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Does anyone have Facebook? If so, pm me so that we can add each other.
I don't, but I don't have time for such things. Happy Elf Smilie Besides I'm an old foggy who appreciates my privacy. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
lol I wouldn't say that you're an old fogey. lol
Well, I had closed my Facebook, it is not really my thing as such, but reopened it to meet Fionwe and he is SO charming and witty and nice. It was rather thrilling to see his face and be able to think about that when I read his posts now.
And oh Grondy dear, I should so much, so very much wish you would change your mind. How lovely it would be if our little group in Middle-Earth could see one another. It would be such fu n to log in once a week or so and see the 'family'. Smile Smilie For I am very attached to all of you and think of you daily and you are in my family prayers. Funny how one moment you don't know someone exists and t hen the next,,voila they are very important in one's life.
Yes, I am of the same opinion as LeeLee. It was very nice to see her as well, and meet her on much more personal terms than is normally done here!
One can become as personal as one wishes via PM. I'm not too keen on any site that infringes one's privacy.
In my opinion the internet is best kept at arms length with regards to privacy (though it does get difficult to type at times...)
facebook eh...
ill go google it up...
then maybe youl see my face :P
Yay, Lord of All !, good to see you , I always miss your scintillating wit and great humour(I absolu etly mean that)
I understand completly about Facebook, but like anything else you can give zero information out about yourself on your profile page and you can simply exchange photos and you can send messages privately just between you and your friend.
And Fionwe is SUCH a dear and so very personable and funny and well , great.
So.........think about it, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze.
Wel I dont have a face book nut i do have a bebo
Aw, thank you LeeLee. She's better than she lets out, too, and she's exaggerating my person. I'd love to see you guys, that would be so cool!
I closed my facebook account some time ago for the reasons Vir mentioned but their's only one person i could recognise if i met him and that's Loss; we met on Hi5 (before i closed that account too)!
Really? I don't remember! I have terrible memory problems... I keep a notebook sometimes to refer myself back to what I was supposed to do Orc Smiling Smilie I don't remember, sorry Thorin... Elf Confused Smilie Maybe it was that little group on Hi5 which had it's own 'PT' Group, with the original banner and symbol for PT on it... The Glory Days Orc Smiling Smilie But still, I'm foggy Orc Going Huh SmilieWiggle Smilie

But, I havn't been active with any 'profiling' sites for a few years now for the very reason Grondy said at the top... Far too personal... I like it here, you can say where you're from if you want and aren't pushed for likes and dislikes etc... Only if you wish to put it in a post... Orc Smiling Smilie
Maybe it was that little group on Hi5 which had it's own 'PT' Group, with the original banner and symbol for PT on it... The Glory Days Orc Smiling Smilie

Yes Loss, that's it. We met in that little PT group! Elk Grinning Smilie Orc Grinning Smilie
Have you'll got a facebook?? Elf Smilie Pary Smilie now i am going to make one. is it good??
Well it really depends. I had one but closed it as there were a lot of people there I didn't want to meet and you do loose some control over your privacy but that's strictly my opinion.
Ok. I've created a facebook profile to meet you guys and I'm gonna PM you my email address so you can add me as friend!
oh thanks a lot thorin. Pary Smilie
Are you on facebook Samadhi? If so tell me and I will PM you my email address. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
No thorin i am going to make one in next year october twenty i will be thirteen and below thirteen is not allow to sigh up. when i got one i will inform you Elf Smilie Pary Smilie
What? I thought the age limit was 18. Perhaps I should make a little speech then... Be very very careful about who you add on facebook, and what you yourself add to your profile. And choose your privacy settings carefully. I'm not even sure this thread should be allowed to be here at all. We usually make quite a speech when people are just asking for or giving away their e-mail address...

I'm on facebook too, but I will probably not add you guys. Sorry! And I just don't have time for a second profile. Wink Smilie It is in times like this I really really miss the chat room. Sometimes you just want to chat without having to be on topic all the time or worry about spamming. Perhaps that is why I haven't protested much about this thread. Not that I would have had time to be in the chat room even if we did still have it... Ooooh well. That's life. Wink Smilie
Ah Amarie I know how you feel. I joined only for my family, they are so scattered and I have two friends from here, but it is risky, one must be very careful. There are so many creeps.
I would love to see each and every one of you face to face. that is life.
you used to have a chat room here, oh that would have been so wonderful. What happened, if I may ask?
It got closed as the CMs weren't permanently able to monitor is as should be done considering we are a family friendly website. There a thread about this topic somewhere is website news or suggestion where you can get more info on that i think.
Yes, it has been mentioned in many threads. But I think this is the "official" thread: Chatroom Closed for Duration
Oh, I see. Thankyou for the information.
Don't be sad though. The wheels have been turning at an Ent-like speed, but something sweet is comming our way. Happy Elf Smilie
Is Facebook something like The Big Book of British Smiles?
Well this is what i know. Facebook there you can meet new friends and communicate with your old friends is like spaces you would share photos and comment them. you would send e gifts etc;after all its fun to be with friends. under 13 are not allowed to create Facebook.i hope that you are older than 13.that 's all i know. Juggling Smilie
all i know is, facebook is where ur friends keep in touch, where u can peek at what a cousin's gotten up to in university without him knowing, and also where random friends of friends stalk you!
I personally use Facebook as my primary source of communication with the majority of my friends, since many of my friends are in other parts of the country. I have kept my profile fairly secret, only friends of friends can find me, and if I am going to add someone that I just met, I give them my email address so that they can find me, but they still can't see anything until I confirm the request. Currently I have something like 90 friends there, but I have personally met and know almost each and every one of them. There is one who is a good friend from a game I play, but she is the only person I think that I have never met in person, and she is limited as to exactly what she is able to view. This is a new FB account, so nobody here on PT is there yet.
That seems a very sound policy to me Fionw’, welcome back by the way. Happy Elf Smilie
I've discovered that you can group your facebook contacts and limit the things that each group sees. So I have about 200 or so facebook "friends" but most of them are on my "limited profile" list. No one can see who my other friends are and every photo album I post is set to allow only relevant groups of people to see it. I never post very specific things and of course I don't put my phone number or physical address on the site. Overall I find it's a good thing, but it's not for everyone. You do have to be careful, as you should on any internet site.

Very few of these people (about 5) are people I hadn't met in person before. Two were significan others of good friends or family, and the others are on an email list I've been a long-time subscriber to.
I recently joined Facebook and found its a good way to keep up with friends and it takes less time than lengthy personal emails, although I like those also. One can post pictures easily, too. My SO says you can get computer virii there so I'm careful not to download anything. I've met Leelee there and would welcome others here as friend there too!
I have had many people ask me to create a facebook, but I don't know much about them. I never have been a fan of those kind of sites, though it would be great to get to know some people better on PT...
I too have a Facebook, but I won't give it out to people I don't know. I don't add random people I just add folks I wish to stay in touch with more. Like people from the good ol' days o' PT and that other forum I frequented. And people I meet and friends IRL. stuff like that.
what s THAT other forum aule?... THAT other forum? if so... really really????!!!! every1 ? i miss that other forum...1 can be Good and Evil Smilie insane immature silly etc etc and its ok.
i dont have facebook but ill check it out right NOW
Interesting fact about Facebook: It's been recommended to me by three USMC captains, a USMC Lt. Col, and two CIA officers (1 NCS agent and 1 analyst) as a means to keep in contact with other candidates and to interact socially with all types of people.

I just thought it was interesting. I don't think many people would expect members of the (US) military and intelligence community to advocate for such a thing, but there you have it. This post reminded me of it because Facebook was just recommended to me by one of the aforementioned Captains this weekend.
Needless to say I still haven't started an account....
Thankyou for the invite Thorin, it was a surprise to see your name on my request page.
I am already in contant with Sian and Mellon, they are totally wonderful. Smile Smilie
You're welcome Leelee. Actually I think is nice to be able to know our fellow PT members better! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
THORIN! at last, we finally hooked up. It is wonderful to see your face,and you are nothing like I thought, and I thought you would be great. You are much much much better even. Such a nice person and I love all your pictures.
You are as intelligent as I thought though, and witty. Smile Smilie

ARath, did you go on or what? I want to meet you if possible. I am very strict about letting anyone on my page and I limit everything, but it is enough to have a nice conversation and share pictures.
Well I have different privacy settings for different people. Those who I barely know see nothing much. Buy you so nice leelee that I have not restricted you. You are as nice on FB as you are here!
Leelee and I found each other on Facebook Smile Smilie And Rafael is also there ( my father )
Mellon and Rafael; if you would like to meet me on facebook please pm me and i'll give you my contact details.
Ah Thorin, you too have won my heart. So open and honest and full of life. You are somewhere between Lord Aragorn, Gimli, and all the heroes put together. And for those ofyou who have the privelege to see him, he is very handsome and tall! much much much too tall to be just dwarvish. And I doubt you will ever meet someone who is filled with such strength and energy. I read his posts and then I have to go and lie down...Smile Smilie
I don't think many people would expect members of the (US) military and intelligence community to advocate for such a thing,

They are probably advocating it because it allows you to feel like you know what's going on with people who live halfway across the globe - and governement employees tend to get moved around a lot.
My son says he has been told it's "unproffessional" to have a facebook account so he won't join. We talk to him on the phone every day so it doesn't matter, really, but I really enjoy reading the tidbits from friends I don't live near any more.. And would enjoy meeting more PT friends there too Smile Smilie
lol... it's only unprofessional if you post unprofessional things.

Yeyy, add me on facebook! I'd love to meet you all on it

meh anyone of you can add me on facebook, but i havnt really even talked to you lot but i aint bothered :P


Joe Bristoll

Grish I can't find you on facebook and how are you?

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