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ya i finally got the silmarillion and I'm at the part were the elves are just born i love this book so far, I also got the book: unfinished tales ill read that after. i love the idea that the dwarves became small b/c of the hammer of aule that so cool. Melkor was such an Ass excuse my Lange. though. i like how chris/john told told that Quote: pg 12 ; and they built lands and melkor destroyed them; valleys they delved and melkor raised them up; mountains they carved and melkor threw them down; seas they hollowed and melkor spilled them ... ya thought i would just tell you guys but don't think i know everything i m only on pg.65/366 lol Smile Smilie
Good for you Marco, enjoy reading The Sil for the first time, we all wish that we could do it again for the first time... I certainly do...

I liked that part of the Dwarves also, and also the fact that Yavanna was a spouse scorned and wanted to have an antidote to the wood-chopping dwarves. The simple line of Aul’ always makes me laugh once Yavanna tells him of the Ents, '"Nonetheless, they will have need of wood" said Aul’, and he went on with his smithy work.' Both witty and smooth Orc Smiling Smilie
Ya it was pretty witty Smile Smilie ya thats probably what ill want to do to dont u wish somrtimes there was a mind wiper store you could go in and tell them what you wanted "out" haha that would be pretty sweet not for the mob though Shocked Smilie all in dear time all in dear time.

You, Marco, have stepped into a wondrous , intelligent and meticulously detailed and described world. I so love this book.
I am very happy you are reading it.