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Dundeon Siege is Rated Teen due to Blood Gore and Violence by the ESRB. You can turn off the Blood if I remember correctly. It isn't a actual D&D game, but it is a D&D type game with demons, undead, and monsters, and is best played as a good person fighting them to defend the peoples of your nation.
Anybody play abandonware games?
Never mind about the patches, I found a site with a ton of really good one for free. I've already gotten a lot downloaded.
I just got Battle for Middle-Earth II, but I'm having a problem, does anyone know what I can do to get the game to work without having to go and buy a different GeFore card? I have a GeForce 4 MX, which is not supported by the game. I can get in and do other things, but every time I try to play a campaign or skirmish, the game quits on me and says that 'game.dat' has encountered an error.
HELP! Please.
If you're speaking about abandonware i use the sites, and
Try finding the most recent driver.
Ah, a favorite topic of mine. I play, Elder Scrolls:Oblivion, Fable, and any shooter.

But Halo online rocks the party. Yessir, nothing better out there.

Anybody like the Legacy of Kain series?
I play lord of the rings battle for middle earth online for computer i would love to play with someone who has a membership in this website ide be sweet and FUN!!!! Big Smile Smilie
Elder Scrolls:Oblivion, Fable, and any shooter.

But Halo online rocks the party. Yessir, nothing better out there.

I'll agree with that Rock Hat... Halo is probably the most successful and most enjoyable online game around at the moment, and addictive Orc Smiling Smilie As well as Oblivion Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
I can think of one game that is better than Halo. Aeriagames released it's latest game in the middle of October for CB; being a member already I received an invite for it and played. It then closed down in December, to come back in Open Beta, available to the public now. Shaiya is in my opinion one of the very best games out there to play, and what's more: hehe, it's free! Very Big Grin Smilie
As well as Oblivion

Morrowind rips Oblivion to shreds.
Do you have Xbox becuase there are 2 amazing Star Wars RPGs on the xbox. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic & Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II The 1st one is definitly over 40 hours long. The 2nd one is pushing 60 hours even more if you do every sub quest and such (trust me they are such good games you'll do everything you can)

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (KoToR) is actually for PC and Xbox but the sequel is only on Xbox. If you have Xbox the games are apparently better for Xbox so i'd stick with that version if you have the choice.

KOTOR II is also available on PC, however. I agree that both games are brilliant, but KOTOR II is an unfinished game... due to LucasArts bugging the developer to release the game earlier than planned, a lot of content was cut --- especially content regarding the ending(s) of the game, which explains why the ending is a bit unsatisfying, to say the least.

These games might be interesting for the Neverwinter Nights fans out there... they're Star Wars RPGs but feature the same AD&D rules of NWN. Futhermore, the skills and feats system are analogous to NWN.

Besides what else cooler than becomming a Sith Lord and frying everyone you see with lighting and such?

Darth Virumor preferred the Force Choke... Very Evil Smilie
If i was to list all the games im playing at the moment you would still be reading my post tomorrow Smile Smilie
I'm currently playing a premium Neverwinter's Nights Module called Infinite Dungeons that takes place in Halaster's Undermountain Labyrinths. I'm working my way through my fourth dungeon and my female ranger has advance from level five to level 17. I have found if you accept all the quests you soon have a large entourage and if you manage to keep them all alive and collect all the loot you can carry, the game will take 10 minutes to save and 15 minutes to load. And maybe five minutes to generate each new map area. So this time I park them at the entrance and trying to keep myself alive, get rid of the worst of the baddies first. Though I am now facing two Balors with their little helpers and my arrows being harmless against the Balors, I ,must face them with rapier and shortsword where I can usually cut each of them down in two rounds if I don't get taken out by their magic first. At least I have outsiders as a favorite enemy and these bosses are not yet dragons. Pit Fiends I can cut down in one round.

I will need a new computer before I can play Neverwinter Nights 2.
Did you ever finish NWN with Sharwyn as henchman? She's nice to talk to and gives good quest items, but in combat she's way underpowered, imho. I've always gone for Tomi/Linu for my paladin/fighter (my favourite way of playing, I don't like the magic system of this game).

Sharwyn would have been excellent for NWN 2; at least in that game you can have a 4 member party and fully customize and control your party. A lone Bard is useless! There should have been at least two henchmen in NWN like in KOTOR. Ah well.

eriagames released it's latest game in the middle of October for CB; being a member already I received an invite for it and played. It then closed down in December, to come back in Open Beta, available to the public now. Shaiya is in my opinion one of the very best games out there to play, and what's more: hehe, it's free!

Ha, so that's where those "choose your sexy goddess" google ads are coming from! Very Evil Smilie
I haven't had the time to actually play anything very intently lately. I've been busy Smile Smilie

I used to play guild wars alot last year... Untill the point where my guild's pvp members lost interest in the game. (we were in the top 100 Smile Smilie ) Anyone else ever tried?

I've been happy to play Condemned 2: bloodshot on ps3 for this past week...
Whit my peculiar sense of humour i find the violence in the game amusing rather disturbing... (im weird i know Big Smile Smilie) I just somehow find it funny when you sneak up on a unsuspecting zombie like enemy and hit it whit my trusty tazer and watch it fall down a set of stairs Smile Smilie
Blooshot has a lot of horror elements too... It gives you quite a scare when your flaslight goes out in a dark building and you start hearing hostile voices which are getting nearer all the time Super Scared Smilie As far as scary games go... Blooshot is in my top 5 Smile Smilie
In Neverwinter Nights I have always played as a dual wielding Ranger and usually used Daelan Redtiger as my tank, then used Tomi only when I couldn't bust open a chest by myself. (I made a quick save prior to tripping any trap.) In the later expansions I used Deekin for my follower as a bard until he could become a Dragon Disciple where he is awesome and could use all those scrolls that I couldn't. The only time I bothered summoning an animal helper was against a few of the tougher bosses as a distraction, like against the two major Dragon fights and the Dracolith.

I got NWN 2 for Christmas from my grandson, but won't play it until after I finish Dungeon Siege 2 in expert mode, where I'm currently in Snowbrook Castle looking for the Commander. I'm certainly not looking forward to that damned Red Dragon and ballista, but I killed it in merc and veteran modes so I guess it can be done in expert mode.
I'm certainly not looking forward to that damned Red Dragon and ballista, but I killed it in merc and veteran modes so I guess it can be done in expert mode.

IIRC at expert level the huge ticks that are catapulted in are like 10 levels above you... also at the beginning of the final chapter you have to do some serious grinding in order to keep up with the baddies. I like the dragon fight, I hated the evil Treebeard fight as first time I didn't have a combat mage that could incinirate it. Also, at expert level the fight against the remaining dark wizards takes very very long.

The best part of NWN 2 is the story & characters, something wherein NWN severely lacked imho. It is quite similar to Knights of the Old Republic. I haven't yet played the two expansions of it, but I hear they are not so good. And of course, you can play as a drow like in Icewind Dale 2 = win!

I really own at Call of Duty 4: advanced warfare 2. but its on my ps3, my computer isn't fast enough..

COD 4: Advanced Warfare 2?! 

COD 4 is Modern Warfare 1, and COD 6: is Modern Warfare 2.... 

uhhh,,, i play the game, and i cant even get the friggin name right..

I play nethack still  You all look like @ to me.....

I've been a huge fan of RPG-games since my childhood, but I haven't yet got to experience games such as 'The Neverwinter Nights' and Elder Scrolls-series, haven't got enough time to play those yet, since I've been lately a bit off from games, dunno why, but in my opinion, one of the best games I've ever played is 'The Witcher' and I am impatiently waiting for the second one.

Also to be mentioned, I think that Guild Wars 2 will be a good one and so will be the long-awaited Blizzard goods: World of Warcraft: Cataclysm and Diablo 3, though not sure which one I'll begin/continue to play from MMORPG-class.

I've never come across a good Middle-earth game yet - board, card or video - though I hear there was a very good boardgame made some decades ago (forget its name). I think mods are the best. These are usually made by fans rather than commercial interests (who always slaughter the lore).

My favourite mod is the Fourth Age: Total War which has several releases and completes this year. The forum is at

There's a couple of dev diaries up to at youtube!


Palantirion, so glad you brought that up. I've actually been a PC gamer most of my life. I love RTS games and the Total War series are easily my favorite. FATW wasn't bad, but with the release of Medieval II, a new one was made called Third Age: Total War and it is infinitely better IMO. If you like PC RTS games and you like Tolkien, this is an absolute essential. There are even historic battles, as well as a Fellowship campaign. And theres something like 14 races to choose from, with more to come.

It's really cool, I can't recommend this enough. It's like a LOTR Risk (board game) meets Real-Time battle with thousands of troops. And they're actually ME troops; Including cave trolls, Malmuks, Nazguls...this list goes on. So epic.

I also played Battle For Middle Earth a few years ago. Definitely not bad, though it is focused more around the movies than it is the actual lore.

Medieval II is essentially the same engine as Rome, but it has fancier graphics. I have it and have played some of its mods (most remain stubbornly medieval unlike the huge range of diversity in the more numerous Rome mods), including TATW.

TATW is a young mod and has a long way to go. It's 2 year's old I think (?) so it's not going to be anywhere near finished yet for a total epic conversion. 

Personally I find Medieval II a bit worse than Rome in most regards. Battlemap buildings are definitely better than Rome, but in many other ways it is worse to me: bad unit cohesion, bad "hunchback" animations (OK for Orcs though! Wink Smilie and more plethora of bugs (even after several patches) than RTW vanilla had (which were very few in hindsight).

RTW and M2 are considered the best of the series by many (though the AI of the first TWs were very good), but by and large I'd say Rome is the superior - unless eye candy is the chief concern! Though RTW modders are now developing strong vegetation environments making the trees and hills etc. much more diverse, rich and M2-like.

Give me Rome any day - though M2 is a close second for me despite the game-breaking bugs Sad Smilie

Fair enough, though I'd say my experience is just about the opposite. I played A LOT of RTW. And I mean a lot. Entire world conquered twice. Never even played the expansions, pretty much just vanilla Rome, and I have a strict policy of never using the auto battle feature.  I've played MTW2 even more, conquering the normal and the New World twice and three quarters way with Egypt. I've always felt MTW2 improved on many of Rome' flaws and I have encountered less than half of the bugs I had in Rome.

As for Third Age....I mean....essentially it's the exact same as FA but with better graphics, more races, more fluidity and better interface. To each their own of course. Also, when it comes to mod/game release ratio, I would say 2 years isn't really young. Especially since it was in development before MTW even came out! The same guys were working on a Star Wars mod for Empire TW before it came out, but realized it was too difficult and would rather focus on TA.

Things I didn't like about MTW2 that Rome had......being able to go into the cities and look around. Being able to change faction heirs. How unfair the religion system could be until you learned how it really worked. Are you sure you have all the patches? Cause my game runs almost flawlessly. I also have a pretty powerful rig, so maybe it's more PC based than game based.


Edit: Another thing I wanted to mention actually is the economy. I felt they improved upon that pretty strongly. I NEVER auto-manage my cities, I watch everything myself. Also you can keep playing after you beat the game. I HATED that about Rome...

I've had both games since they came out. Probably played more Rome (and BI and Alex), but an awful lot of M2/Kingdoms too. Even played the original MTW (and Viking Invasion) Wink Smilie

I'm surprised you found less bugs in M2. That has not been my experience at all, nor is it the common view from what I've read on forums (people always complaining that the developers do less testing and bring out less finished products each time the engine is updated).

I'm not sure "fluidity" is a word I'd use for M2. One of the advantages of Rome is the smooth graphics and less clunkiness. Getting troops to do what you order them to do is a pain in M2 and often besiegers will decided to spend the entire battle congregated in a big group at the bottom of ladders. And then there's the routing city defenders who get stuck at the gates after sallying forth. I've had to order troops multiple times to get off city walls, and then - when they do - they are so slow about it that the enemy are upon them. Troops indicate they are firing when they are not, and running when they are walking (though, to be fair I have on occasion seen this in Rome but to a far lesser extent). I've played M2 enough to also know that it crashes to desktop more often than Rome too (though perhaps this is due to heavier use of resources rather than coding issues).

Fourth Age is very different from TATW (and other Middle-earth mods). Firstly, it is not set in the Third Age, secondly it is based on the lore rather than movies, and has original design. It has a whole different philosophy about it really, both in content and its approach. It would probably appeal to the more mature fan who is a bit of a Tolkien purist, or to those very interested in the books (over the movies). I like both, but the books are my favourite of course.

Yes,  I agree that M2 has some things that Rome should have, and that Rome has some thing M2 should have - in some ways a blend of the two would be the perfect game Wink Smilie

Two years is not young for a mod, but for a full conversion mod it is. The amount of work necessary for a full conversion is at least 30,000 hours. RTW took 55 man-years to create. If you look at most mods today very few are fully converted to the point of polish in the TW scene at least. Audio, text, 2D imagery, coding and balance take up a vast amount of time (way more than textures and 3d modelling) - an over sight most mods make and thus end up incomplete. Europa Barbarorum is pretty extensive and maybe a couple of others including the Fourth Age - but these have all taken years and I'm not sure any of them have said "we're finished!"

Of course, many mods do not aim for such epic conversion, and do not need to. Norman Invasion and Viking Invasion II, for example, are tight focused mods that have a small scope and pull on pre-existing resources (to some extent) and so required probably around 1000 hours of work.

I can understand m2 would be more appealing the better your PC.  Wink Smilie

I try to play as many games as there are out there. But currently I'm playing League of Legends (awesome online game and completely free), Call of Duty Black Ops, and Halo Reach, with a little Starcraft II and Lord of the Rings: Online mixed in.

I have been playing Starcraft 2 for a while now. It's like chess but faster paced and im enjoying it Smile Smilie

It's good to see that there are other gamers here. I enjoy playing games a lot, since it has always felt natural to do so. RPG-games have always been my weakness, and thus I'm really excited about this year, 'cause there'll be so many fantastic games to play: Guild Wars 2, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings and Trine 2. Those will be that for me, and at the moment I'm playing God of War 2 on my PS2, and Amnesia: The Dark Descent on computer. Smile Smilie

Finally worked out how to get Urulive working on our Mac, seems very expansive and vast, only seen a few other people on because they are all in other areas of the game. As my time and PC time is Limited, I'm looking forward to many years of enjoyment searching the caverns, but in small doses, I suspect I will start my "Journey" soon.

Has anyone got Fifa Manager 11 or Football Manager 11?

No, and just for clarity: Is that the American Football or Football/Soccer/Futbal? (I know, my American is showing )

Palantirion, I didn't even notice you responded. I guess this one is just all about opinion. I mean, the AI in both games sucks pretty hard. I just feel like what you described happened to you in M2 happened to me in Rome as well. And in contrast, I actually feel like it happened more in Rome! Weird!! I also have a pretty beastly machine, so I'm sure that played a part or two.

I suppose I can see how Third Age is based more on the movies than the books, but I don't think that's really true of either. It's all about how you play it. There are many more factions in TA that are random groups from the book. I don't know how I feel about your assumption that FA would appeal to the more "mature" fans. I've been reading Tolkien since I was 10 and the books have more influence on my life than most other things around me, and I just happen to like TA more. I wonder if this also has to do with my rig...

Another thing I'll admit is that I'm a huge history buff and when it comes to warfare, if I absolutely HAD to choose, I'd probably go with medieval times. PLEASE DO NOT GET ME WRONG, I absolutely LOVE ancient warfare, have read so many books on it, but I also love the medieval era, which is one of the reasons I love Tolkien so much (even though Tolkien is probably the reason I like that so much!). So naturally I'll probably be a little more inclined to the medieval version.....I am so incredibly psyched for Shogun 2 though!

I guess yeah, 2 years is young for a full conversion mod, but I was looking more at the ratio of game release/creation. Plus like I said they were working on TA before M2 even came out. This is getting way too complicated though, I'm just glad we both love the Total War series and all of its forthcomings. Not enough of us TW fans out there...and like I said. Shogun 2. This March. Yes!!!

Gimli, it is Normal Football/"Soccer", not American Football. 

Hi Balrog,


Now it was me who didn't see the response! Wink Smilie

When I say "based on the movies" I mean that TATW (and lotrtw too) use imagery and concept designs from the movies. FATW has worked from scratch with design, which takes a great deal of thought, research and time - and avoided fictions such as full-plate armour etc. 

When I say "mature" I mean that FATW has a lot of immersive lore-based detail in it - which is really the hallmark of the mod. This would appeal to Tolkien purists. Also, the game - especially the upcoming one - is focused around gameplay and features adapted to an extremely strategic and well-thought-out campaign. So in lore, coding and balance FATW has its strengths. 

What tends to happen with most mods is that they do things a different way - there is a focus on graphics first and foremost and the stability, gameplay, lore etc. are often sacrificed because - as with 95% of mods - they are never entirely "completed". It's so sad to see so much wasted work in this regard. I know of a mod recently where a modder has worked his heart and soul out creating battlemap buildings, only to have his circumstances change and no longer have time to do all the coding, balance and all the other non-graphical stuff (which is well over 50% of what modding is all about).

But I could go on for ages about good modding procedures Wink Smilie 

M2 is a good game. I actually tend to like the Dark Ages more than both ancient and medieval - and I am of the view that Tolkien's world was closer to the Dark Ages than (at least high) medieval times. But, yes, m2 buildings are definitely better for Middle-earth than Rome's (barbarians excepted).

I intend to play both when they are done Wink Smilie





Like I said....I'm just glad we both appreciate the Total War games. And the mods, nonetheless.

I play no other series (except M&B a bit) as I'm very fussy - RTW and M2 are my favourites. And with all the mods, the life-time value of the game is so much more!

I recently had to Reinstall my OS and I lost all of my most favorite old goodies Sad Smilie (Baldur's gate series, Planescape: Torment) The CD's are either lost or so scratched that installing them won't work.

And as the only "true" game shop that sells these in finland is out of business I'll be buying these from ebay Smile Smilie

But It would be awesome if you could give me some suggestions on games I should buy and their approximate price Smile Smilie

Also; Lord of the Rings Online is now free to play I hear Smile Smilie go check it out Smile Smilie

Well Arath, it would depend on your system. If you want LOTR games, there are only a few good ones. Battle For Middle Earth 1 and 2 are both pretty good. You also have the Total War series, which has Middle Earth themed mods for some of their games. There was an old xbox game that I think was on PC, it was a game for Fellowship of the Ring but it followed the book, not the crappy movie game version. Oh and LOTR Online is pretty funny, especially since it's free.

Other good PC games: Dragon Age, Batman Arkham Asylum, Half life 2, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

That should keep you busy for awhile...

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