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Is anyone into the LOTR TCG? None of my friends in the "real world" are.
no, but ive heard of Top Trumps LOTR Cards??? Anyone heard of them, people in the 'REAL WORLD' are sad and havnt experienced true Tolkien Info
I've half a dozen or so packs of the LotR TCG, mainly from the Two Towers set. Taz got me started when he sent me some cards a few years back, and then I went a bit mad when a local shop started selling the boxed deluxe sets for ’1.99 each. I used to play with my son quite a bit, but like all kids, he soon got bored with them. They're nice for the artwork though.
My uncle gave me two booster packs in September. I was hooked!! I tried every store in town, only one still had them, mostly Two Towers. But I was lucky enough to find two Balrogs in some Moria boosters.
You're right though, they do make some nice artwork.
I have the Two Towers Starter pack and the fellowship deluxe xollextor's box. I don't play but collect them. They're very beautiful.