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Cool! I've never seen the name generator before that Smaugwillfall pointed out at

Elven = Isilmawiel C’thalion -- Does anyone know if this is proper elvish? At least it looks cool.
Human = Adwaucia of the Men of Old. Seems kind of weird for a female.
Hobbit = Danoic 'the Small' Hunter of Fair Downs
Dwarf = Lill the Ironfoot...that's funny =)
Wizard = Inc’nus the Grey

What are your names?

Try the Hobbit Name Generator
Elven = Isilmawiel C’thalion -- Does anyone know if this is proper elvish? At least it looks cool.

C’thalion is, and means 'Strongbow'.

Name generators tend to smash Elvish words or elements together however, with no 'thought' of art, or the fact that Sindarin and Quenya are different languages, or with no real concern to echo the details of composition observable in the attested nomenclature.

Of course it's just a machine! so one would hardly expect such things. And these generators are only meant for fun in any case, though I doubt JRRT himself would find them amusing.

Sometimes a machine can get lucky! but proper Elvish comes from Elves Big Smile Smilie
On Chris Wetherell's name generator...

I did some testing to see what generates L’thien Falassion (someone asked). Female first name letter a, and last name i, will give you L’thien Falassion -- simply putting the one letter in each box I mean!

With first and last letter, a combination A-A (like Amanda) and C-A (like Carla), or Z-A (Zina) will generate L’thien.

And anything beginning with g,h,i which ends with an i will generate Falassion. If you start with g, put the whole alphabet in but end with i, it will not matter. So, if your name is Carla Giovanni or Amanda Grabowski, for a couple examples, you will get L’thien Falassion (at least when I checked).

There might be more combinations, but I'm not that bored Wink Smilie
I figure computer based name generators are for the easily impressed. Elf Winking Smilie

If I actually wanted to generate an elven name I'd go the Appendix of The Silmarillion and make a combination of those entries choosing from either the Sindarin or the Quenya entries so as not to mix them. Happy Elf Smilie