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I am intrested in writing to Chris Tolkien but i cannot find his address. i have written to Ballantine but they probably wont reply for a while. also if i do get it, is there anything anyone would like to ask him?
If it is possible, and convenient, for you, could you ask him this:
How does he feel about the creation and production of The Lord of the Rings movies that Peter Jackson produced? Did he find a number of flaws that he could have altered?
Thank you. Just send me a message if it all goes well! Smile Smilie
Also, have you tried contacting the Tolkien Society? They may have some useful information...
In order to protect the privacy of the Tolkien Family, the Tolkien Society will not give contact details for any member of the family. All enquiries regarding the Tolkien Family should be directed to the Tolkien Estate.
If you can contact Christopher Tolkien, than could you ask him what he wrote for the History of Middle-earth and how much he received by his father?
sure but i still cant find his address, no one has written back to me
(this is NOT bumping....)
And even if you contact the Tolkien estate the letter will be judged by someone else and most likely never see time with Christopher whose time is already taxed to the max. That is what someone in my family found out after contacting the estate.