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I found this article in a magazine in a hospital, about a Tolkien trail. (sorry couldn't work the URL thingy)

Just thought someone might be interested Orc Grinning Smilie
Well I went there and didn't find a link to Tolkien trails so I did their Site Search for "Tolkien trail" and found "3 Trails". I click on that link and think their "Fellowship Of The Ring/J.R.R. Tolkien Trail" is the one Mellon meant.

When I tried to make a link of that page it came back with an error probably because it was the result of a search. So those interested will have to follow my above path. Starting with this link: 24hourmuseum
I went to that website, and found the Fellowship of the Ring trail. It looked like a pretty decent place, thanks for pointing it out.
I thought it was facinating! I would so like to vist those places near Birmingham in person.

I lived in Milwaukee for years and never knew Tolkien's original manuscripts were at Marquette University. I wish I had; I spent a lot of time on the campus and was married in the church there but never went to the library...