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Eight of March is international day to celebrate the Women. Happy holiday of all female members. May you always be beautiful and tender to all of us (the rest of the kin). I wish you most happiest life ahead, a lot of love and even more joy!

Enjoy your day, ladies!

(by Ammornil Henduluin*)
She can make the world go faster.
She can stop the world form spin.
She is both the slave and master,
And savior of our kin.

Lives are pledged in Her name
In wars and silent holdout.
Many ways we see her fame,
But call her simply woman.

--*with shortages
Happy Ladies Day, you all. Wiggle Smilie
Oh dear,
I seemed to have completely missed that day. ! Smile Smilie
Would be more fitting for this day to fall on the Ides of March.

At any rate, I missed it completely.
And I am hardly surprised...
In two days I shall be a WOMAN!!!!
(in the legal sense; I'll probably still be a girl in the psychological sense)
Elf With a Big Grin Smilie My eyes! My innocent eyes!

Oh, sweet Maiden of the Southern coast, have mercy! Take your bright sight away of your humble admirers and let them die quick, knowing that they will never rich your angel-like face.
I agree with Virumor.

I, unfortunately, was made aware of it on that day.
Here the day is mostly used to speak up about women issues locally and globally. A very political day.
I've never heard of this. I guess I keep my head in the sand Sad Smilie
CLOVERESS, how wonderful to hear your voice. I thought you went away or some such.
And congratulations and happy birthday. May your year be splendid.

The ides of March eh dear Vir? That is so terribly amusing, but are you meaning we women are traitors like Brutus, or we are vicious and bloodthirsty or ...just what are in you fact inferring there sir? Smile Smilie

I should like very much to hear you expound on women as related to the ides of March. very much.
I believe it is around mid-March that Persephone gets her pass to leave Hades such that her mother, Demeter the Goddess of Earth, allows the plants to grow again. Those ancient Greek playwrights were so provincial that they didn't comprehend the bearing the tilt of the earth's axis from the ecliptic, had on Southern hemisphere's seasons, as the Sun rotated around the earth each day. But then I don't suppose many, if any of those ancient Greek playwrights were female, so that probably explains a lot: the best man for a job is usually a woman. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
wow Grondy. wow. You amaze me.
Honestly , you have so much knowledge it makes me feel panicky. I want to be a fount like that, but I can scarcely remember the day as I proved by not even knowing it was ....well our day.
so................tell me more.