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Which Middle-earth recipe do you wish to be handed down by your grandmother?? This poll was submitted by Ungoliant in the far distant past.

Tell us which Middle-earth recipe you wished your grandmother had left you, and why you chose it.
i voted for the mushroom soup
i love mushrooms
the healthy ones......
Whenever I read about the Ent Draught I wish I could have some, so that was my pick. Even though the last thing I need is another couple of inches added to my stature.
Well i choose the Lembas, cause i really think that would taste soooo good.... Elf With a Big Grin Smilie I mean, they'r elves, they live for thousand of years so they have PLENTY of time to perfect their cooking, and we know elves dont settle for anything but the finest. Happy Elf Smilie
But i very much like a few of the others as well... the Eagle's barbecaue sause...mmmmm, the Elven nice...., the Ent draught..simply magical...,and the oh so sweet Honey cakes... Dang!!! Now im hungry!!! Orc Grinning Smilie
hmmmm *licks lips* id love to try some ent draught, when i first read about it i too wanted to try it, it sounds so delectable Big Smile Smilie *mouth drools*
I would love a bit of the Ent draught and I don’t think I’d be dreading the after affects either Happy Elf Smilie
I also chose the Ent draught: at 5'-6.5", I'm short for my weight Oink Smilie Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
I chose Gollums sushi and wasabe suprise, I dont like sushi but Im sure his recipe would be goodSmile Smilieand it was a suprise also
I chose Gildor's Fresh Elven bread as I reckon that Gildor's old enough to have made the perfect Elven bread! Ha Ha Ha Smilie Also, I reckon Elvish food has got to be the best on Middle Earth and I am the wort of person who eats a lot of bread. Disturbed Smilie
Hey, great poll guys! I was so glad to find that cute little corner of PT filled with such delightful, saliva-stimulating content.

I chose Bilbo's Seed-cake Special because the Hobbits seem like a cooking type, and whenever I think of a hobbit, I think of hospitable country lads and lasses who can really stew up a meal. Though I personally wouldn't try the coney stew of Sam's. Rabbits just aren't my thing... Ignore Smilie

And besides, seedcakes taste good. My grandma never made anything of the sort, but the ones from the resteraunts and supermarkets are pretty good. oooo I can just imagine sitting in a cozy little hobbithole and enjoying some hobbit seedcakes with hobbit tea... It's like being back in the fifties or thrities or whenever the English still had the whole exaggerated process of afternoon tea.
I've never had a seed-cake! Sounds delicious. Especially when eaten with the old-fashioned English tea.

I wouldn't mind eating Sam's stew, even though I'm not a big fan of rabbit meat, it just seems really nice. I was a bit mad when I was watching the movie and they didn't even get to eat the stew after he had cooked it! Mad Smilie
I think Elven bread would be a nice snack.Anyone know where an Elf can get a pint o' ale in Middle earth and how many mitheril will that cost??-Aragorn's Lady 9/6/06
well i think the closest you will get to having a drink of ME ale, is to pop by The Khazad-dumish Inn, give a song and drink to your fill.

I would love some Ent Draught though, build me strong, i wonder if its addictive.......
Don't think so, after all, both Merry and Pippin lived to a ripe old age.
I mean addictive like chocolate, not like cigarettes or crack Orc Smiling Smilie
Not addicted I presume, but Barliman's Golden Enchanted Beer almost smells temping.Alcoholic Smilie

By the way I know that I'm not overweight, I'm undertall. Elk Grinning Smilie Oink Smilie
i hear you, reminds me of a good saying;

'You laugh at me because im different, i laugh at you because you're all the same'

Id love some of that Golden Liquor, im tempted.........
So Rafael ? Where would you be serving this ? Your place or mine ?
Take care love, weekend is closing in! So who knows, we might test some mountain dew! Elf Winking Smilie
I should very much like Galadriel's recipe for Lembas...I imagine it to be similar to Manna from Moses in the Bible.
I will simply want to die for to have Lembas and Ent Draught.I'm not the shorest in my class but I want to be taller and Lembas, Elves ha thousands of years to perfect it so I'll eat it slowly to enjoyits full flavour. And its the same with Ent Draught.Must be tasty.mmmm..lembas.mmmmm..Ent draught Big Smile Smilie Good Morning Smilie Oh great, I'm HUNGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mad Smilie
I have it on good report that lembas tastes like 'Dust and ashes'.
Some time ago I stumbled on a website with real recipes adapted from LOTR and managed to find it again this morning. Has anyone tried any of these?

No, but the ones I looked at seemed to be legitimate recipies.