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Has anyone heard about the LOTR musical - it's due to open in Canada in February 2006.

It was due in London this December but now I've heard it will now premiere in Toronto. The UK will have to wait unitl December 2006

Anyone know anymore! Will anyone go to it?
i havnt heard a thing, that must have been very difficult to come up with a musical of the comlexity of the book, i would go to see it, but im in the UK not CANADA not fair!!!!!!
I found their website: The Lord of the Rings - The Stage Musical.
Elessar, it's coming to London next December (2006) - there wasn't a big enough venue in London!!!!!! Wink Smilie
oh how silly of me i must have just replyed coz i was so excited lol
ooh, I'd definately go & see it when it arrives in the UK. I'm sure the Hobbit was on here in the UK a few years ago (never saw it though).
I assume this is not the satire musical "Fellowship" --

......(I've just gone to the website and see that it's not)