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As of tuesday I will be headed into the army most of you wont be able to contact me yourselves if those of you who remember me wish to talk to me speak with arwen she knows how to get ahold of me without using the computer. I wish you all the best and will miss you all. Oh and lets just hope that when I'm out in this bloody war I don't do something stupid like charge in yelling Leeroy Jenkins. or however that is spelled.
you will definitely be in my prayers. please take good care of yourself and come back to us as whole and at peace as possible.
I Amen to what Leelee said Drizzt.

Were proud of you and thank you for doing your duty. Be safe out there and come back as whole as you can.
You'll be in my thoughts and prayers, too, Drizzt; please be careful!
Take care Drizzt Smile Smilie You'll be in my thoughts and prayers as well..Remember that you have lots of souls out there who are with you in good or bad times. Hopefully it won't be any bad
Yours in fellowshipHappy Elf Smilie I'll miss you ..Come back safe mate
Aye! Ditto to all the above!
Good luck out there! I'll keep you in my prayers.
God Bless you, Drizzit. Please be careful and of course you will be in my prayers.

Hey all basic is now over which means I'm at Advanced Individual Training which means I can now get online every now and then to check email and the such so feel free to contact me and I may just be able to tell you some funny stories about my time at fort benning GA and I can talk to all the people who were nice enough to reply to this post to begin with. My email address is listed on my profile page so feel free to use it to contact me if you would like since I wont get to many chances to get on PT in the near future but I will be able to check my email....**Mutters curses about his phone not likeing pt.**
Congratulations on all you have accomplished so far. You remain in my prayers and it will be wonderful to hear h ow you are doing and growing in the life you have chosen. Smile Smilie
How do we access your profile?

How do we access your profile?

Sorry, but we can't access each other's profiles, not even the CMs can do that; this towards the maintainence of privacy. So all you can do is send whichever Arwen he meant above, a PM and ask her for Drizzt's email address, or send him a PM and wait until whenever he is next able to return here.
So all you can do is send whichever Arwen he meant above, a PM and ask her for Drizzt's email address.

He means Arwen Evenstar, the member with one of the few animated avatars on this site... skull and crossbones spinning... But you won't have much luck in contacting her, she and I would talk often, but she has left state I believe... Or so she implyed... In the meantime, we/I will wait for her to return...

But well done on your completion of training D, why don't you simply post one of your stories here... then all can read Teacher Smilie Read Smilie Orc Smiling Smilie
Please do post stories, I'd also like to hear about how things are going for you. and stay safe!
I will see about getting the stories posted and I will also try to come online once a week with only a few breaks in that because of training and details and all that good stuff. Currently the army is backlogged with people for my job so we are waiting for them to find a slot in the classes so I can continue my training in the mean time I am stuck doing cleaning and lawn care and the such so I don't know when things will start to look up. I am sorry to say that Arwen seems to have vanished compleatly from here and the other addresses I had for her and her phone no longer is in service....I don't know whats going on but if anyone gets a lead let her know that I would like to talk to her. Also thank you all for your prayers and I pray that we can all continue to be friends through all of the ordeals that life will throw at us. Remember planet tolkien is all one big family and the drow elf Drizzt cares deeply for all of you no matter what happens.
umm hi you guys dont know me .. maybe gondmaster but i jsut would like to say be safe drittz im 15 and im going to go in the army as soon as possible so if you could give me some pointers or heads that would be wonderful i hope you guys accept this meesage he said were all one big HAPPY family.
Marco no worries bro you are always welcomed by the dark elf.
Glad you could make it in Drizzt. Please keep yourself and you compatriots safe and return again when you can.
It is always good to see you pop in from time to time, Drizzt.
Take care of yourself and know that your PT family hold you in our thoughts.
Same here D, keep us posted on how you and others are Orc Smiling Smilie