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The stage adaptation apparently debuted in Toronto in March 2006. I'm wondering if any of our members have witnessed it..

Also, if anyone _has_ seen it, how's the musical score?
Also, if anyone _has_ seen it, how's the musical score?

Great. The music was provided by Lordi of the Rings.
I have no idea if Virumor's above answer is for real, or just another of his sarcastic throw-aways. If the former, I offer my apologies to him; if the latter, I offer our apologies to the readers.

Nevertheless, here is a link to the costumed Finnish Band, Lordi who look similar to that bunch of Uruk-hai and Orcs who recently escaped from The Lord of the Rings's Mordor. Orc Grinning Smilie
Virumor did refer to Lordi I guess, who just won Eurovision. But the music to the stage adaptation is provided by A.R. Rahman, quite easily the best music director in India. He actually knows Westarn, Hindustani and Carnatic Classical music.. So I'm wondering how well he performed on this thing.
I've got tickets to see this on 31st May 2007....any reviews from PT members??

Any others going on that day, I'll be in row S at the evening performance. Wave at me and I'll wave Ha Ha Ha Smilie

Is it right some of the actors are on stilts (no comments, I know it's not the hobbits!)
I only hope Lordi will play Would you love a monsterman? and The devil is a loser.
Why in gods name are you talking about lordi........
Was due to see 31/5 but there was an accident on stage. Finally seen the show 12/9.

IT WAS GREAT.....I want to see it again. The show was very cleverly done.

A couple of Hobbits sat beside me at the beginning of the show and had a chat Big Smile Smilie