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Thorin suggested this poll and gets the credit for it. Any blame for those areas selected and omited is not his fault, it may be laid directly on me; I did the best I could, not wanting to make a poll with thirty-some elements.

Which area of the Forum did you choose as your favorite and why?
I like General Discussion the mostSmile Smiliemany interesting topics to debate and I love to answer the Trivia :Barad-dur though I also like to visit the Ivy Bush Tavern and Current Games a lot Smile SmilieI also like The Silmarillion (though I seldom write anything there I read what other members do) Great poll ThorinHappy Elf SmilieMakes me think a lot of what I'm doing at PT
Although regretably I don't have as much free time to contribute as I once did, thus limiting my own input, the Silmarillion section was, and still is, my favourite section. When I first joined here almost seven years ago, a lot of the members were only reading the Silmarillion for their first time. Back then I was able to help a lot of them to understand better some of the concepts of the book, which for a first time reader can be a difficult book to follow. As time progressed, I was able see several of those people become experts themselves, and now some of them have a far better comprehension of the story than myself.

Unfortunately, as replying to discussion topics about the Silmarillion frequently requires a fair bit of research to back up your view, I find it is one of the sections I now have trouble finding the time to actively participate in. Not to worry though... I've left the section in safe hands. Virumor, Gandalf Olorin and several others have surpassed my own knowledge and now hold the crown Wink Smilie

I love the Sil too but since I am still finding my way about and trying to learn from others I have picked General. It has a great many threads to think on and evaluate. Love it.
I choose the Roleplaying Guild.. i like to hang out there and enjoy roleplaying with other PTers. Alas, i too dont have much time, cause if i did, id explore every corner of PT thricefold!! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie But im sad that the Writers Guild isnt used any more.. Orc Sad Smilie The Quest for The Straight Road was awesome.. sigh.
And i dont notice that much new people on PT as before..
Is it maybe because the popularity was greater before, when the LOTR movies came out, so it was more acctual of a topic, and now after some times when the movies have past, things are setting to a more serene pace? Its just a thought..
I like the Ivy Bush, as well as General Discussion and Roleplaying.
Any Tolkien related section of the forum is my favourite.

I do not very much like the other sections.
I chose General Discussion because it was hard to decide a hierarchy among Tolkien's books, places and characters which is where most of the good discussion takes place, and I enjoy running the Trivia: Barad-dur thread, which should be translated as "Trivial Hell" to my way of thinking. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
I enjoy General Discussion, although I seldom post there, I enjoy reading the threads and answering the questions that Grondy gives, although I cannot post because of the 24 hour rule as the time difference from here is a tad wierd, but nonetheless it keeps me sharp on my Tolkien skills....

I do like all of them, as anyone can have a discussion about anything and enjoy it, so all round I like to read and "discuss" anything Orc Smiling Smilie
I enjoy running the Trivia: Barad-dur thread, which should be translated as "Trivial Hell" to my way of thinking.

Funny Grondy Big Laugh Smilie Is that because of all the funny answers some of the members give you ? (specially Virs' it really makes me laugh))
I chose the Silmarillion! Well, I didn't technically choose, since I was absent while the poll was being held, but I looked over the choices and I would definitely choose Silmarillion! I think that some of my best posts have been in that section and it was a character in the Silmarillion that first attracted me to this site. Also, the Sil. is my favourite Tolkien book and there is just such a wealth of events to discuss with the Sil. and that section has it all. The Sil. may also be one of the few active sections on the planet that haven't yet been tainted by movie/book debates and all that. The Sil. things are purely Tolkien and we are content at that.