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Dwarflord at your service

This idea is simple: Just outline two different situations, and ask the next person, where would he/she prefer to be and why...the next person answers and comes up with 2 new situations for someone else.

I'll start of with:
1. At the Prancing Pony, with a mug of ale and Strider at your table. Someone has just started a song in the corner...
2. In the ruins of Isengard, eating salted pork with Merry and Pip...

where and why?
Umm...The Prancing Pony, with Strider (*Drools*).
1. Mirkwood Forest, with the Grey-Elves on the eve of their autumn celebrations, to see the king crowned in leaves and berries, and hear the songs of the Elves.

2. Sitting in Bag-End, eating seed cakes and drinking tea with Bilbo and Gandalf on Bilbo's 111th birthday, seeing the excitment outside as the town prepared for the party later, and to hear the tales of Gandalf and Bilbo first hand.

(I hope that's what you wanted! Smile Smilie )

Where and why?
Lemaly, you forgot to choose one of my scenarios, and say why.

I prefer Bag End and the company of Bilbo and Gandalf, because there is nothing better than listening to tales, especially when Gandalf does the talking.

1. In Woody End, sitting with Frodo, Sam and Pip by the fire.
2. In Ithilien, with Sam, while he prepares his coney-stew.

where and why?
In Ithilien, because that would give me a chance to see: Sam, Frodo, Gollum, and the Oliphaunts. Tongue Smilie Plus the fact that I can taste Sam's stew.

1. With Merry and Pippin in Fangorn Forest, when they are talking to Treebeard in his dwelling-place Wellinghall.
2. With the four Hobbits in the Old Forest when they are having a quiet talk with Tom and Goldberry in their house.

Where and why?
I have moved this thread.

Where? To the Ivy Bush, under the same name as here
Why? This is the game thread, and games belong in the Ivy Bush tavern. Smile Smilie

This thread will go byebye in a couple of days or when ever one of us CMs remember to do so.
Wiggle Smilie