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Which creature did you choose as a pet in the poll and why?
I chose Shadowfax, for a couple of reasons. It's partly because my dad had a palomino when he was young. Also it's because if I had a horse, he would have to be smart enough to keep me onboard. I don't know much about horses, but it just seems logical that if I'm Gandalf I should have my Shadowfax.
I don't remember who Neekerbreekers were, also Roac sounds familiar but I can't place him. Can anyone help me out?

Also what happened to yesterday's poll? The answer was Galadriel right...
I also would choose Shadowfax ,simply because he was the last of his kind
Roac is the old message bird that hangs around Erebor with the remainder of its kind that could speak to the Dwarves of the Lonely moutain.
Yes, the answer was Galadriel, because the question referred to the Rings of Power, one of which Celebrimbor gave to Galadriel because he had a thing for her (odd, given whom his grandfather was.) I choose Bill, because of his steadfast loyalty and deserving need for care he didn't get from Bil Ferny. Rather like my little dog that needs all the prayer now for his cancer, and on that note, I must go, so the vet can tell me whether we get to keep him past today.
Bet the vet cost you a bomb? They really do charge those vets and it really annoys me.
Horses, ponies, and lap dogs are pretty much common place as pets and I figured the Smaug, the Balrog, and the Watcher were far too large to fit into any jar and they would undoubtably take umbarage with anyone who tried. So I chose the neekerbreekers, (Sam's name for the midges of the Midgewater Marsh for the noise the make) but not for their appetite for hobbit. I chose them because they were small enough to put in a jar with a mosquito net lid for my protection, like I used to do with frogs, bees, and garter snakesback when I was knee-high-to-a-grasshopper.

Anyway, that's my story and I'm sticking with it.
Heh, i choose Smaug. Since i was a wee bitty lad i dreamed of having a dragon as a pet. But id be happy if i could at least know one. Smile Smilie
I mean come on....who wouldnt want a dragon as a pet? And dont give me those:"What would you feed it, where would you keep it?" lard... Wink Smilie Lets face it, if you had a dragon as a pet you'd have all the money you ever dreamed of. Smile Smilie
I chose the M’mak.
Vet hasn't been too bad, considering. X-rays pushed the first exam to a couple hundred US, but since then it's been about twenty dollars per trip, and about the same for the three meds he's on now. And another couple hundred Monday, but that's mostly gonna be for cremation, sigh.

Mumak was my second choice though, and as a side note to Skeeve/Etharion the Great, having a pet dragon merely means HE has a lot of money, not you. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
quick question why is Sam G. in there?

I picked Roac; I do remember him now, the bird who told bard about the patch missing on smaugs mail. right???

Anyways I picked him because he would be a good conversationalist.
So thats about ’300 ($500) in total and at the end the vet cannot even save the dog???
Sam was included for those Frodo types the need a Sam-like lapdog to follow them around. Dog Smilie

One of Ro’c's descendents took Thorin's message to Dain; Chicken Smilie it was the Old Thrush that took Bilbo's discovery to Bard.

So thats about ’300 ($500) in total and at the end the vet cannot even save the dog???
Morambar's dog has cancer. Vets like doctors, can't always cure cancer no matter how much money is thrown at it. It is often a lost cause, and all we can do is pray that our loved one, whether man or animal, has little or no pain on their journey to their respective heaven.
To a dog, however pain is not quite so objectonal as to a human. They see it as a form of reprecution from there ailment, they don't know about pain killers and all that, they tolerate it. However obviously you would rather pian was limited.

It reminds me of a time when i tooka bearded dragon to the vet. It had metabolic bone disease and he was pretty much dead when i took him in. He would have only lasted about 10 minutes longer. However the vet gave him the injection still and charged ’40 for it even though it was already pretty much dead. This is what i mean about leeches.
Though off topic, my aunt is in a similar situation. The cat has a liver problem and hasn't eaten in a month. It has lost 5 lbs, which is a lot for a cat. They can send the cat to a specialist for surgery but it would cost a couple of thousand dollars. They love the cat but it is just a cat. Humorously enough, my uncle has arthritis and hasn't gone to the doctor and is in miserable pain, which can be cured easily enough. It is kinda of strange that they took the cat to the vet and payed a load of money, but they won't go to the doctor themselves.
I wanted a Gollum because you get two for the price of one but he wasn't featured so instead I chose Smaug, the last fire-drake and, like Etharion, I have always wanted a pet dragon. I have some dragon eggs but who knows when they will hatch....
hi all .. long time eh ?? i chose a balrog to have as a pet .. first i didnt realise why. i guess its the leo in me .. i guess i like cronies and what better one than a balrog .. what say ?? sorry about your dog Morambar .. i dont like dogs precisely for this reason .. call it twisted if you want but i lost one to a road accident when i was 6 and i was so broken hearted i started hating them for fear of that pain again. if hes still alive then i wish he recovers. well its good to be back again .. was touring for the past couple of months and then there was the eswc. yay !! Smile Smilie

btw .. my second choice would have been Smaug .. i guess i like the fire breathing types Wink Smilie. has anyone seen arwen lately ?? c ya all later ..

I have some dragon eggs but who knows when they will hatch....

After the Mother, tired by her fight against Black Chaos, dies. For the Mother may be eternal, the White of the Kin is not.
I know I shouldn't ask, I sure I'll regret it; however:

Lord of All, how do you know dogs don't feel pain? Was this learned from a book, from personal experience gathered during earlier reincarnations, or from your mother.
Canines can feel as much fear & pain as humans. Just look at Scooby Doo and Wile E Coyote.
I very much so belive that dogs can feel pain. They are living creatures after all...

Morambar, i just read this post of yours

Mumak was my second choice though, and as a side note to Skeeve/Etharion the Great, having a pet dragon merely means HE has a lot of money, not you.

and i wanted to ask.. Skeeve?? Who the heck is that? It kinda sounds familiar..but i cant place it. What did you mean with that? Orc Going Huh Smilie Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
I think his "skeeve" was a minor put-down for which he may feel ashamed, or not. I found the following definition over at
1 skeeve
An extremely repulsive and nerd like person. Other forms are skeevatz,exclamation; skeevy (adverb)as in "he is so skeevy", skeeved out (verb) as in "I am skeeved out".

Someone that wears socks with sandals, constantly complains and has the need to tell you every bodily function and ailment, a person that makes your skin crawl at the thought of touching you.

This definition may or may have been included in the current Oxford Dictionary and the above poster probably didn't mean to use such a strong term; he probably only meant something like "irritant" or "pest". Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
i chose the balrog cause i like moria a lot and i fancy he would make a good guardian (there's a lot of robbers in my area stealing anything from vegetables to flowers Wink Smilie ). if i could get one he would give 'em a good surprise when they came for their job....

by the way anyone know where i can find one (did gandalf kill the last balrog in moria?)...
i chosed the Balrog because that is a very big bodyguard maybe a bit difficult to transport
of course
I chose Shadowfax because I am totally in love with horses and have always wanted one of my own. Shadowfax in absolutely beautiful. My second choice would be Bill, for no matter how many times they toss me over the jump instead of leaping it themselves, I still have a soft spot for little ponies.
"Skeeve" was actually a reference to Robert Asprins Myth books, in which the character of that name encounters a merchant selling dragons early on in the first book. While he's not looking, said dragon eats part of his clothing (cloak, as I recall) and dragons apparently imprint on whomever feeds them, prompting the merchant to say, "Well, he's yours now, that'll be x gold." And thanks to everyone for the condolences; he's gone to a better place now, and is beyond all pain.
I knew you were talking about him Morambar!!! I just didnt want to say, cause i thought nobody here read that book (books). Elf With a Big Grin Smilie Skeeve's the man, i love those books! What was the name of that goblinoid that was his mentor.... Did you read the ones where they live on the Baazar, and run things like a mob? Orc Grinning Smilie Man...its been a while since i'v read those books...I should brush up on my knowleadge and read them again.. Thanks for reminding me Mor! Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
How can Val possibly have any other pets than his two Chetmig Mountain Lions (they may not be too clear on the avatar, but they are nevertheless loved).

Lacking Chetmigs on the list, I went for Roac. Personally I prefer small pets that don't take too much cleaning up after and which can feed themselves.
Aahz is, I believe, the worthy of whom you're thinking, Etharion, though he's a Pervect, not a goblin (Imp, maybe?) and except for most of (I think) the last four books I've read 'em all, as well as a couple Phules Company books.
Just going back to an earlier point - I NEVER said dogs cannot feel pain. I merely said they tolerate it alot better than Humans do.
Yes, a "pervert". Elf With a Big Grin Smilie Or however you pronounce it.. its a shame there are'nt more of those books...And i dont even think iv read all the ones that are writen! Their kinda hard to find here in Croatia..
I've read two or three Phule's Company books, and they were phuny, maybe not as much fun as Terry Pratchett's humor, but still phun. I can't remember if any of the Phules' had any pets in them, but the talking dog of Ankh-Morpork would make a good pet if he liked you.
DISCWORLD RULZ!!!! One of my favourite was the Nac Mac Feegle clan, and of course there's Greebo and the Trunk. The Fifth elephant was hillarious!! With all those geriatric barbarians. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie Luved it.
hi guys, i voted for Balrog as i know that it would protect me and every one will be scared of my power!!!!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *cough, splutter, choke* Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
hmm, I am quite certain they smell bad. And have dreadful table manners.
I would choose Shadowfax and go far up into the hills on a beautiful summer's day and just sit upon his sleak back and talk to him. To have such a privelege to be with him of all horses would be a wondrous magical experience.
Ummm...when's the enxt poll gonna come? Wasnt there suppost to be a ne one every week? Or at least every 2...3 weeks...
I wish there was one now. I have only been able to participate in one. They are rather intriguing-it is nice to be able to see how others see things and respond.
Grondy, any thoughts?
I'm working one up now and will post it when I finish working the forum if I'm not to tired of reading my monitor by then; in which case it will go up tomorrow. I have two days worth of forum to read, which isn't bad when I can keep from adding my two cents worth, but that is asking a lot from my volition. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Yay for Grondy. I just made a faerie cake with every good thing in it. Please take it with my thanks. Smile Smilie
I just ate a slice Thumbs Up Smilie and it was so good I felt I should share it with the rest of you rather than being a Oink Smilie and hogging it all to my self. Thanks Leelee. Happy Elf Smilie
you are welcome, it is my honor. And I am glad you are sharing since it is a faerie cake and very like lambas in the way just one little bite can fill you up for many hours. If you ate the whole thinkg Grondy dear at one sitting or even five, you would need a crane to lift you to where ever you wished to go, you would feel that heavy inside!
I already resemble that and think I read somewhere that Rafael does too. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
You mean easier to jump over, than go around? Angel Smilie
Oh I am sure you are both perfect. Cool Smilie
Thanks for the cake Grondy, it's yummy with cold milk. Leelee, since it's faerie cake, it's still fresh. As for the topic of the thread, I would like a pup from Farmer Maggot. His dogs are smart since Maggot said to Pippin, Frodo, and Sam, "They won't harm you-not unless I tell 'em to. Here Grip! Fang! Heel!' he cried.'Heel Wolf!' To the relief of Frodo and Sam the dogs walked away and let them go free." FOTR Shortcut to Mushrooms. The dogs knew their stuff, they stopped the possible tresspassers in their tracks and waited for their master to decide and when he called them off they immediately obeyed and went on their way. Nothing is worse than a dog that keeps growling and barking when the master tells them to stand down. It is worth noting that Maggot was somewhat unconventional in using the command "heel" to tell the dogs to relax and go away when "heel" usually means to stick close. Anyway, a pup from such good bloodlines would make a great companion. I lost a puppy to a virus last spring even though she had all her shots and vet visits. I'm about ready for another.
Sorry, Grondy, I posted above before I realized that the thread is about a previous poll which I didn't see. Farmer Maggot's dogs probably weren't in it. Very Big Grin Smilie
Sorry, Grondy, I posted above before I realized that the thread is about a previous poll which I didn't see. Farmer Maggot's dogs probably weren't in it. Very Big Grin Smilie

No they weren't, but that's okay else we might have missed your excellent response for which we thank you. Happy Elf Smilie