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Hey guys, I just found out something important. You see, my Bishop is a Tolkien fan, and a pretty good one at that, and he gives workshops and writes stuff about it and all. And I just went to a camp, and he was there, and I went to his workshop and all, and I'll start a thread on that soon, but... guess what? He's in touch with Priscilla Tolkien. My Bishop is in touch with Priscilla Tolkien. She's like, 70 or something. Well, I was thinking. Maybe, just MAYBE, my bishop just MIGHT let us ask her a few questions. just MAYBE. Cause she's old and all, so make them good ones that are worth her taking the trouble to answer. And of course I know your first and foremost will be: "How's the movies? Do you think your father would've liked them?" Well, the bish (we call him DJ Mox, his name is David John Moxon) told me that much. She says she thought they were real bad and her father would NOT have liked them in the least. So that's interesting.
She says she thought they were real bad and her father would NOT have liked them in the least. So that's interesting.

Well, duh. Humphrey Carpenter wrote that JRRT attended a Hobbit play and he was very happy with what he saw, as long as it stuck to the book. From the very moment there was the slightest departure from the book, he looked angry.

Furthermore in his letters, JRRT thoroughly trashes a movie adaptation by Zimmerman. The only thing JRRT would like about the PJ flicks, is the amount of money it would give to him and his family.

And btw Loni, Ms Priscilla Tolkien is 76.
Well, I knew that he wouldn't like the movies. But hey... I had to be nice and give the benefit of a doubt to all those people who think he WOULD. Like my mate and her entire family.
Hey-hey, I didn't know he would be THAT real angry when they went SLIGHTLY out of the book's way. I thought he'd be like "rrrr..." not "RRRR!!!" But I suppose he would've. If only he were still alive... he could go oup to PJ and say "YOUR MOVIE SUCKS!!!" in a nice, professor old dude kind of way and then we could film it and send it to Campbell Live on TV3, and John Campbell would be JUST the person to go on about it and make it "SHAME" to PJ, and "HAHA!" for everybody else. Then again... gotta give PJ a chance. I was actually going to make amovie myself... (yeah, that was a while ago, I was 10... so don't laugh) and I was like "AND IT'S GOING TO BE EXACTLY LIKE THE BOOK, NOT LIKE THAT FIRST MOVIE OF PJ'S THAT'S JUST COME OUT!!!" and half way through I was like "Hey.... The High Elves aren't important.. let's skip them... and who needs that?" and then i realised what I was doing when my brother informed me. So yeah.
But it would still be funny seeing PJ all shamed out.
But it would still be funny seeing PJ all shamed out.
No, I would rather have people "jolly" him towards getting him to make the movie The Hobbit exactly like the book with no changes (no girls, no love interest other than the lust for treasure) which he might be able to do in three hours. As the story is simpler that LotR, he just might be able to pull it off, for we wouldn't need all the background like we needed in the other movies. However, I expect PJ will probably skip the Beorn segment by having the Eagles drop the companions off at the beginning of the Mirkwood path, for the telling of Gandalf's story to Beorn would require too much film time. Still we can hope.

I have no questions for Miss Tolkien, as I doubt if she has any information about her father's work that isn't already public knowledge. And I certainly do not chose to invade her privacy with questions like what was your father's favorite breakfast cereal; though do I wish her well.
that's what I hoped you'd say, Grondy. Glad to see no one is asking stupid questions.
I'd quite like to know what she thinks of her fathers books, and if she feels that the publicity surrounding the books and the films has altered the way she thinks of her father and his legacy.

I wouldn't seek to ask her this but i think the tolkien estate is going to become the beatles back catalog of the 21st century i wonder whos hands it will end up in?