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In our Poll: 'Who is your favourite 'bad guy'? Which person/entity did you choose and why?
I'd go for the 'bad girls'.

I've always had a penchant for spiders; it'd be a brilliant prank to put one of those two in someone's bed.
I chose Ugl’k the Uruk-hai from Isengard who was the captain of the orcs who captured Merry and Pippin. I chose him because he did his best to do his evil job with the rabble he had at his disposal, those orcs of his own from Isengard, those from Moria, and those from Mordor. And it wasn't really his fault that the Rohirrim caught him in the open and slew all of his soldiers. His orders were to bring the hobbits poste haste, rather than by sneaking along the edge of the forest which would have been safer as the riders couldn't harass them amongst the trees. Soldiers can't be blamed when the plans of their leaders are flawed.
None of them are favorite characters of mine but the story coulldn't be the story without them. I'm going to select Morgoth/Melkor because he seems to be at the root of everything.

If I had anything aproaching liking for any of these baddies it would be for Smaug, Ungoliant, Shelob (ugh), the Balrog..the ones who just were what they were created to be. Melkor, Saruman, Sauron..they should have known better.
I think Morogth is the most exciting "Bad guy" because of his origin, and since he is the most powerful Vala(besides his brother), and I would say I am not mistaking when i say he was and is the most Powerful "bad guy".