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I now have enough mithril stored up to change location and i wonderd wether I should do it or not should I change location or keep stacking up my mithril?
... I think that's completely up to you... there's no real benefit to moving other than if you have a different location you want to be from. You don't really need the mithril other than to move or to send pms, and since you get mithril every day when you log in, it's not a big deal to get enough to do that. So if you want to be from somewhere else, go ahead an do it.
I'd say it all depends whether you like the now mostly uninhabited area north of the Shire or would rather live a little closer to civilization. At Fornost you have Halflings for near neighbors; at Dale and Edoras Dwarves, and in Minas Tirith and Osgiliath you can buy a good five cent cigar as well as hobnob with Mankind. Wiggle Smilie