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I've been wanting to make myself a cloak for a long time, and I was wondering if anyone else has...or has wanted to. I've heard that they are easy to make, and also very comfortable and warm to wear. Maybe if you had some suggesstions, that would be cool. I found a site that had a good pattern on it...But I'm just a little confused about the hood. Anyways, if you have any suggesstions please let me know! Wiggle Smilie
Buy a cloaking device instead! Its better and more useful! And it was trendy a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.
Tsk tsk, don't confuse Star Wars with Star Trek now.
Star Wars has a cloaking device too. Remember, Death Star in the Return of the Jedi? The Rebellion went to destroy the cloaking device for Death Star.
Not to mention, the Emperor wore a cloak.

Maybe this is an idea to turn Coldplay's 'Clocks' into 'Cloaks'...
ok...well...i'll keep an eye out for a cloaking device...and I hate Coldplay's new stuff...the only one I liked was "yellow". (sorry to those who like Coldplay.)

Anyway, if you guys have any tips on making a cloak, please let me know...not this silly stuff.
Why not google "cloaks", "sewing", and "patterns" to see what you get?
Thanks Grondy,
I think I've found a pattern, I was wondering if anyone had any tips on making them...from experience.
the generator in "return of the jedi" was a shield generator, rather than a claoking one
i hate to mix Tolk with SW but Darth Maul had a cloaking device along with many Star Destroyers and the emporers ship

And also in Star Trek the Klingon Birds of Prey have cloaking devices. Very Evil Smilie
I've no tips on making a cloak, but I once hired one from the costume department of the local theatre to go to a Vampire party. It was black, and the fabric was very silky in a way which made the cloak amorphous. In the dark it was great for hiding in, and several times I had other people actually hide on top of me because they hadn't seen me crouched down in the back of a cupboard etc. It really did feel as though I was wearing an Elven cloak. So if you want to hide in it, go for a material that does not hold its shape.
i found a site a looooong time ago that made beautiful cloaks. you chose the colour and the design. they were beautiful. some with dragons and others with celtic knots... if i had more money i would have ordered one...
Terrijayne has been trying to post a link for Lemaly, which apparently she's unable to do... (I don't know why), so I'm doing it on her behalf..
Thanks Migs for your help.

What I was trying to tell you Lemaly, is that although I am not one who sews, I found some useful hints on the above website about costume making. Hope you find it informative and helpful. The part about cloaks is near the bottom of the page.
Thanks guys, I appreciate the help! Thanks for the site, I was a little curious about the pros and cons of a circular cloak vs. semi-circle cloak! Thanks a heck of a lot! Smile Smilie