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hey y'all! i am confused about what happened before The Hobbit.
What was Mordor like before Sauron came?
In which war did Isildur cut the RIng from Saurons finger?
what age?
what was the name of the battle?
Very Sad Smilie
this is a thread for any one who has questions. If u have any, just post them here!!!
I suggest you read the books and the threads (topics) that pertain the books, characters, places, things, and history. Then if you still have a question post it under an existing thread where it better fits. If you don't find an existing one there, make a new one, with only one question per thread so we can have a proper discussion.

Please don't think I'm putting you down, we will be happy to answer your questions, but just not here, and not so many in one thread as it limits discussion.

(I am temporarily locking this thread, it may be unlocked or deleted at a later date.)

Some of the above questions have been answered Here.