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hello family, i would like to know if anyone has a playstation three? It would be great to play together so comment and write ur usrname or add me Big Smile Smilie Mine is " MarcoLOTR " and ya tell me what games u have to cause i have warhawk and call of duty four and motorstorm and thats it....!! oh and the lost planet demo thats fun dwnlload it okay marco OUT. Wink Smilie
Sorry, I don't own any game consoles Marco. I play all my games on my elderly (2000) PC or my ancient (1985) Commodore 128/64. And I never play on-line for I feel that would be even more addictive Very Mad Smilie than what I'm doing playing on my own. Happy Elf Smilie
One word... Overpriced
Last time I checked, PS3 didn't have Mass Effect.

Hence: BOOOO!!!
yes yes it is very overpriced, oh and i do wish it had mass effect that is a very interesting and intreging game, im goin to get lotr: the white council when it comes out. Tongue Smilie