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this may have been asked loadsa times before, but humour me...

When you made your choice of race how did you come about your decision...

did you feel some sort of relation to that race, did you choose them cos you thought they were pretty/ strong/ funny/ noble: anything goes really...

i chose to be a shieldmaiden of rohan, because i see myself as being a strong individual and love horses too.
I chose to be counted amongst the people of Rohan, because i'm most alike to Gr’ma Wormtongue when it comes to LOTR characters.
interesting thread, indeed...
well, I think I chose being a hobbit because I love their way of life, and the fact that Bucklanders are kinda weird even among hobbits is just great. I sould like to belong to their jolly people.
btw, I don't have the feeling I would make a good man in ME, and I'm far too little noble to be an elf. on the other hand, I'm no more of a dwarf... hobbit does kinda fit for me.
Hobbits are cool, man! They eat lots of food, have cool clothes, have cool hairy feet, and have excellent parties! Not to mention their excellent hearing, eyesight, and ability to move with silence.

Yay hobbits!
I believe in Fairies, so the closest are the Elves. I should have been born with pointy ears and wings Very Mad Smilie I love all things mythical (love all Arwens dresses as well!)

My hubby and children are starting to get worried Ha Ha Ha Smilie I have fairies all over the place including 2 tattoos - see my avitar, that is one of my tatttoos.
I love all things mythical (love all Arwens dresses as well!)

I only liked her see-through gown from TTT.

I have fairies all over the place including 2 tattoos - see my avitar, that is one of my tatttoos.

Oh, I thought that was a mutated butterfly. Mea culpa.
As much as I like trees, I wanted to live in the Flittering Caves of Aglarond.

I know, I know! It is just that the index to my movie cover paperback copy of 'RotK" has the typo in it. Elk Grinning Smilie
I picked the Hobbit race first, but I have moved through alot of them already.
I started as a hobbit then went to rivendell I think or maybe lothlorien, I was an elf anyways. Then I went to osgiliath. I want to have a turn at all the races.

I must say though that I think I identify most with hobbits. I like their holes.
I'm vain. I liked being pretty so I'm an Elf! Dunce Smilie But no, seriously, I chose Elf because they seem high and noble, and maybe it's not what I am but it's certainly something I'd like to be...
Valedhelgwath is Sindarin for Shadow Elf of Power, and is taken from an old Elven Role Master character I used to play, so I couldn't really be anything other than Elf.
Well, until I see Tirion, Formenos or at least Gondolin in the options, I'll stick to Imladris. The main reason is that's the place with the most Noldor left in the Third Age (most Feanorians too). And I follow Feanor everywhere... Wink Smilie
What other race could Lord Aragorn be and where else could he reside? Hence, I chooseth. And I'm staying there until Death Star becomes an option available.
I've always roleplayed as an elf. I just love them. So elegant, and majestic. They can live for thousands of years and never look a day over thirty! Elves' agility also fascinates me. I think I should've been born an elf, if they were found on Earth... I love all kinds of elves in any type of literature, though most of you guys know my favorite are the drow from Salvatore's writing, but otherwise, an elf from the Gray Havens is the next best choice in my opinion...
I think my choice of race speaks for itself.

I am EVIL!

But cute and fluffy with it.

I am EVIL!

But cute and fluffy with it.

You're a Furby?
Hah! Vee is unmasked!
I love the thought of being in tune with nature, of technology advancing with nature in mind, advancing and becoming more like "magic." I also would love the extensive combat skills that the elves have. I like to fence, so I suppose I would love to have their stealth and speed.
i have a hobbit fetish.....
ooooo Eruwen you fence? So do I!!Are you foil, epee or sabre? I'm foil, but I might learn sabre in the future, it's cooler. I also love the agility and stealth of the wood-elves (indeed, I've practised how to walk without making a noise, getting better at it everyday. I make almost no noise even in flimsy whippy pants Tongue Smilie )

But seeing as I've changed my location, I might explain myself in this thread. Well, actually I don't need to explain anything. Most people who have read the Silmarillion get glued to it (as I am). I am very drawn to the glorious Elder Days. In the past I chose to live in Lothlorien because Galadriel was there, but I've always liked Doriath or Nargothrond more. Dor-lomin wouldn't be bad either, but no Gondolin for me!
I used to fence too, but I had to quit when the cows broke loose and devoured the last barley crop.
How ironic. The fence was the easiest part of my architecture project.
When I fenced, I was able to keep all the King's men and all the King's horses out of our barley patch, not to mention all the milk cows.
Near the end of RoTK, Sam says:
'if it's to be a flower-name, then I don't trouble about the length: it must be a beautiful flower, because, you see, I think she is very beautiful, and is going to be beautifuller still.' Frodo thought for a moment. 'Well, Sam, what about elanor, the sun-star, you remember the little golden flower in the grass of Lothlorien?'

And in Appendix A:
His [Master Samwise the Mayor's] daughter Elanor the Fair is one of the maids of Queen Evenstar [Arwen]

I wouldn't mind being an elf, but I don't feel qualified to claim such for myself. Hobbit is closer to home.... but if I must be a hobbit, I will take the name of a hobbit-lass who knows elves, and whose family heritage is from those who love deeply and who see beauty in both poetry and gardens, whose love is sure, whose character is true and loyal, faithful even in the face of great adversity and grief. Even elves in all their wisdom and long years do not always achieve this.
I chose to be an elf because they have the qualities which I appreciate most: wisdom and the beauty of the heart. And they also have a everlasting optimism. Just like Sam said, in TFOTR :"They are old and young at the same time; both cheerful and full of worries."
And I chose Rivendell because's just the perfect place for me to dweel in, with all those mountains, waterfalls and stuff.
ooooo Eruwen you fence? So do I!!Are you foil, epee or sabre? I'm foil, but I might learn sabre in the future, it's cooler.

Hey Clover, I just saw this post. I fence using foil, but I too have always wanted to learn sabre. Perhaps one day Smile Smilie. I picked up fencing in Germany and fell in love with it. I've stopped for a couple of years now, since I dislocated my shoulder, but I might start again. My coach called me for a while, but has now given up. Ah well.
I use foil too. It is totally cool. I'm still in practice, getting better every day. And yes, sabre does seem to be the hot one, eh? Everyone I talk to wants to learn it. But few have, it seems. All the coaches are like, "Start with foil...blah blah blah..." But foil is good too. And Germany! Oh my, what a lovely place! I was born there, btw. In Stuttgart. It's too bad I can't speak any German...
My coach called me for a while, but has now given up. Ah well.

Don't worry. A real De la Vega never quits.
Nor does a Montoya: "I am ... You killed my ... Prepare to ..." Rinse and repeat! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
I picked mine at random
Since I cannot remember people have always told me I am faerie-like or elven. Always. Even a friend from China said that the other week. And I have always related to what I perceive them to be.
They were concerned about the beauty and preservation of things, strength with nobleness,
well just everything about them I love. The Rivendell elves aren't completely all I love about th em, but close.
i choose Dunedain because all my family has been long dead.. kidding!

i picked Dunedain because i didn't like the other options.

They must have taken away the Dunedain option because when i joined this site a couple years ago it was there, has it been replaced with just 'men'? IF you look around not many Dunedain at all on this forum so i must be heir to be King!!
As far as the race of men go the Dunedain are my heros. They are brave, incredibly far seeing and intelligent, beautiful even in their grimness, they are the perfect ......everything.
The perfect alliances in marriage, in anything would be ,in my opinion a Dunedain with an elf.But that is just my opinion.
The perfect alliances in marriage, in anything would be ,in my opinion a Dunedain with an elf.

You should move to Dol Amroth then...
Known marriages between a Man and an Elf were extremely rare; we only know of two plus the rumored one at Dol Amroth. Those were between a male man and a female elf; there may have been more between male elves and females of mankind, but those were never recorded.

We are currently experiencing a severe windstorm, so I may lose power and be unable to finish the forum tonight.
Dear Virumor,
I could move there, but I am beginning to think it would be much more fun to move next door to you! Smile Smilie
Are you saying you're my neighbour?!

In that case, can I borrow some sugar..
Oh and please throw a Christmas party when you get there!

*Hint: Invite a green fairy-like Elf!

Leelee, I do urge you to reconsider relocating yourself, as it costs a lot and I could not think of a stupider reason to waste money than the reason of "getting closer to Virumor, who is sunamed 'the Grumpy' in the tongue of Cloveress."
i chose a dwarf because i would give anything to live in khazad dum and would like to be a great smith and i mean their way of living coll; not much neighbours and u get all theb quiet and peace in their underground mansions and is far from peering eyes...
I think, but that is my opinion dear Cloveress, that our dear Vir is quiet gentle hearted, no matter what comes out of his mouth. And yes you certainly may borrow a cup of sugar.
And it would be my great honor to invite you little beautiful Cloveress to a lovely Faerie party in a perilous realm, just name the date.
I apologize for not answering some of these posts in a timely fashion. I often forget where I posted and don't find it again for days or in this case..........:{