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Dwarflord at your service!

I was wondering if any of you think of Middle Earth, its history, characters and deeds as often as I do. I frequently find myself day dreaming...returning to this or that event from ME's long history. Any time I see a magnificent work of nature (mountain, green valley, a little river in the forest) I imagine I'm in Middle Earth. I listen to the Lord of the Rings music (by Howard Shore) nearly every day and each time it transports me to Middle Earth. I simply love the atmosphere of Tolkien's Arda...

I know I'm not the only one, I know there are many more people as fascinated as I am. So write about it, tell us your thoughts.

I live in Middle Earth...
This past weekend my family and I went to Mackinac Island. While we were traveling, I found myself constantly stairing out the window, and imagining that I was hiking throught the old forest with Merry, Pippen, Sam, and Frodo. On the island cars are not allowed, so it was easy to imagine the market at the shire or bree with ponies and buggies. Almost every time I saw a hill or valley, I imagined a hobbit hole nestled in the scenery. Several times I saw houses that reminded me of the description of crickhollow, and Tom's house.

I too live in Middle Earth
Last Friday, I attended the performance by the Lord of the Rings Symphony, with solos including Billy Boyd and other magnificant singers. As I listened to the different movements written by Howard Shore, which where transitioned very well, I thought about how each song applied to the Lord of the Rings story. I also pictured myself being in the shoes of the characters and walking through Middle Earth. I could see myself wandering through the enchanted Rivendell, and walking down a path toward Bag End in Hobbiton of the Shire.
I also live in Middle Earth...
Wow, I'd really like to attend The Lord of the Rings Symphony, the music is a masterpiece. I hope I'll get the chance to see (listen) some day.
Every time I drive along the M40 through Oxfordshire I am reminded of The Shire. I see the quintessential English countryside that Tolkien loved so much. I can see where the Hobbit houses were long ago...

It's when I get into the woods or walk along a nice hilly path with dry-stone walls that I start thinking most of Middle Earth. When I was younger I used to sit in the woods in the hope of catching a glimpse of an elf or two but now I've accepted they've maybe all gone over the sea.
Big Smile Smilie Tolkien constantly amazes me. In all his books he talks about something I can relate to.
All of us should be able to relate to Tolkien, that's what makes his world so great. Whenever I see the sun rising from the window in my room (my new curtains are yellow, and they match it all perfectly), I feel like I'm Frodo waking up in Rivendell after he's just destroyed the Ring. It's a great feeling of peace, and glory. The sun's brightness comes streaming in through the window, and blends harmonously with the curtains, and my bedspread, and sometimes I even feel like I'm part of it all too. Maybe this is what Rivendell was like, or maybe it's what Valinor is like.
Listening to Howard Shore's music, seeing the movies, reading the books, walking down the street, sleeping, eating, drinking... I do all that in Middle-earth. Smile Smilie