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i am a huge fan of tolkien as many of you are. unfortuantly i have a terrible time trying to pronunciate a lot of the names and places. does anyone know of a website or a book that spells out these things phonetically? ive tried to use "The Languages of Tolkien's Middle-earth" book to no avail. someone please help me out! im tired of saying these things wrong!! thanks everyone
Well there are the Appendices in The Return of the King of course (though I assume you've been there already too), or information in The Road Goes Ever On, also published by Tolkien himself. I tried to post some links to a couple of pages where JRRT can be heard with respect to Grey-elven and Quenya (there are CDs available with Tolkien reading from his books)... but it didn't work, and I'm not sure it's allowed in any case

Or, you might ask questions here maybe... it's pronounced Keleborn for example Wink Smilie
You should check out the Ardalambion site and download the Quenya course. Click here for site
It's very good.
All I know about is Ruth. s. Noel who has a book called something like a complete guide to middle earth languages. She gives help for all fourteen middle-earth languages. i have not read it myself but it received some good reviews. Other than that it is a little here and there in appendice f and other books. tedious really.
i think im going to try and get a book a tape. i try and read those guides and appendices but i just cant get it. if i hear someone say it ill be able to remember it. thanks guys
There are some great CDs featuring JRRT himself as I mentioned... and I'll add there's also Christopher Tolkien reading from the Silmarillion as well.
If you're looking for a good site for learning how to pronounce the various Elvish names and places, you should go to Ardhon Ellammath. And while I definitely recommend getting the CDs of Tolkien speaking, a site with clips of him pronouncing different words can be found at Glǽmscrafu.

Hope that helps!