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From our poll: Who is the best Lord of the Rings Villain?

Who was your choice and why?
I choose the Balrog because it was a monster from the First Age of Middle Earth and as we all know, things were better (or worse) back in the good (or bad) old days.

Besides to me the Balrog was scarier than the Nazgul Lord, whose chief weapon was fear, except for his sword and Icey Morgul-knife on Weathertop and his Crushing Mace on the Fields of Pelennor. The Balrog was bigger and had a flaming sword and a fiery whip, not to mention his wings of shadow, whether they were literal or virtual. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
The Balrog. Has not been seen of properly since the first Age and caused more fear than Sauron himself did.
When I read the title of the Poll, I immediately thought of the Witch-King, as he played the best bad guy. Villains are meant to scare people and make people run away, until some crazy gal stabs them in the face Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie I think that the Witch-King played the part of fear and general nastyness great, or badly..........
I'm here to join the Balrog-fiend-fan-club. Balrog-struggle must have been "sported" since time began. The fight between Gandalf vs a Balrog was scary in the book as in the movie.
So Balrog is my choice! Wary Smilie By the way; as far as I remember, Gothmog was the top-Balrog, wasn't he/she/it? Elf Smilie
I chose the Barrow Wight that guy really freaked me out! that whole scene was creepy! lol. Would NOT want to meet that guy in a dark alley...heck, I wouldn't want to meet him at all! lol. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
I voted for no one. They're all losers.

The real diabolical mastermind, Bill Ferny, should've been in the poll.
Some may call all of us loosers, Vir, but one can find and vote for a lot of imaginary villains hereby winning at least attention. Elf Winking Smilie
By the way; as far as I remember, Gothmog was the top-Balrog, wasn't he/she/it?

The Gothmog in this poll was not the Balrog from The Silmarillion, but the one who momentarily took command at the Battle of Pelennor Fields after the Witch King, aka the Nazgul Lord, was destroyed by the ’owen/Merry Consortium.

I could have added Bill Ferny, Pimple Sackville-Baggins, Old Man Willow, and the Stone Trolls to the poll, but of them I probably should have substituted Bill Ferny in place of Gothmog who only appeared in one sentence in the book, but who I assume was represented by that brave albino orc type critter in PJ's movie.
Super Scared Smilie
I voted for Gollum, since he's actually a good-guy-turned-into-a-bad-guy sortta character and he's not as scary as some of the other baddies like the Balrog or Sauron, but he's sortta cute, in his own way.

Besides, he's a bad guy who shows really good psychological conflict. And he does wield formidable power when he decides to fight someone (the finger-biting part was gruesome!).
I just noticed that 'Gothmog' was an option. I assume this means the captain of the Morgul host, not the dreaded Lord of Balrogs?
*points at Grondy's last post in this thread*
but who I assume was represented by that brave albino orc type critter in PJ's movie.

No, I believe that one was called Slothmog.
Sheesh, quite a stumper for my first ever messsage!
The balrog always struck me as a tremendously potent thing, but sure as hell mute... A more sentient/ expressive being - closer to my own consciousness- holds a little more fear for me. Like when the nazgul speak ("Open in the name of Mordor!") I get a little shivery. So I have to stick with Sauron, as the creator of the nine. Yes he's a little distant in LOTR - far away over the mountains, we see some smoke and bad weather and the odd appearance of his lidless eye - but he's still the mastermind. If i could caste another along with Ferney it would be Morgoth just because of his total overwiew
Sorry, I didn't see Grondy's last post.

Also I would just like to nitpick, but there was no lidless eye atop Barad-dur.
What is refered to as 'The Eye' is Sauron looking out with his Palantir from the Dark Tower. In the film Sauron did not have a phisical body, whereas in the book he had actually taken a weak phisical form.
I said the Witch-king, but I really mean all the nazgul. They gave the LOTR a horror/suspense/thriller kind of feel, especially in FOTR. I remember when I first read the LOTR, I stayed up all night fearing the Frodo, Sam, Pippin and Merry were going to get caught! The other villans were not as scary to me. Wait, Shelob was pretty scary too. Actually, now that I think of it, a lot of villans were pretty scary... TOLKIEN IS A GENIUS!!!!
I misunderstood the question slightly and went for the one I thought was most villainous, rather than the most frightening/powerful villain.

For this reason I went for Saruman. All of the others, however nasty/powerful/scary they may be, they were doing what they were made to do. As such they were not really villains. Saruman, however, was sent to help the Free People fight against the other "villains" and by becoming one himself chose freely to become a traitor. In my mind this is the biggest act of villany any of them could have committed.

Had I read the question as the others of you had, I think I would have gone for Sauron. Just because we don't see a lot of him in LotR should not distract from his evil. At the hands of any of the others we could expect a nasty end. Under sauron, however, I just feel it would last longer and be fouler.
In my mind this is the biggest act of villany any of them could have committed.

Yes, but Sauron betrayed his master Aul’ and the other Valar too and considering he was more powerful than Saruman and his betrayal came way earlier, this would make him a much bigger villain than Saruman.

The same could be said for the Balrogs, when they allied to Melkor they did betray the 'light side' too.

At the hands of any of the others we could expect a nasty end. Under sauron, however, I just feel it would last longer and be fouler.

Not necessarily, if you see how he disposed of Gorlim... tricks behind tricks behind tricks.
I just have to pop in and remark that the 'Balrog-fiend-fan-club' are in the most-voted-seat today. Wary Smilie
Now that I think of it...Balrogs were scary...and yes, indeed, the First Age was a real good old time. No wonder Galadriel loves to keep a mirror to remind her of the past.
and yes, indeed, the First Age was a real good old time.

I wouldn't really regard it as 'good'. It's filled primarily with grief, horror and cruelty due to Morgoth and Co. The moments of glee can be counted on one hand, and even then are far too brief.

Are you sure you're not confusing the First Age with the Age of the Trees? The First Age began when the exiled Noldor set foot on Beleriand.
How could I have confused the First Age with the age of the Trees? Like they'd have Balrogs in Tirion when the Trees still shone...

*shakes head* See what I mean by losing sarcasm? Well, he's losing sense of sarcasm as well...
There were already Balrogs during the first war between the Valar, hence also during the Age of the Trees. The difference is that during the Age of the Trees, the Balrogs were slumbering in their master's fortress, awaiting his return, hence Beleriand was safe.

I do not know what you are trying to say.
I think the Balrog was pretty good, uh, or bad, but I also think PJ did a bad job for a faithful presentation of the Balrog; he was supposed to be smaller.
Gothmog is confusing for this poll. We all know of the high and mighty Gothmog of the 1st Age, after all who could forget the slayer of Feanor, Fingon, and Ecthelion (whom in return slew Gothmog.)

True there is a Gothmog in LOTR but he is very vague and it's even quoted in The Encyclopedia of Arda that he only appears once in the Battle of Pelennor Fields and even his race is uncertain.

Gothmog is mentioned precisely once in The Lord of the Rings, and we're given absolutely no clues about his race.

Who's to say that it isn't the original Gothmog who's spirit has been ressurected, but given the evidence at Encyclopedia of Arda I would say that isn't possible. Gothmog was originally a Balrog, which is in turn Maia. I've never heard of a Maia comming back to Arda as any other form, with the exception of comming back as Maia, but it's clear that he didn't come back as a Maia.

If you go to Encyclopedia of Arda CLICK HERE scroll down then click on 'G' and pick Gothmog, you will see why I doubt it's not the original Gothmog.
I chose Gollum because he has the most direct impact on Frodo's quest to destroy the ring - good and bad. Like Val, I didn't interpret the poll to mean the most scariest villain, but the best for whatever reason you may choose. To me Gollum is the best villain because he is such a complex character and plays such a huge role in the whole story.