good when you have a passion for words, as well as a lot of time Orc Smiling Smilie

A while back I sketched a few tengwar and edited them in photoshop to create the entire collection of characters, they actually looked quite good, though about halfway through of creating this 'guide', I got taken away from it... Maybe I should blow the dust off the sketches and post abit here Question SmilieSmile Smilie

If anyone needs an example of what certain words would be, I can help you out with it, either me or Galin Orc Smiling Smilie

It doesn't mean anything, but this is what I did at the beginning...


Edit: Did anyone know you could link photos to be IN posts? If you want me to remove it, I will... New feature Grep? This could actually be helpful towards maybe setting up the guide...
Loss, can you write out aure entuluva so that it appears here (if it's OK that is)?
I'd be happy to, though it would take maybe a day or two, as I only have about half of the tengwar completed, ironically in aure I don't have the diphthong or R but it shouldn't take too long Happy Elf Smilie I can create them easily enough

*Blows dust off old files* Yeah, about two days...
Cool. I have to describe them.
I remember in a/the BBC documentary on Tolkien, Tolkien describes his invented language and is seen writing 'Elen sila lumen omentielvo' in Tengwar, but makes a mistake in the process which he duly recognizes.
Moderator Smilie We had a rule about not posting images or colored text due to the increased bandwidth it required.

I can no longer find the rule and have no current heartburn if you limit your images to to this discussion of Tengwar, but Grep may want to rule on this and require their later removal.
I understand, I did think it strange that one could add in pictures to their posts, it was mearly a link... and it does look out of place compared to the whole Forum Happy Elf Smilie If you need me to remove it, I will, or even make it smaller Orc Smiling Smilie

I've finished the words: Aur’ Entuluva

Aurë Entuluva

For those who do know how to write and read Tengwar, there's no need for you to read the below, I hope it makes sense for those who do not Orc Smiling Smilie

I'll just explain them...

Splitting up the words letter by letter will be easier to understand how it is written...

Tehta = Vowel
Tengwar = Consonant

au r
e nt u l u v a

First with the Quenya Mode, the Tehta, or Vowels, go above the preceeding Tengwa, but if there are no tengwa to place the tehta, use a single carrier as above in entuluva... So, at the beginning, we have the U Dipthong, (Tengwa No. 36), with the Tehta A above. Next, the R (Tengwa No. 25) with Tehta E above... Whenever you see the letter in Quenya, there is no reason to write the tehta any differently... Just use the normal E Tehta... Though if there is a word where there is no Tengwa to put above, say like in Lauri’, you position the E Tehta on a short carrier as r is already occupying the following i.

Onto Entuluva, the first E has no preceeding tengwa to be placed on, so the short carrier is used, (long carriers are only used if the vowel is to be pronouced long, as in the long in Namri’ or Amri’), with the E Tehta above. Next is NT (Tengwar No. 13), where two singular Tengwar aren't needed, using this Tengwa generally saves time... Above it is the following U Tehta. Next is L (Tengwar No. 27) with the following U Tehta above. Finally, V (Tengwar No. 22) with the A Tehta above.

If anyone needs to know how to write in Tengwar, just PM me or ask me here and I can send you the word using my sketches... Maybe I could just post them in somewhere for all to see... I can do either modes, Quenya and English, (and Sindarin, it's basically the same as English, just different rules and slight adjustments).

I hope this helps understanding

Personally I think we really could use some tengwar info in here, so I'd like to keep the pictures.
(They will fit in better if you give them the same green background colour as the forum.)

I know enough about tengwars to know that I know very little, but this thread reminded me that I enjoyed trying to learn more. You had me confused by the nt and v, but I was thinking Sindarin. So I learned something today too. Wink Smilie
Thanks Loss! it's good to see the forms; and of course the look can change with various styles.
Thanks! It's a long ole job Orc Smiling Smilie Much appreciated...

This is just to test out what the colours would be if I did change the background... Though of course if someone deleted their post above mine, then I'd have to change the alternating colours again Orc Sad Smilie So don't delete your posts people! We can do with more Tengwar info here, I agree. I'd be happy to help something like this get going, maybe put it as part of 'Tolkien Weekly Courses'? I'd love to finally get some use out my sketches Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

PT  Dark Green random word

Edit: That does look ALOT better, great idea Ama... It doesn't really look out of place now Orc Smiling Smilie
Looks good Loss. Happy Elf Smilie