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I chose Dwarf because of Gimli's looks, not from his bumbling caricature as portrayed in the film. I thought the Elves looked too homogeneous, though that may be because I'm human and I can't tell them apart 'because they all look alike'. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

On second thought, I should have chosen Hobbits, for PJ did a really good job on those. I loved the hen pecked husband who could only smile when his wife wasn't looking.
Grondy, I voted for the Hobbits myself. Wizards were not there--Istari could be argued to be a race, I suppose. I don't know why Nazgul are considered a race, because men they are and men they remain, however undead. But when I thought about the other choices, I remembered the opening sequence with Gandalf pulling up in front of Bilbo's door, and I thought "It has to be Hobbits, because PJ did the greatest job with them." Here's to Frodo, Sam, Merry, Pippin, Bag End, the Long Expected Party, Bilbo in Rivendell, the Council of Elrond, the trek to Mount Doom, the Crowning of Aragorn, the Grey Havens... and all the rest! Makes me want to open the book and read again, "In a hole in the ground, there lived a hobbit..."
I didnt look at the small print, well i speed read it, i purely read it as; 'Which part of the films did PJ do the best job when comparing to the books???' I immediately thought of the Nazgul, but then screamed when i realised that they arent a race, they are more of a group, i do agree with what you say Olorin, but i did think though that they made the Nazgul just like the book, a huge cloak but couldnt see the face, they did quite well in making them look freaky, i still get shivers down my spine when i hear the screech *starts to reach for chest and chain*

What i would have chosen (if i had read it properly) would have been Dwarves, PJ did really well, the size mattered immensly, i eagerly waited for what they would look like, the size was near enough perfect a little higher than the waist of men and a tad bigger than hobbits. I thought the beards were just like the books description.
Definitely a tough choice between some of them, but I chose Hobbits: the looks, personalities and lifestyle were just as I imagined from the books. The ones that came close would be dwarves (didn't chose them because we just didn't see enough of them to tell for certain), orcs and nazgul.
I was most disappointed by the elves - they weren't beautiful enough (especially Elrond and Haldir, including their personalities) and a lot of them (extras) had very square features and big or "piggy" noses. I was thinking that the men came close, but then I remembered how messed up Faramir's character was and that the men of Rohan should've had braided hair.
The istari/wizards as well as Sauron and I think the Balrog would be included in the Ainur catagory - PJ did a good job with these, in my opinion.
No wonder the Nazg’l are getting so many votes, the chicks love 'em : Nazg’l
The one on the right is kinda cheeky.
Duh, I love those Nazgul.. and I'm not a chick either..