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I was borded today and surfing on the internet i decided to look up the Chinese animal zodiac signs, talk about far fetched.... All they do is basically tell you all the characteristics you 'should' have if your born in that year. After reading them all I come to the conclusion that I don't believe in the Chinese animal zodiac junk one bit! Think about it... They throw out enough random traits and characteristics so of course some people may relate to their animal but the same amount of people won't, it's a 50/50 chance. I thought of quite a few people i know, along with myself, and checked out their signs and surprise, surprise! Most of the people were either not even close to the description they 'should' live up to and the others only had half the traits they 'should' have. Only a couple people i checked out were a fairly close description of their animal.

Then there is the Westernese (or whatever you wanna call it.. example: scorpio, libra, ect..) zodiac signs and past couple weeks i've been paying attention to mine and i find those type of signs a lot closer to the mark for me. I'd say about 7/10 times when I look up my sign each day it is either almost right on the money or pretty darn close.

By the way my chinese animal sign is the Dog and my other zodiac sign is the Libra.
I don't think you're actually supposed to take it seriously.
Like I mentioned above I DON'T take them seriously, not the chinese zodiacs or the horoscope signs, for that matter i don't take many things in life seriously....

However there are millions upon millions of people who do take them seriously and all i'm trying to say is my daily Libra horoscope seems to be hitting the mark or comming quite close, with the odd exception, since i've recently started reading them. Coicidence? Maybe... However science, so far, can not prove everything and perhaps never will be able to.

Something to think about....
you would not believe how many people swear by it and take it deadly seriously. I have a friend that used to have an occult book store and crystal whatever it was. She had her gynormous Chinese astrology book out on the table and would consult it nearly by the hour. She went on a long diatribe to tell me about myself.
When I read it is sounded about as different as the real me as night is to day.
but she swore by it and lived by it.
Haha ya that's what i'm trying to say. It's like religion for a lot of people, not me... but a lot of people feel very strongly behind that stuff.
Truly, I have a friend who has to check her horoscope each day or she can't function. I like looking at my horoscope every now and then for a good laugh or to bring up my spirits however.
Yes Arwen,
I have a male friend who is a CEO for one company and owns another and he is THE most intelligent person you can imagine.
He found out that I am born the same month as him, only seven days apart. He was so fascinated and thought how absolutely alike we are.
ER........wrong. We are both meticulous in certain things, cerbral, a few others. But I am shy, he is confidente, I burn out quicky strength wise, he can be in a plane twenty hours, then shower and go do something physical for like ten more hours. etc etc.
And his mother is born around the same time in the same month and she is like Margaret Thatcher on a bad day! A no nonsense take charge dynamo that he said frightened lumberjacks when she visited Canada!
Oh well............
Arwen, if you don't mind me saying the gentle name you have chosen is rather at odds with the avy.......don't you think Smile Smilie hahahahahahaha. I like it though. it is excellent cool.
lol, i'm afraid the nick was picked based on looks rather than personality...much to my parents' dismay. but i totally know where you're coming from with people in the same month being so alike yet different.

CONGRATULATIONS.!!!!!!!!!! whoooooooooohoooooooooooooooooo

there is something so cool about the number one thousand. Always makes me think of New Years and new things somehow.