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Our poll of 27 July 2007 was suggested by TomBombadillo and is a repeat of one done long ago and whose results are long forgotten. Now you newer members can give thr reasoning behind your preference.

In our Poll: 'Who would you like most to read the Lord of the Rings to you?' which person/entity did you choose and why?
I chose Galadriel even though I'll bet many of you will choose Gandalf. My reason is so I could ask her questions about the First and Second Ages during the digressions I'd try to arrange. Gandalf wasn't in Middle-earth back then, so she would be the best one to ask, assuming she hadn't developed Alzheimer's. I don't think I'd want to interupt the Professor with questions except maybe at the end of a chapter.
Hah, Grondy, you really do know your fellows. I did indeed choose Gandalf, though Galadriel would be nice too. I just didn't really want an Elf to read it to me, since the LOTR isn't really about Elves. And besides, I've never even imagined ever talking to an Elf before. They seem to exist for looking at more Smile Smilie. Gandalf is old ( I like listening to old people telling stories) and he kinda reminds me of Proffessor Tolkien and he's one of the first-hand experiencers. And he's the whole mentor figure, so I'd love to hear him.
Dear little Cloveress,
always wonderful to'hear'your voice.
I would choose Cirdan the Shipwright. He is ancient, knows a lot, could tell me tales about all sorts of things that even Galadriel had not seen. He may have been in one spot, but he got the chance to converse with all manner of interesting characters. Yes I would definitely choose him.
I choose Professor Tolkien himself .I just want to listen to his voice while listening and maybe he would be so kind to explain all my question afterwards : I believe he could explain them more correctly than all the others Smile Smilie Great pull this one
Seems like everyone (so far) is going for the older characters... Yes, we are a very respectful bunch when our elders are concerned.

But to have the narrative told to you by a younger character (Frodo, for instance), would be much more exciting, because they'd probably know how to spice up a narrative with their voices. Still, I'm guessing that everyone chose an older character because the older ones are generally more serious and give accounts that make the story more objective, since Galadriel, Cirdan, Gandalf and Tolkien would probably all see the events in the LOTR in a more historical view than would someone like Frodo or Ugluk.
Arwen. She's the only one in the list who's hot.

At least, if she really is the likeness of L’thien, as she makes the world believe. There should be more reason for claiming such a title than just having dark hair and marrying a boorish Ranger. Oh well.
The one who would understand how to read LOTR best is the author. I had my temptation to vote for Gandalf--after all, he was the one to engineer the resistence to Sauron. But it was Tolkien who brought the characters and that entire world to life, and he would know how it all should sound. Besides, I own those old audio tapes of Prof. Tolkien reading parts of The Hobbit and LOTR, and he is fantastic! I think Gandalf would agree.
You own audio tapes of Prof. Tolkien himself?? where in the world did you get them, in an auction?
This is a set of 4 audio tapes (3 hours) in an attractive green book-style box with Tolkien's artwork of The Hill on the front, from Caedmon Audio. The front of the box reads "J.R.R. Tolkien Audio Collection, performed by J.R.R.Tolkien and Christopher Tolkien, includes selections from The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, The Silmarillion, The Road Goes Ever On, The Adventures of Tom Bombadil." The insert tells me the original copyright was 1967, but the last was 1992--which would be this one. I did not have to buy this set. It was given to me by the parents of a student.

well, there's an eye-opener and no mistake...

what a great gift.
IT WOULD BE GREAT IF U recorded it and put the adiou of him story telling on you tube or somthing. That Would be wonderful.... NO That would be a dream come true Angel Smilie Please, Please, Please, Do it please